Chaos: A Christian Joy???



You must do your duty and make chaos all night. Show your Christian joy, the joy the Lord gave you to be in the community who follows Jesus,”

the Pope told those participating in World Youth Day after arriving to Krakow July 27.  

28th July, 2016

The realm of disorder.  

Another word for disorder is chaos.

Is this where Francis wants to take us?

At World Youth Day in Krakow, Francis exhorted youth to create chaos.  

 Fr. Vincent P. Miceli, in an essay entitled “The Taproot of Violence,” explains:

“…violence entered creation from the rebellion of Lucifer.

This rebellion arose from the heart of pride.

But the sin of pride is the offspring of the vice known as hatred of truth.

Hatred of truth is the result of the creature’s attempt to rearrange God’s hierarchy of beings and values into an order which the creature prefers to the plan of God.

This attempt immediately produces  –

the violence of disorder,

the chaos of falsity

and immorality.”



Comment by Donna Liane 31 Jul 2016:


lack of control (including over self),

lack of responsibility,

lack of concern and care for others,

lack of regard for rules, confusion and mess.

Not what God asks of us at all, nor what I have seen or heard from or seen in any Saint or Holy Angel.

Not what I want my children hearing!

Not what WYD is all about

and not what will lead them to heaven!

Rather submit to The Lord in all things.

And in this case, rebel against all that is NOT of Him!

St. Michael defend us and our children that we may not falter in battle.





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