Which Changes did Vatican II authorize? Part 2


This information is from Newsletter of Cardinal Newman Catechist Centre: No 161; 5th April, 1999. Editor and Director -The Rev. B.J.H. Tierney.) Fr. Tierney at the time was Assistant priest in a Novus Ordo parish..

Summary of the Changes: in the celebration of Mass.

  1. Changes authorized by Vatican II
  2. Changes authorized but NOT by Vatican II
  3. Changes CONTRARY to Vatican II

N.B. ‘SC ‘ refers to “Sacrosanctum Concilium” – chiefly concerned with the Council’s  “Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy” of 1963

1. Changes authorized by Vatican II in the celebration of Mass:

These only and nothing else:

i) Rite of Mass to be revised… with active participation, i.e laity to join in responses and chants SC§36(2) and SC§50

ii) Bible Readings revised and spread over several years – SC§24 and SC§51.

iii) Homily emphasized SC§52

iv) Prayer of the faithful emphasized SC§53

v) Vernacular for Bible Readings and Prayers of the Faithful, also for People’s parts permitted – SC§54 and SC§36 (2)

vi) Holy Communion from Hosts consecrated at Mass; and, on special occasions, under both Kinds.

vii) Word and Eucharist: two parts of one whole – SC§56

viii) Concelebration – SC§57 and SC§58.

2. Changes authorized in the celebration of Mass, but not by Vatican II:

i) An entire New Rite of the Mass ( not a revision): replacement rites for the Offertory; Communion and a Penitential Rite replacing ‘the prayers at the foot of the altar’.

ii) Mistranslations (official!) of Latin texts.

iii) Bible readings with skipped verses

iv) A third Bible reading on Sundays, etc

v). Offertory processions – some prior to VCII?

vi) Words of Consecration changed *

vii) The Roman Canon said aloud.

viii) New Eucharistic Prayers added : Nos. 2, 3, 4: Children’s Eucharistic Prayers (x3); Penitents (x20; Swiss (x3)

ix) Memorial acclamations at Consecration

x) Communion standing up

xi) Communion in the hand

xii) Communion from Extraordinary Ministers

xiii) Indiscriminate use of both Kinds (i.e. Blessed Host and the Precious blood)

xiv) Reduced ‘active participation’ by way of bodily gestures: fewer genuflections, much less kneeling, fewer Signs of the Cross, only one ‘beating the breast’, etc.

xv) Saints’ dates changed

xvi) Altar girls and feminisation of the sanctuary.

3. Changes contrary to Vatican II

i) Disbelief in the Real Presence, i.e. ‘belief in the real absence’

ii) Altar breads sometimes with illegal or invalid ingredients

iii) Sense of the Sacred violated by ‘studied casualness’, idle chatter and no sacred silences.

iv) Texts altered or manufactured

v) Laity joining in the priest’s parts: doxology, Eucharistic Prayer, even the consecration!

vi) No Communion plate and enforced communion in the hand.

vii) No translations of Entrance, Offertory and Communion psalms,  nor of Offertory verses.

viii) Banal music, and ugly furnishings, vessels and investments, etc.

ix) No Latin responses or Gregorian chant taught to laity : cf SC§54 and SC§114 (and no. 6 para therein).

x) Extraordinary Ministers used routinely, without necessity.

  1. xi) Dancing girls, antics, clowns.

This Website editor’s note::  Re vi) Words of Consecration changed *: Since the time this was published, the Reform of the Reform, which took years to complete, has been instigated. The words of consecration (…for many)  and ( …with your spirit); etc. The sad part, we all know, that with current events, the “reform of the Reform” will all have been for nothing!

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