JtM Crusade Prayer Meeting Thursday 31st March, 2016

Prayer Theme: Faith, Church, Family, Nations

Thoughts on today’s Readings

In the first reading, God the Father tells us of His love for His children ; of how He weeps for the lost ones. He explains that suffering is necessary because of sin – that it is the only way that satan is defeated. We should trust our Father in Heaven and be ready to suffer for Him when necessary, to help Him save His children. If we love our Father, we would be happy to do this.

The second reading tells us of the work of satan – his cunning, his convincing that hell does not exist, his greatest triumph of introducing “humanism”  – which is a substitute for a belief in God. He explains the consequences of humanism which teaches that the world was created by an accident of nature (not by God). Denying the existence of God leads to loss of morality, which leads to darkness, and the soul will not accept God’s mercy. The reading continues to tell us that the Church will divide and fall and embrace humanism. Jesus tells us that in this Church not one word will be uttered

In the third reading, Jesus is telling us of His plan to save Australia and New Zealand. His plan revolves around us – His remnant Army. He tells us that we “bring tears of relief to my sacred eyes.”  This is a great expectation that Jesus has of us. It is up to  us. It is so sad that our countries are so barren of the truth (but lush and beautiful in landscape ). On the other hand, it is consoling that we will bring Him relief. Our prayer group already decided quite some months ago, to say CP99 as a compulsory prayer – one that we say every day. In the light of this message, perhaps other prayer groups in our countries can join us in this!

The first reading is about our Faith; the second one about our church; and the third one about our Nation! (In perfect alignment with our Prayer theme. No doubt that Jesus is with us!!!)

The Bible reading is only one sentence – seemingly flowing on from the last thought in the previous reading about the “new church” and obviously alluding to the coming schism in the church. The question is whether this will be instigated by Bergoglio’s Apostolic Exhortation on the synod document this coming Friday? We will see!

Readings from the Book of Truth

God the Father: The suffering in the world has been united to the suffering of My Son, Jesus, at this time.

23 May 2012
My dearest daughter tell all My children of the love and protection I offer those who call on me. My holy word on Earth is, at last, being heard and many souls are ready to make the greatest leap of faith to embrace the Divine Mercy of My Son, Jesus Christ.
Little do they know that to enter the New Paradise, the new era of peace, is but a simple thing. Look up and accept that you are a child of mine first.
Acknowledge that I created each of you, not one of you an accident, and that you are My children. My family. My Loved ones. The tenderness in My Heart is full of love for each of you.
Many think that because I am, the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end that my power makes me proud. This, of course, can never be.
How can the true love of a parent for a child be clouded by pride?
I suffer for each of you. I weep for those lost to me.
I will use every power to bring my lost children back into my family, My Kingdom. Imagine a parent who is rejected by their child. The hurt I feel is not for me, their Father, but for them and the torment they will suffer if I cannot save them.
The suffering in the world has been united to the suffering of My Son, Jesus, at this time. Why do I do this? Why do I allow suffering? It is because of sin.
Sinners who won’t come to me willingly can only be saved through the suffering of others. Those who suffer in this life will be rewarded with my gifts in the next life. Help offered freely by those children who love me is a powerful weapon against the power accorded to Satan. Those who fight alongside My Son to save the souls of others can save the whole of humanity. Satan has power but only that given to him – a power which cannot be taken back until the day of judgement.
Many of you, dear children, do not understand the Divine laws that permit these things.
But trust in me as I reveal this. Satan will steal the souls of My children who do not believe in me or the goodness which I provide My children. He becomes powerless when sinners make sacrifices, through suffering, to save their brothers and sisters from going to Hell. He is rendered impotent when My children pray for those sinners to be saved. Prayer is the armour of My children who want to help me to save the whole of humanity.
Gather together, My children, with My Son and help me unite my family at last.
Help me to bring you all into the new wonderful era of peace. Only then can my will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Go children. Unite in prayer. Work with me, your Father, to help save my family.
Your beloved Father
God the Most High

My Church, when it divides and falls, will embrace humanism with great relish

27 June 2014
My dearly beloved daughter, you will never identify the work of Satan in the world that easily, for he is very cunning. He will rarely expose his deeds in a way, which would cause people to question his influence.
Throughout his reign on Earth, he went to extraordinary lengths to convince the world that he does not exist. Rarely will you see the truth, because it is camouflaged through those people he uses to convince people that God does not exist. The objective of the Devil is to fool people into believing that the world and the existence of the human race is a means to an end. His greatest triumph was the introduction of humanism and, in particular, secular humanism. Humanism, a so-called desire to look after the needs of the human race, through the elimination of social injustice, is flawed. Those who adopt humanism in their lives do so as a substitute for a belief in God and it is understandable why they do this.
Sadly, many religions have produced dissidents, whose behavior is not influenced by God. Their hatred for others and their murderous intent is exercised in the name of God when, in fact, it is Satan himself who inspires their every move. He does this to drive people away from God. These dark souls commit terrible injustices and use the name of my beloved Father to carry out wicked acts. They then justify these acts in the name of their religion and they cause many people to reject all belief in God.
Secular humanism, while applauding all good things in the name of social justice, is very appealing to those souls who are tender of heart, for their intentions are good. Sadly, when they embrace this doctrine, they are saying that the creation of the world was an accident, caused by nature. But this is untrue, for the world was created by my Eternal Father. No scientist will ever be able to explain the creation of the world, because this knowledge will never be made known to man.
To reject the supernatural and the Divine existence of God means that you reject moral guidelines, which derive from God. This means that morality, a deep sense of what is or not pleasing to God, cannot be sustained and this leads to darkness.
Instead, man will become focused only on his physical needs, and he will neglect his soul. Upon death, his soul, which he refused to accept as a life-giving gift from God, will still not accept God’s mercy. Many of these souls will have completely alienated themselves from God’s mercy at that stage.
My Church, when it divides and falls, will embrace humanism with great relish.
And, as a result, it will draw all those souls into a flawed interpretation of the truth of their existence.
The world will then embrace this new type of Church – concerned with social injustices – and not one word about the importance of the salvation of your soul will be uttered.
Your Jesus

My Word will spread in Australia and New Zealand

10 February 2013
My beloved disciples, how you bring tears of relief to my sacred eyes.
Your beautiful nations, full of rich abundant natural resources, are empty of soul.
The nations of Australia and New Zealand are lush, on the one hand, because of the gift My Father has bequeathed you, and on the other, they are barren.
I call on your nations, now, to help me to ignite your faith and spread my holy word, so that it will nurture the souls of all God’s children in your countries.
My word will be spread in Australia, through this, my last, mission to save souls on Earth. You, My daughter, will be given the gift of the Holy Spirit in order to bring me the souls I crave for. You, my followers, have a heavy load to bear, because the word of God, is unknown to millions, among your nation.
Very few Churches, within the Christian community, are used in the way they should be. They are empty shells and I am displeased at the weak faith, which exists amongst you. You have much to learn and much to gain, when you follow me – by your own free will – on the path of truth.
My plan to prepare your souls and to request your help to save those souls, who do not believe in God, is great. My mission is to call out to atheists and cover them with my Holy Spirit, so that my voice is heard, quickly.
Here is a special Crusade Prayer, for the salvation of Australia and New Zealand.
Crusade Prayer (99) for the salvation of Australia and New Zealand
O God, the Almighty Father, in the name of your beloved son, Jesus Christ, have mercy on all of your children in Australia and New Zealand.
Forgive us our rejection of your holy word.
Forgive us the sin of indifference.
Rid us of our pagan culture and cover us with the graces we need to inspire hope, faith, and charity among our brothers and sisters.
We beg you for the gift of discernment and ask that you grant all of us the blessings we need to ensure that only the truth of your holy word can be heard and that all souls are granted the keys to eternal life.
Very soon, my Holy Spirit will devour your souls and you will march forth with a calm confidence, as you declare the truth to all of those you come into contact with. Be thankful for this blessing, which I now cover your nations with.
I love you and I trust you will respond to My Call.
Your Jesus

Bible Reading (NJ BIble) – 1 Kings 16:21

21 The people of Israel then split into two factions: one half following Tibni son of Ginath to make him king, the other half following Omri.

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