Which changes did Vatican authorize? Part 3.

1. Changes authorized in the Sacraments of Initiation

i) Revised rites for Baptism and Confirmation SC§§62, 66-71 (but with entire new rites for just 3 particular cases §§68, 69)

ii) Vernacular can be used, 63

iii) Catechumenate restored, §64

iv) Parents’ and godparents’ roles SC §67

v) Baptismal water may be blessed each time, SC §70

vi) Confirmation renewal of baptismal promises and within Mass, SC §71

vii) No changes in First Holy Communion at all.

2. Changes not authorized in the Sacraments of Initiation:

i) Baptism:  Option of total immersion for adults and children

ii) Confirmation ‘form’ (formula) changed to “N. Be sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit” as in the Eastern Rites.

iii) Priests may give Confirmation to catechumens and converts.*

This Website editor’s note: *( Note that priests now (at least here, in this country) routinely administer Confirmation regularly to all – not just to converts and catechumens -(with the permission  of the bishop, when  the Bishop cannot make it to all the parishes). In fact, we consider it a privilege, if the Bishop; is able to do the Confirmation himself.)

3. Changes contrary to Vatican II:

i) Invalid Baptismal formulas without ‘Father’ and ‘Son’ or said by others as priest pours water.* ii) Some absurdities with RCIA: sending catechumens out at the Offertory (and catechists even missing Mass!); failure to instruct them in Confession.

iii) First Communion without first Confession contra  CCC  §145;

iv) First Communion delayed a year or two contra Cod of Canon Law c. 914 (cf. c.11).**

This Website editor’s note: *i) A few years ago, in another State, it was found that a priest had, for 20 years, been baptizing “In the name of the Creator, the Redeemer and the Sanctifier”. All these people had to be recalled and rebaptised.

iv) ** I made my First Communion at the Age of Reason i.e. at 7 yrs of age. My children and grandchildren were all at least 8 years old at First Confession, which is often up to a year before First Communion and often there is no ‘Second Confession’ before the Sacrament of First Communion.!) I have heard even of First Communion before First Confession.!!!


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