JtM Crusade Prayer Meeting Thursday, 11th August, 2016


Our Prayer theme today: “Discipleship”


A common theme in these readings today was “satan” and the evil of satanic cults. One thing which really grabbed us, was this thread which ran through the readings, particularly because on Monday, August 15th is the Feast of the Assumption. As most of you will probably know, an horrific desecration is planned by the Satanists in America. (Read all the details here: http://okgazette.com/2016/06/29/black-mass-and-the-consumption-of-mary-set-for-aug-15/).

This also happened in previous years, but not like what is planned for this time. Authorities are afraid to cancel it because they might be sued. A petition with over 100,000 signatures made no difference.

Please try and do some type of penance/atonement on August 15th.

Jesus tells us in the readings below –  “Sacrifices, including human sacrifices, blasphemies, cursing and acts of desecration of me, my eternal father and my beloved mother, are regular rituals”. In the following reading we are told You will have to suffer the pain and indignity when you will witness the sacrileges, the heresies and practices of the occult”

1. Bible (Douay Rheims):

4 Kings 13:

The reign of Joachaz and of Joas kings of Israel. God is faithful to His covenant with them, despite their sins (which include “a grove” which is dedicated to the worship of idols. He listens to their prayer and saves them over and over. It tells of the last acts and death of Eliseus the prophet: a dead man is raised to life by the touch of his bones. Read it here: http://www.drbo.org/chapter/12013.htm

2. Warning to those who are involved with Satanic cults

30th May, 2011      https://missionofsalvation.wordpress.com/Message-0099/

Jesus explains the atrocities of satanic cults. He pleads with those involved to flee to Him while they still can; that they must repent while they are still alive or burn in the fires of hell for eternity.

3. Pagans, who shun the Truth, will enter My House

15th November, 2014   https://missionofsalvation.wordpress.com/Message-1265/

In this reading Jesus warns us that pagans will be welcomed into His House and how false gods will be honoured on the same altars that were used for the Holy Sacrifice. Very few people will complain, and those that do will be silenced. He reminds us that the faithful few will preserve His true teachings. Jesus tells us that “My enemies may seize My House but not My Church because all Christians throughout the world make up My Church.”

4. Heaven and Earth will become one. One won’t exist without the other.

8th April, 2012   https://missionofsalvation.wordpress.com/Message-0390/ 

In this reading, Jesus reminds us of the end of satan’s reign and of the glorious new life which awaits us. A key sentence for us as ”disciples” is: “It is also important that My Church prepare its flock for Eternal Life and use every opportunity to encourage reconciliation.”  He tells us of the abundance that awaits us. He tells us of things we can’t yet comprehend: “My plans for the gathering of My twelve nations on Earth.” He tells us that His heart breaks when He sees fear in our eyes concerning all these things.


The readings are chosen randomly after the Crusade Prayers and a prayer to the Holy Spirit.

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