JtM Crusade Prayer Meeting on Tues. 13th Sep. 2016


Prayer Theme: Special Graces


  1. Bible: Gen. 16: 3
  2. B of T: 26 April, 2013
  3. B of T: 16 April, 2011

Bible Reading

Gen 16: 3-16

She took Agar the Egyptian her handmaid, ten years after they first dwelt in the land of Chanaan, and gave her to her husband to wife. [4] And he went in to her. But she, perceiving that she was with child, despised her mistress. [5] And Sarai said to Abram: Thou dost unjustly with me: I gave my handmaid into thy bosom, and she perceiving herself to be with child, despiseth me. The Lord judge between me and thee.

[6] And Abram made answer, and said to her: Behold thy handmaid is in thy own hand, use her as it pleaseth thee. And when Sarai afflicted her, she ran away. [7] And the angel of the Lord having found her, by a fountain of water in the wilderness, which is in the way to Sur in the desert, [8] He said to her: Agar, handmaid of Sarai, whence comest thou? and whither goest thou? And she answered: I flee from the face of Sarai, my mistress. [9] And the angel of the Lord said to her: Return to thy mistress, and humble thyself under her hand. [10] And again he said: I will multiply thy seed exceedingly, and it shall not be numbered for multitude.

[11] And again: Behold, said he, thou art with child, and thou shalt bring forth a son: and thou shalt call his name Ismael, because the Lord hath heard thy affliction. [12] He shall be a wild man: his hand will be against all men, and all men’ s hands against him: and he shall pitch his tents over against all his brethren. [13] And she called the name of the Lord that spoke unto her: Thou the God who hast seen me. For she said: Verily here have I seen the hinder parts of him that seeth me. [14] Therefore she called that well, The well of him that liveth and seeth me. The same is between Cades and Barad. [15] And Agar brought forth a son to Abram: who called his name Ismael.

[16] Abram was four score and six years old when Agar brought him forth Ismael.


Readings from the Book of Truth

The antichrist will be from the East, not the West

April 26, 2013

My dearly beloved daughter, the world is being prepared for the entrance of the antichrist. He has been groomed by a number of powerful political forces to make his grand entrance.

The antichrist will be from the East, not the West, but will be loved, honoured and revered by both and in every corner of the Earth.  It will start as follows.

The antichrist will quickly bring about, with the help of the enemies of God, a war between two nations headed by two stubborn and powerful leaders. These wars will escalate and then will spill into other countries. When the threat becomes so serious that it begins to affect the most powerful nations, then peace negotiations will begin.

Out of nowhere, will step the beast. And with a skill that will impress the world, he will bring to an end the wars. He will have a powerful voice. He will be highly intelligent and will create an impressive charismatic image. His handsome good looks, charm and sense of humour, will be like a powerful hypnotic magnet. He will draw great praise from well-known world leaders and the media, and he will become a celebrity. His demeanour will appeal to business leaders, who will see him as being instrumental in creating wealth, as the economies will begin to grow.

So special will the antichrist appear, that nations will clamour over themselves to encourage him to visit their countries. He will be loved and will copy the last detail, every moment of My Mission, when I walked the Earth. Preaching of the importance of love, peace and the importance of unity among nations, he will be seen to create great wonders, wherever he goes. This is not a man like any other. This is not a man like any other charismatic figurehead. His star will shine and glitter, like no other before him. He will be seen as a figurehead of the one world humanitarian religion. The so-called success of this abomination will be attributed to him. Everyone will drop at his feet. Images of his face will be everywhere. He will be seen with the heads of many religious denominations. It will soon be said that people will be healed spontaneously in his presence. Through the power of Satan, he will be able to create acts, which will shock many and these will be deemed to be miraculous.

By then, to the ignorant, he will be seen as the Messiah. He will then hint that he has been sent by God to save the world. Many, including those in the world who do not accept My Existence, will be persuaded that this man is the Son of man, Jesus Christ. Those who honour, obey what he asks of them, and who adore him, will be infested with such evil that their souls will be sucked into a vacuum, out of which they will find it impossible to extradite themselves.

Those who know the Truth of My Teachings will recognise the deceit, which is placed before the human race and they will withstand this abomination. Those who say they know God, and are practicing Christians, will fail to understand My Promise to return. When I come back it will be to Judge. I will never walk the Earth a second time. For all their knowledge of My Teachings they do not understand what I said. I now remind them. I will not walk in the flesh. Any man who says he is I, is a liar.

Your Jesus


What you will experience during The Warning and Prayer for instant pardon

16 April, 2011

My beloved daughter, move quickly to escalate awareness around my message, for the warning is almost upon the world.Tell those souls who refuse to pray, to push aside their pride and distaste and turn to me now to ask for forgiveness. Be clear that many, many souls will not survive this imminent event.
Many of these souls are simply lazy and while they may, behind it all, believe in God the Eternal Father, they think that at some time in the future they will then deal with their spiritual beliefs. But it will be too late. Tell the world this event is going to save them. Many will repent during this mystical experience. They will feel a burning sensation, not unlike that experienced by souls in Purgatory.This will give them an insight as to what souls, who are not fully clean, have to go through before they can see the glorious light of heaven. By simply accepting that this event may take place, they can survive it. Turn to me and say:
“Please guide me towards the light and goodness of your great mercy and forgive me for my sins”
and I will pardon you instantly.
Then after the Warning you will experience a deep peace and joy in your soul.

Young people find it embarrassing to pray.
Many people in the world today refuse to pray.
Many young people in particular find it embarrassing and old-fashioned.
They mistakenly believe, that yes, while they do hold a belief in God, that prayer is not necessary. This is not true. It is essential in order to enter the paradise you will desperately crave after death. If you remain in sin you cannot taste this glorious feast.Just as those of you who keep fit, look after your body, watch what you eat carefully and keep trim, so too must you prepare your soul in this way. Without paying attention closely as to the state of your soul, it will become weak and lacking in the nourishment needed to ensure that it is in perfect shape.

Prayer to say to convert others
Because of the weakness of faith among those in the world who are believers, those of you who are strong in your faith have a huge responsibility now.
You must pray this conversion prayer for the others. “I urge you Jesus, in your Divine Mercy, to cover those lukewarm souls with your precious blood so that they can be converted” Say this short prayer on behalf of those, whom you believe need it most.
Remember, children, my glorious promise. I will triumph in the end. Satan, the deceiver, simply cannot survive. Please let me protect you and take you with me. Don’t give satan your soul. I love you all. Keep asking me to strengthen your belief every day.

Your Divine Saviour
King of Mercy and Compassion
Jesus Christ


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