Reflection for today from the Book of Truth. “God’s Love, once felt by man, is something no man can live without.”


This message was the third one opened at JtM CPG meeting on Thursday 14 April, 2016, after a Prayer to the Holy Spirit. The theme for the prayers was ‘Protection.”

 God’s Love, once felt by man, is something no man can live without.

1 October 2012

My dearly beloved daughter, you must accept that when my followers believe in these messages, it will bring them a torment of the soul from time to time.

Many will rejoice when they read my holy word and will accept it as a miracle. Others will also accept my messages, but on certain days they will be torn in two by the doubts, which will assail them. These doubts are natural.

For some they will question and question whether they are truly coming from Heaven. Then they will be full of anguish because they know that their lives are about to change and that the second coming will be witnessed by them.This means that the lives they have led, up to now, will change beyond recognition. This is frightening for many because they want to cling to their old complacent lives however unhappy they were. Fear of the future, fear of the hand of God and fear of Satan’s army torment them.

Yet, while my messages can strike fear within their hearts, at times, they also bring comfort. For one thing is certain. They will feel my Holy Spirit in their souls and once this happens they will become familiar with God’s love. God’s love, once felt by man, is something no man can live without. It brings peace.

So, no matter how fearful you, my followers, may be, you must remember that I, Your Jesus, will never forsake you. You are mine. I am the life in your souls. Through me, you will be saved.

I am full of mercy for souls who turn to me for help. I will not let you suffer at the hand of Satan’s followers. I will cover you with my precious blood. You have nothing to fear. Instead, you are being given the graces to prepare yourselves.

Now you must be brave, do not allow doubts to cloud your love for me or blind you to the truth of these messages. They are my gift to you. They are being given to you so that you will be protected and kept safe from harm.

Always ask me to allay your fears, for they are planted as seeds of discontent in your mind, by the evil one in order to distract you.

I bless you. I give you peace. I give you my protection. Trust in me always.

Your Jesus


In this message, Jesus explains the different attitudes people have to the messages and why they can or why they can’t accept them. This helps us to understand when, we too, are rejected when trying to spread the messages.

Jesus, however, reassures us of His Love and Protection. He explains thet He gives the messages in order to protect us. We need only to trust in Him and ask for help when needed.

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