Crusader Will’s Testimony: From MGM to MDM (Part 1)



I have been apocalyptic since at least twelve years old – Jesus’ age when He stayed on in Jerusalem. But for me it was a Hollywood movie about Fatima. A bit hammy, I would have thought now. But the miracle of the sun scared the living daylights out of me. I did the nine first Fridays and the six First Saturdays and waited breathless for 1960 and the Third Secret. Disapointingly, we were never told by the meanies in the Vatican, who lied about it in 2000 when they did front up. 

Meanwhile, in the wake of the film about Fatima, I would eye every low tree and wonder if there Our Lady would appear above on a little cloud, which she seemed to love sailing in on. (I have just had the feeling that Our Lady has a bit of a sense of humour about his. “They expect me on my little cloud. I can’t disappoint them.”) But she never did with me, though Our Lady sort of obliged forty-four years later, in Ireland. More of that anon.

I continued pious into my teens, when I went all mystic after a retreat and was so blissful that I would have cheerfully sailed off to heaven on my own little cloud.

I continued pious into university days when I joined the Newman Society and was impressed by a very graphic talk on the gruesome particulars of the Crucifixion. 

On into my twenties, thirties, forties, pious as ever though this time caught up in the Charismatic Movement, which apparently was a bit of a deception, according to some traditionalists. I will defend myself by saying that my baptism in the Holy Spirit experience resulted in the deepening of my Catholic faith.

It happened because I was playing a Pentecostal preacher in a play set in the Bible belt of America, and went along to the local version for some pointers on Pentecostal mannerisms. I was hooked on all the phenomena though i had no intention of abandoning the Church. As I say, I just felt deepened in my Catholic faith.  99 I was thirty-five when it happened (5×7).

I wrote an unfinished novel about it, including long sections on matters apocalyptic, which was in the air among the Pentecostals, and in the air with recent Marian apparitions. which were echoes of Fatima.

Back to which.  In Vancouver, when I was forty-nine (7×7), I was given a book that a fellow traveller had found,

She thmmpbookought it was about Fatima because it had a famous statue of Our Lady of Fatima on the front. But it was about the revelations made to Father Gobbi and the Marian Movement of Priests. I caught up on the messages to 1992.

To be continued

P. S. If you haven’t got Fr. Gobbi’s book – it is online at:



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