JtM Crusade Prayer Meeting on Tuesday 12th April, 2016


Prayer Theme: Protection

Thoughts on Today’s Readings

The Bible reading today was on the Resurrection. It tells of the women who went to the tomb and found it empty. On their way  back to tell the apostles, they remembered Jesus’ words when He said that he would be crucified and rise again on the third day. The apostles didn’t believe the women, except Peter, who immediately ran back to the tomb to check. However,  he came away “wondering in himself”. Later, two disciples were walking to Emmaus and discussing the events of the last few days. They were trying to figure it out  – they couldn’t make head nor tail of it all. A stranger joined them and patiently explained all the events and the scriptures that prophecied it all. They didn’t discover that it was Jesus until they stopped for dinner  in the “breaking of the bread”.

We have to read, and know the Scriptures and the prophecies, in order to know and understand the events as they unfold. When we fail to comprehend and we are confused, Jesus will always be there with us to guide us and make things clear. Like, those two disciples walking to Emmaus, perhaps our hearts, too, will burn within us as He accompanies us. This reading also reminds us of the importance of the Holy Eucharist. They recognized Him in the breaking of the Bread. When these disciples returned to Jerusalem to tell the apostles about what had transpired, they made a point of explaining how they recognized Jesus in the breaking of the Bread,  as if to emphasize the significance of this event.

The second reading we opened on, was from the book of Truth. This reading complements the reading from the Bible. In it, God the Father, tells us that He wants to “wipe away the cobwebs”  from our eyes – just like Jesus did when He walked with the 2 disciples to Emmaus.  This reading also mentions prophecies  – “The time for the changes, as foretold,…” Here too, God the Father explains the changes of the earth, the planets and the climate. He explains about the new light – the new sun – which will be seen, and which no scientist will be able to explain.We are Jesus’ Remnant army, and He will always be there to explain things to us and to guide us.

God, our loving Father,  promises us  peace, happiness and hope and our final inheritance. These messages make us feel so loved – how could we ever despair, or lose Hope. To keep this peace and Hope, we must continue to read the messages, as it is through them that we hear God’s loving encouragement, which makes us feel protected. (Just in case you were wondering how these readings today fitted into the theme of “Protection).

The third reading we opened up on, was from our dear Mother. In it, she continues to warn us of changes to come. She speaks of the antichrist and the changes in the church which will precede his coming. She warns us that “The Church will be dismantled ..” – it seems as if that is what is happening now with “Amoris Laetitia”, and the other things such as the foot washing ceremony on Holy Thursday, and the stream-lined annulment reforms.

Our Mother of Salvation tells us the signs to look out for – she too, wants to protect her children.

The readings today show how Jesus, Mary and God the Father are with us all the way, and will protect us.

Read all the readings below:

Bible Reading

Luke: 24:6-35 (Douay Rheims)

6] He is not here, but is risen. Remember how he spoke unto you, when he was in Galilee, [7] Saying: The Son of man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, and be crucified, and the third day rise again. [8] And they remembered his words. [9] And going back from the sepulchre, they told all these things to the eleven, and to all the rest. [10] And it was Mary Magdalen, and Joanna, and Mary of James, and the other women that were with them, who told these things to the apostles.

[11] And these words seemed to them as idle tales; and they did not believe them. [12] But Peter rising up, ran to the sepulchre, and stooping down, he saw the linen cloths laid by themselves; and went away wondering in himself at that which was come to pass. [13] And behold, two of them went, the same day, to a town which was sixty furlongs from Jerusalem, named Emmaus. [14] And they talked together of all these things which had happened. [15] And it came to pass, that while they talked and reasoned with themselves, Jesus himself also drawing near, went with them.

[16] But their eyes were held, that they should not know him. [17] And he said to them: What are these discourses that you hold one with another as you walk, and are sad? [18] And the one of them, whose name was Cleophas, answering, said to him: Art thou only a stranger to Jerusalem, and hast not known the things that have been done there in these days? [19] To whom he said: What things? And they said: Concerning Jesus of Nazareth, who was a prophet, mighty in work and word before God and all the people; [20] And how our chief priests and princes delivered him to be condemned to death, and crucified him.

[21] But we hoped, that it was he that should have redeemed Israel: and now besides all this, today is the third day since these things were done. [22] Yea and certain women also of our company affrighted us, who before it was light, were at the sepulchre, [23] And not finding his body, came, saying, that they had also seen a vision of angels, who say that he is alive. [24] And some of our people went to the sepulchre, and found it so as the women had said, but him they found not. [25] Then he said to them: O foolish, and slow of heart to believe in all things which the prophets have spoken.

[26] Ought not Christ to have suffered these things, and so to enter into his glory? [27] And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, he expounded to them in all the scriptures, the things that were concerning him. [28] And they drew nigh to the town, whither they were going: and he made as though he would go farther. [29] But they constrained him; saying: Stay with us, because it is towards evening, and the day is now far spent. And he went in with them. [30] And it came to pass, whilst he was at table with them, he took bread, and blessed, and brake, and gave to them.

[31] And their eyes were opened, and they knew him: and he vanished out of their sight. [32] And they said one to the other: Was not our heart burning within us, whilst he spoke in this way, and opened to us the scriptures? [33] And rising up, the same hour, they went back to Jerusalem: and they found the eleven gathered together, and those that were staying with them, [34] Saying: The Lord is risen indeed, and hath appeared to Simon. [35] And they told what things were done in the way; and how they knew him in the breaking of the bread.

Readings from the Book of TRuth

God the Father: Soon, a new Light, a new sun, will be seen

27 December 2012

My dearest daughter, this is a message of great hope for all My children. The time for the changes, as foretold, when the Earth will turn; the planets will change and the climates will no longer be predictable, is upon you.

My great power is now being manifested in Heaven, as it is on Earth, as I lead the battle against my enemies. Satan and his demons are being defeated, but they put up a terrible defence. With them, they suck my poor children, whose hearts are filled with political and worldly ambitions, into playing a role, as they try to crucify My children.

Man is weak. Man is easily seduced. Because of his blindness to the truth, laid down by me, from the beginning of creation, man believes in lies. He believes the lies, spewed out by the evil one, because he is attracted by the promises of power and pleasure.

My children must acknowledge the glorious and splendid light of My Kingdom. You, My daughter, have seen this light and you know how powerful it is. You know the power of God, and how it envelops you.

Can you imagine what this will be like when my New Paradise is revealed? You, My daughter, have glimpsed but just a small portion of this glorious and gleaming light.

It is important to welcome the light of My Son into your hearts.When you invite him to salvage you, and take you into his Sacred Heart, you will feel this light.

The light of the new dawn – the new era – will slowly, but surely, illuminate the world. Soon, a new light, a new sun, will be seen. It will be larger and will be the cause of much wonder.

This is a sign of my power and my majesty. It will be a miracle and will prove that man does not fully understand the secret of creation. Only I, God the Creator of the universe, command all that is. All that will be. All that can be.

No man, no scientist, can solve these most sacred secrets, as it is not for man to understand at this time. The wonders of my creation, and the force of my power, will be shown to the world.

Let no man make the error of believing that Satan, and his wicked followers, have any power to bring you the wonders which I have created for every single creature.

I have promised to reveal the truth so that you, My children, can wipe away the cobwebs which cover your eyes.

When the day comes for the truth to be finally accepted by you, I will grant you the most splendid riches, graces and a life you could never envisage, for it is beyond your imagination. I am happy to impart this message of hope today.

I hope it brings you much happiness and peace. My promise, to bring you to your final inheritance, is to become a reality, soon.

Your loving Father

God the Most High

Mother of Salvation: The Antichrist will take up position because he will be invited to do so

7 September 2014

My dear children, be on your guard for the signs of the times, when the Antichrist will take his seat in my Son’s Church on earth, so that this will be clear for you to see.

Do not believe, for one moment, that the Antichrist will stride into my Son’s Church and take it aggressively, by force. Inspired and driven by the deceiver himself, the Antichrist will take up position because he will be invited to do so.

All the adjustments in the Church’s missals will be made known soon and the reason given will be they reflect a modern world, so they must become inclusive, in order to suit other denominations and religions. Once the True Word of God and Teachings of my Son, Jesus Christ, are changed, they will become barren, for they will not reflect the Truth, given to the world by my Son.

The antichrist will become popular because of his political skills first. Then he will turn his attention to various religions, but his main focus will be on Christianity. Christ is his greatest enemy and the object of his hatred, and so his ultimate goal will be to destroy my Son’s Church. The Church will be dismantled in different ways before he, the antichrist, will be asked to become involved. He will be involved with the decision making in the plan to launch a new one world religion. All these changes – where the Church, having publicly called for the unification of all religions – will take place before the antichrist takes up his seat on my Son’s Throne on earth. Then the path will be cleared for the beast to walk freely in my Son’s Church where a place of honour will be accorded to him. Eventually, it will be announced that he will become the leader of the one world order and a lavish coronation will take place. This event will be seen all over the world, attended by politicians, dignitaries and celebrities and when the crown is placed on his head, it will be as if the final nail has been driven into the Body of my Son. On that day the Catholic Church will be desecrated and many bishops and priests will flee, because they will, by then, understand that the prophecies foretold have unravelled before their eyes.

From that day forward, when the Seat of God has been presented to the antichrist, he will display great physical signs, which will convince people of his holiness. The antichrist will, they will say, display the signs of the stigmata and he will be seen to cure the sick and the terminally ill. Great miracles will be attributed to him and he will convince many, in time, that he is Jesus Christ and that his elevation to the top of this false church, is a sign of the Second Coming. And while the laity may have been responsible for establishing the kernel of the remnant church, that which is left of the Church established by my Son on earth, it will be the priests who will lead it from this time onwards. The Holy Spirit will sustain the True Church, during the reign of the antichrist and he, and every enemy of my Son, will never prevail against it.

The Truth will never die. The Word of God, while desecrated, will never die. The Church can never die, though it may be flung into the wilderness. Even at its weakest hour, life will still remain, and no matter how much my Son’s Church is attacked, God will never permit it to be destroyed.

During those days ahead you must never allow yourselves to be swayed into accepting such deceit. You will be seduced by the antichrist, and he will be endorsed by the enemies of my Son’s Church. He will be embraced by false leaders in the churches and proclaimed for his charitable works, the world over. He will receive great honours in many countries and people will have framed photos of him in their homes.  He, the antichrist, will be idolised more than God but it will be by the Hand of God that he will be thrust into the abyss along with those who stole the souls of God’s children when they participated in the attempted destruction of my Son’s Church.

Your Beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation


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