Reading/Reflection from the book of Truth for Today: Hear My Call and prepare for the pouring out of My Holy Spirit


This message was the second one  opened at JtM CPG meeting on Thursday 28th April, 2016, after a Prayer to the Holy Spirit. (The Bible Reading was posted yesterday).

For your reflection:

2. Hear My Call and prepare for the pouring out of My Holy Spirit

1 May 2012

My dearly beloved daughter, My Love for all of you means that I now pour the Holy Spirit, once again, over humanity, to entice them to open their hearts.

Many souls will feel the power of the Holy Spirit pour over them in mind, body and soul, very soon.

This is essential in order to wake up all of God’s children to the truth.

Some people will now see the world in a different way.

Then they will begin to question everything.

No longer will they be willing to remain slaves to masters, whose only goal is to control them, for personal gain.

No one will be able to ignore this pull of the Holy Spirit.

All of Heaven awaits, so that the moment of enlightenment will create a new dawn, a new beginning.

The lies you are being confronted with hide a master plan, born out of a world alliance, designed to control all of your countries.

By making your country rely on giants to feed their families you will become slaves.

Already they are taking away everything you own, but you are blind to this.

Now, with the gift of the Holy Spirit, millions will see through this mask of deceit and oppose these wicked, masonic controlled groups.

This gift will give you the armour you need to throw this army off the trail of your destruction. Hear My Call and prepare for the pouring out of my Holy Spirit.

Your beloved Jesus


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