Sowing division in the Church… PF’s (FP’s) homily – The REAL source of division.


st-wolfgang-and-devilMy daughter emailed me and said: “This article is deceptive and needs comment! It is FP who attacks the Body of Christ and true teachings/True Christ but instead, like the devil, he turns everything on its head! This needs exposure. I’m hoping you can do an article?”

Well, this article and another one (Pope Francis evangelise with your whole life – don’t proselytise on Sept, 9, 2016) sure put the fire into me! I will only comment on the first article. I didn’t know what to write, but here goes.

The original article was “In his homily at morning Mass, Pope Francis told the faithful Monday that Satan is out to divide the Church by sowing ambition, jealousy and greed among its members.” by Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D.12 Sep 2016 at

I will reproduce the article in black, with my response under each paragraph in red and Donna Liane’sresponse in light blue.


(The Headline) In his homily at morning Mass, Pope Francis told the faithful Monday that Satan is out to divide the Church by sowing ambition, jealousy and greed among its members.

He usually aims accusations like these, for some reason, at Traditionalists. And when he can’t, he aims it at everyone in the Church- without basis. If he wants to name Bishops, cardinals etc doing that, then he would have to name his own! As far as Traditionalists and the ordinary devoted laity go: What ambition; except for Christ? What jealousy- except to guard the Holy Eucharist with singular love and devotion? What greed, except to secure the maximum number of souls for Christ and His Heavenly Kingdom?

If it’s Satan who is out to divide the Church, then who is Satan using to cause the division; to bring in ideas and practices that are contrary to Christ and His teachings?

Commenting on the Letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians, where Paul reprimands the early Christians for their quarrels, factions and infighting, Pope Francis said that “the devil has two powerful weapons to destroy the Church: divisions and money.”

In the church of today – guess who started the divisions?! Guess who introduced divisive theories and tactics? E.g. at the Synod. How is money causing division in the Church? I have no idea what he is talking about. He talks about the poor, and economic inequities … is that what he is talking about? He is just making a ridiculous assertion, that the enemies of the Church will grab hold of, and applaud. People don’t see the Marxist bent – the communism that Our Lady of Fatima warned us against.

On the one hand, the Pope said before a group of faithful in the chapel at the Saint Martha residence where he lives in the Vatican, divisions destroy the Church by attacking its unity. This happened from the beginning, when “ideological and theological divisions tore at the Church.”

Ideological and theological divisions stem from the people who do not want to accept the Faith as it was handed down by Christ to His Apostles with the authority of The Holy Spirit. They want to change the Faith, to suit modern society. Unity is important, but not at the expense of Truth! If you substitute your own ideas, and promote them as being an improvement, you are saying that you know better than God! This is a human-based Church – it is blasphemous and contrary to the unifying Truth found in the Church of Christ.

The devil engages in a “dirty war” by sowing divisions, the Pope said, “like terrorism.” In this way, he spreads “jealousies, ambitions, ideas, but to divide!” he said.

What? Did I hear right? That doesn’t make sense. Who is jealous? What a ridiculous idea. In fact this man continually speaks badly about the Mystical Body of Christ – (jealousies, ambitions, greed). This is blasphemous – the Mystical Body of Christ is sacred, with Christ as the Head. It’s a “dirty war” alright where Francis sows divisions and then blames everyone else. Interesting comparison FP uses: Terrorism controls people through fear. Guess who are silent through fear at the moment? Are all the good faithful Bishops, Cardinals and priests afraid of speaking up against Francis? He has been called a ruthless dictator by those within. He has harshly criticized, silenced dissenters, disbanded, replaced or exiled them. This is the future that good faithful shepherds can look forward to.

These divisions in the Church, Francis said, “do not let the Kingdom of God grow and they do not present the Lord as He is.”

“…present The Lord as He is”? Does he mean ‘merciful’? FP’s mercy is false mercy – mercy without repentance. This is not the true Church. I guess he wants the Kingdom of God to grow with this false mercy. This won’t grow anything except the new One World Church. It is the “church of darkness” as described by Venerable Abp. Fulton Sheen and other saints. When The Lord is presented as He truly is, we see that He is Justice and Mercy and that He is all Holy. He tells us to ‘go and sin no more’.

Satan’s attacks aim to strike the Church at the very center of Christian unity, “the Eucharistic celebration,” Francis said.

All twisted – again!! An attack against the Blessed Eucharist! The CCC teaches that the “Eucharist is the source and summit of the Christian life.” The Christian Life is not the same as Christian Unity – especially the unity that FP is talking about. This echoes recent events where the Eucharist is being abused as a tactic to allow divorced and remarried people (who do not have an annulment & continue unrepentant in mortal sin) to come back to the Church. He is promoting blasphemous Communion, which St Paul spoke very strongly about. It is he who attacks The Eucharist. The Christian life is based on Christ’s teachings. If a Church teaches something that is against Christ’s teachings, then it is NOT a CHRISTIAN teaching. (e.g. Amoris Laetitia). Our Church teaches faithfully and he seeks to undermine.

He noted Paul’s criticism of the Corinthians who made distinctions between rich and poor even during the Eucharistic celebration. In contrast, Francis said, Jesus “prayed to the Father for unity.”

Yes, unity in Christ’s teachings – i.e. as passed down in His Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, If you follow Christ’s teachings, you are Christian. If you want to make your own rules and adapt Christ’s teachings to the modern world, then you are not Christian. Jesus prayed that all would be one, as He and the Father are One. Unity can only be achieved through The Blessed Trinity.

“But the devil tries to destroy it,” he said.

He sure does! He is cunning, and manipulative, appeals to our vanity and pride, and twists the Truth.

“I ask you to do everything possible not to destroy the Church with divisions, whether they are ideological, or stem from greed, ambition or jealousy.”

This is just what the FP is doing!! (Communion for divorced and remarried; Communion for Lutherans; acceptance of homosexual behaviours, acceptance of adulterous behaviour and fornication …) He claims that we destroy ‘the Church’ with our divisions, which he has, in fact,  himself caused. And then he calls us divisive if we won’t follow the counter-church he seeks to grow from within! Ahh, he is a clever devil!

“And above all, pray and guard the source, the root of unity of the Church, which is the Body of Christ,” he said.

Yes, let’s pray for the unity of the Church, the TRUE church, the Church that is built on Christ’s teachings, and not on the adaptations of man.


PF is the FP – that’s for sure. He turns everything on its head –and twists the Truth.

There is another much more academic response to this homily of the FP. It is from Robert de Mattei at : 

and is entitled    The Real Source of Division in the Church”.

His concluding paragraph states:

Divisions however, have their source in the two-forked language of the Devil and are defeated most of all by the truth: the truth of the Faith and morality, but also the truth of language and behaviour, which means renouncing all lies, falsification and reserve, following the teaching of the Gospel “[…] let your speech be yea, yea: no, no: and that which is over and above these, is of the evil one. (Matthew, 5 v 37)


Click on the link above to read the whole article.

St. Wolfgang, pray for us and for our bishops and priests.

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