Urgent prayer Request this week for Britain!


Dear Crusaders

We have a big responsibility to pray for others’ needs as if they were our own.

Britain has an important referendum vote looming on whether to leave the EU.

We know what a beneficial thing this would be – saving them from the beast with ten horns and from otherwise suffering further great chastisements.

A fellow Crusader in the UK  feels closest to the Australian group. She is alone and has begged our prayers. We are her only link.

TtCrusader too has asked us to pray for Britain for this upcoming vote.

His suggestion is that we all pray CP 77 each day this week for Britain.

It’s a small sacrifice to make.

Please join us in this crusade of prayer for Britain this week.

The vote takes place on Thursday after the Feast of St Thomas More.

Please pass this on to as many as you know.

Even if you remove the CP number and pass on it’s title and content only so that more might pray:


For Great Britain: Crusade Prayer  77

“O Most Heavenly Father, God the Creator of man, please hear my prayer. I beg You to save Britain from the clutches of evil and dictatorship.

I ask that You unite all of us, of all religions, creeds and colours, as one family in Your Eyes.

Give us the strength to unite in defiance of any laws introduced to outlaw Your Teachings.

Give us the strength and the courage to never forsake You and to help save all of Your children through our prayers. Bring all of my brothers and sisters together in unity to pay homage to Your Promise to bring us Eternal Life and entrance to Your Paradise.  Amen.

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