Go and tell the others!! Part 1

Donna’s Testimony:

It was me who opened the Bible on Thursday (10th March) at our prayer meeting. I waited till last and was surprised. The Resurrection story in Matthew. (See post for JtM Crusade Prayer Meeting 10th March, 2016) .We all know that story. As I read it aloud, two things stood out…

But I didn’t understand how this was connected to the other messages we read. Of course this could have been just a general encouragement; how after all the pain of the tribulations, Christ who conquered sin and death, will triumph again-even that He may surprise us with His sudden appearance.

But nevertheless I pondered why Jesus had provided this passage to us that day. And only later did I understand.

After a few hours of prayer and some lunch and talking with each other, most people had returned home. In the meantime one fervent passionate funny Irish lady remained. She had been pondering a few things of her own.

Prayer Group leader:

As Donna, I too, had been wondering about the Bible reading. I, too, thought that it didn’t seem to follow the same pattern as per usual. This is how it all started:

Last Thursday, 10th March, another special event happened at our Crusade Prayer Group meeting. In the morning of the Prayer Group day, I asked Jesus, while at Mass, to be at our prayer group with us and to bring those people who are meant to come. I always do this. We often think how true it is, that He is there guiding us, because the readings that are opened randomly, always follow the theme we choose for the prayers

At other times when such things have occurred, more than one person notices something and this gets us talking. This time we were praying the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary (as we have been all through Lent) and using a religious text on the passion to meditate on, as a type of “Scripture Rosary”. It was very moving. I noticed  J’s voice was very strained while reciting her decade and it was difficult for her at times to speak. After the meditation before each decade, quite often there was a long, very silent, (seemed holy) pause before anyone elected to start the next decade. J was directly in my line of sight and I didn’t look at anyone else. We have been doing this for a few weeks and it was always very moving.

After all the prayers, we chose our readings (randomly, as usual). Donna elected to open the Bible. I thought to myself that she is very good at doing this.(She often does this before going to bed and often tells me of what she read.) Of course we had prayed to the Holy Spirit before opening any of the books / Bible.

After the prayers, and readings, food and fellowship, people had commenced going home. There were 4 of us left and C. started to go, and we started talking at the door, when she told us of her experience during prayer group. C. Had been involved in other experiences – especially in the St Therese of the Child Jesus (the little Flower) which caused us to adopt her as our patroness for our Prayer Group.(See this post under Signs and Wonders) quite some time ago. We trusted immediately what she had to say.

Donna’s reading made sense. C.  felt uncomfortable in announcing to everyone what had happened – it’s not as if you would say “Hey guys, guess what just happened” – so she kept quiet. But now, in talking, as we love to do, it just all came out. After she had finished I told her that she had to tell the others – and the reasons why, and I asked her to write it all down.

This is what she told us:

C’s Testimony:

“On Thursday 10th of March, I went to my prayer group meeting as usual.

Our prayer leader has, during Lent included, before each decade, rosary meditations on the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary. As we were all listening very intently, and I’m sure very sad listening to the description of Jesus torture, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one yet again moved to tears.

About the 3rd decade I could see Jesus walking among us. I had my eyes closed the whole time, but I could actually see him moving around the room. He was smiling and would lean over to kiss most of the people there. I was able to ask him questions all the while never missing any of the Rosary prayers.

I asked him why he had visited us like this, and the answer I believe I got is that he was very happy to feel such love and so much compassion and sadness for his suffering. …

I continued to watch Jesus move about as we prayed the Rosary, other prayers and the Divine Mercy Chaplet, after which we say prayer 104. By this time I’m usually more than ready to get up from my kneeling position, but last week I didn’t want to open my eyes as I knew when I did, I wouldn’t be able to see my Jesus any more.

We went on with our prayers as usual, then at the conclusion of our prayers we randomly pick readings from 3 of the Book of Truth books and the Bible. I didn’t say anything about my experience, and wasn’t really planning to. (When) I was leaving, most of the others were gone by then, and I almost involuntarily started telling our prayer leader, her daughter, and sister what I had experienced.

Funny thing is our leader said, you need to tell others. It was only the next day her daughter realised that the same expression was in the Bible reading she read that day at prayer group. So I knew I was meant to share….”

Prayer Group Leader:

The Bible  reading for the day, that was chosen randomly by Donna, was after the Resurrection.

Jesus had appeared to his disciples and told them to tell the others what they had seen.

It suddenly dawned on Donna, that this was meant as confirmation that C. had to tell the others about her experience, (and also confirming what I had said to C. the previous day, that she had to tell the others).

We were amazed (to put it lightly), but we should not be, because we have come to know how Jesus guides us each week in our readings for the prayer group, and we have had other little signs.

The next day, C.  prayed and meditated  before she wrote it all down, and during this time, (while spending time at Mass and Adoration ), she came up with more.

See “ Go and tell the Others: Part II” – coming soon

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