JtM Crusade Prayer Meeting Thursday 2nd June, 2016


Our Prayer theme today: Discipleship

The readings are chosen after the Crusade Prayers and after a prayer to the Holy Spirit for guidance and listed below An overview of the readings will be posted below. It is recommended that you read the messages in full by clicking on the link beneath each one.

The Readings today:

  1. Bible (Douay Rheims)

Ezekiel 1:22 – 2: 1-9

Book of Truth:

2.   My Plans to redeem the world are being brought to fruition. All is in place now

15th September, 2013

See here for the full message:  https://missionofsalvation.wordpress.com/Message-0965/

3. When you take away the Truth, or tamper with it, it is no longer the Truth. All that is left is a shell

9th January, 2013

See here for the full message: https://missionofsalvation.wordpress.com/Message-0668/


  1. I, your beloved Jesus, could never undermine My Own Church.

16th April, 2012

See here for the full message:    https://missionofsalvation.wordpress.com/Message-0397/

Overview of the readings:

The Bible reading describes a glorious vision of Ezechiel – of the firmament, the living creatures with wings, the voice of the most high God, a throne of sapphires,….In Chapter 2, Ezechiel describes the vision as ‘the glory of God’.He falls on his face and God speaks to him – he receives his mission: “Son of man, I send thee to the children of Israel, to a rebellious people, that hath revolted from me, they, and their fathers, have transgressed my covenant even unto this day. [4] And they to whom I send thee are children of a hard face, and of an obstinate heart: and thou shalt say to them: Thus saith the Lord God: [5] If so be they at least will hear, and if so be they will forbear, for they are a provoking house: and they shall know that there hath been a prophet in the midst of them.” .

These words highlight for us our mission as disciples in the remnant army. It expresses the truth of our time –the rebellious people in God’s church revolting against God and transgressing his laws.


In the second reading, from the book of Truth, Jesus tells us that his army is formed. He tells us that  They will now grow and expand everywhere, bringing along with them the many souls I yearn for. This Army has been given great Graces by Me and by the Power of the Holy Spirit they will keep the Flame of Christianity burning and they will carry the Torch of Truth until the Final Day. They will bring the Light of God into the darkest corner and they will open the eyes of millions to the True Word of God, as the apostasy devours My Church on Earth”.

Jesus’ instructions to His army are always very affirming and gives us the confidence to carry out our Mission. “Go, My Remnant Army, in the knowledge that you will be given all the help and Graces to succeed in this last Holy Mission on Earth, so that I can gather all of God’s children off the face of the Earth and bring them into My New Paradise.”


In the third reading Jesus laments the blasphemous use of His name – how everyone knows His name, yet don’t believe in Him. Jesus describes the terror they will feel when they realize their mistake. Jesus describes to us how He sees the world as it is today:

“I look at the world and I see terrible confusion, as people are being sucked into lies about how the world was created – these lies, which are designed to turn people away from the Truth.

I see good people being told to reject their understanding of My Teachings and to throw them aside in favour of accepting Sin. Then they are encouraged to applaud sin until they convince themselves that I, Jesus Christ, will turn a blind eye.

The Truth of My Teachings lies at the very kernel of Christianity. When you take away the Truth, or tamper with it, it is no longer the Truth. All that is left is a shell.

It is time to discern whether or not you are prepared to allow yourselves to be deceived by modern new age spiritualism, or to stand firm and defend the Holy Word of God….”.

This message illustrates to us – Jesus’ disciples of His Remnant Army – how urgent it is for us to try and save these people who are daily being turned away from the Truth and are convinced to lead lives which are abhorrent in Jesus’ eyes. The mission of the Remnant Army is clear!

The message finishes with a warning and an ultimatum:

“Pray every day, as if tomorrow is your last day, because you do not know the time of My Second Coming. It will happen unexpectedly. When that day dawns, there will be little time to turn back.  You will either accept Me, and My Promise to bring you into My Kingdom, or you will be sent to the place from which there is no return.”


The final reading describes to us the evil sect and its plan to destroy the Church. Jesus tells us that this started 100 years ago, but that it intensified since 1967. (This is after the completion of Vatican II, when changes came into effect that were not actually approved or demanded by Vatican II.)

 Jesus tells us “Many imposters, who are members of this evil sect, who worship Satan, entered the seminaries to gain a foothold in the Vatican.” This was revealed by Bella Dodd – a former communist, turned Catholic. Indeed we can see this clearly in the post-synodal events.

Jesus tells us of the main things which will now happen: changes in the Mass, new secular laws and the disappearance of many Sacraments. The whole message is used to describe the urgency of the situation. Jesus finishes with a simple message to His disciples: “You must not be afraid to turn your back on heresy. I will guide and protect you on your journey and you will be guided by the Power of the Holy Spirit.”

Thank you Jesus! Amen!

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