Error and Truth: FP and the Lutherans


On 31st Oct, 2016, the FP/(pf) signed a declaration with the Lutherans. Some excerpts:

“we are profoundly thankful for the spiritual and theological gifts received through the Reformation”.

“Many members of our communities yearn to receive the Eucharist at one table, as the concrete expression of full unity.” And “we seek to remove the remaining obstacles that hinder us from attaining full unity”

“With this Joint Statement, we express joyful gratitude to God for this moment of common prayer in the Cathedral of Lund, as we begin the year commemorating the five hundredth anniversary of the Reformation. “

“Fifty years of sustained and fruitful ecumenical dialogue between Catholics and Lutherans have helped us to overcome many differences, and have deepened our mutual understanding and trust”

“Theological differences were accompanied by prejudice and conflicts, and religion was instrumentalized for political ends”

“Lutherans and Catholics have wounded the visible unity of the Church.”

This and other of fp’s speeches can be found on Vatican Radio and also at :

David Webster is a Catholic convert and former Baptist pastor.

His website is :

He commented on some of FP’s statements and Lutheran doctrine/teachings: 

(on 3 Nov. 2016)

The call for Christian unity is not only needed but it is an urgent matter as has been presented but the view that somehow “we closed in on ourselves out of fear or bias with regard to the faith which others profess with a different accent and language” is utter nonsense.

The Reformation” of Luther was no mere difference in accent or language! Luther’s profession was a contradiction to the faith!

And are we to even believe that the Reformation helped give greater centrality to sacred Scripture in the Church’s life? What contribution could Luther and the “reformers” have given us in making the Sacred Scriptures central in the Church who denigrated, denied and then stripped the Scriptures of seven of its books?

Had Luther had his way The Revelation to St. John and the Letter of St. James would have also been discarded! The alleged supreme respect for Scripture by the Reformers is merely a cleverly devised myth and its proven even by its wilful ignoring of Catholic teaching within the remnant of Scripture they have left.

What could not be ignored had to be mistranslated. This includes the mis-translation of Acts 10:22 because it denied the Reformed doctrine of total depravity. (See separate post on total Depravity)


Francis signed Statement: “we are profoundly thankful for the spiritual and theological gifts received through the Reformation”  on 2 Nov. 2026

If Francis is “profoundly thankful for the spiritual and theological gifts why does he not list even just one of them? No, he cannot because there are none!

If he dared to rise the straw man issue of Luther exposing the so called “selling of indulgences” he not only would be shot down but it would be turned on him for the hypocrisy that this charge actually was. The abuse of giving for divine favor first of all is always on the part of the giver who has an unholy spirit and motive. Second, it was Luther who gained the support of the German princes for his rebellion and heretical Church over which he made himself pope by promising them the riches he robbed from the Catholic Church in Germany! I do not think Francis is ready to call outright theft and bribery a spiritual gift –quite yet.

And what are these “many differences” that “have been overcome,” in the 50 years of ecumenical dialog?

Finally Mr. Fraudcis, we do NOT ”cast off any “remaining disagreements,” we resolve them with an understanding of and surrender to the Truth! We do not believe Truth changes. We do not worship the “Christ” who changes, the false Christ, the false Light, the god of your favorite Theologian Cardinal Kasper. His theology is not serene as you have publicly claimed but is utterly diabolical, patently and literally Luciferian. Birds of a feather flock together.


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