St Jude, a Prayer Group and a Reading – A saint for our times



Today is Dec 8th. Feast of the Immaculate Conception. It is not a Holy Day of Obligation in this country, but most of us were at Mass this morning.

At our usual (Thursday) Crusade Prayer Group meeting today, we chose only 2 readings (instead of the usual 4) because we wanted to get to the hour of Grace in our local Church.

Our prayer group theme was: Faith, Family, Priests, Nations.

The bible reading was from St Jude and the reading from the Book of Truth was 31st Oct. 2011.

The Readings

We always say a prayer to the Holy Spirit first – that He may guide us to the reading which God has chosen for us that day. Crusader J. opened the Bible first. The Crusader who opened it, had a lot to say about St. Jude. His comments and the readings are below.

The first reading from Letter of St Jude, was very appropriate for the things which are happening in our Church today. He is a Saint for our times. A Crusader commented on after the reading that St Jude was someone who was strong – and says his piece and will not be swayed; one that Jesus entrusted the very difficult job of converting the pagans. And Our Lady was his teacher!  Great lessons in here for us! (see information on St Jude below).

The second reading, from the Book of Truth was was from 31 October, 2011. Jesus speaks to us of the Warning and the effect of this on the Faith: His Holy Word will ignite souls; doubts will be gone; satan’s power will dilute rapidly. He tells us not to let Pride stand in the way and to come to Him with humble hearts. His Heart aches when He witnesses lost souls. The saddest part: It is the disbelief of those who profess to know Me, which wounds Me the most.”

The Bible Reading

The Letter of St. Jude  (Jerusalem Bible 1974 edition)

(In my Bible, the letter is set out with subheadings)


1 From Jude, servant of Jesus Christ and brother of James; to those who are called, to those who are dear to God the Father and kept safe for Jesus Christ, wishing you all 2 mercy, and peace and love .

The reason for the Letter:

3 My dear friends, at a time when I was eagerly looking forward to writing to you about the salvation that we all share, I felt that I must write to you encouraging you to fight hard for the faith which has been once and for all entrusted to God’s holy people. 4 Certain people have infiltrated among you, who were long ago marked down for condemnation on this account; without any reverence they pervert the grace of our God to debauchery and deny all religion, rejecting our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ.

The false teachers: the certainty of their punishment:

5 I should like to remind you — though you have already learnt it once and for all — that the Lord rescued the nation from Egypt, but afterwards he still destroyed the people who refused to believe him; 6 and the angels who did not keep to the authority they had, but left their appointed sphere, he has kept in darkness in eternal bonds until the judgement of the great Day. 7 Sodom and Gomorrah, too, and the neighbouring towns, who with the same sexual immorality pursued unnatural lusts, are put before us as an example since they are paying the penalty of eternal fire.

Their violent language:

8 Nevertheless, these people are doing the same: in their delusions they not only defile their bodies and disregard Authority, but abuse the Glories as well.9 Not even the archangel Michael, when he was engaged in argument with the devil about the corpse of Moses, dared to denounce him in the language of abuse; all he said was, ‘May the Lord rebuke you. 10 But these people abuse anything they do not understand; and the only things they do understand — merely by nature like unreasoning animals –will turn out to be fatal to them.

Their vicious behaviour:

11 Alas for them, because they have followed Cain; they have thrown themselves into the same delusion as Balaam for a reward; they have been ruined by the same rebellion as Korah -and share the same fate. 12 They are a dangerous hazard at your community meals, coming for the food and quite shamelessly only looking after themselves. They are like the clouds blown about by the winds and bringing no rain, or like autumn trees, barren and uprooted and so twice dead; 13 like wild sea waves with their own shame for foam; or like wandering stars for whom the gloom of darkness is stored up for ever. 14 It was with them in mind that Enoch, the seventh patriarch from Adam, made his prophecy when he said, ‘I tell you, the Lord will come with his holy ones in their tens of thousands, 15 to pronounce judgement on all humanity and to sentence the godless for all the godless things they have done, and for all the defiant things said against him by godless sinners.’ 16 They are mischief-makers, grumblers governed only by their own desires, with mouths full of boastful talk, ready to flatter others for gain.

A Warning:

17 But remember, my dear friends, what the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ foretold. 18 At the final point of time’, they told you, ‘there will be mockers who follow nothing but their own godless desires. 19 It is they who cause division, who live according to nature and do not possess the Spirit.

The duties of love

20 But you, my dear friends, must use your most holy faith, as your foundation and build on that, praying in the Holy Spirit; 21 keep yourselves within the love of God and wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to give you eternal life. 22and23 When there are some who have doubts, reassure them; when there are some to be saved from the fire, pull them out; but there are others, to whom you must be kind with great caution, keeping  your distance even from  outside clothing which is contaminated by vice.


24  Glory be to him who can keep you from falling and bring you safe to his glorious presence, innocent and joyful,25  To God, the only God, who saves us through Jesus Christ our Lord, be the glory, majesty, authority and power, which he had before time began, now and for ever. Amen.


After this reading, Crusader J spoke to us about St Jude. We were amazed. It spoke to us of today’s Church, but there were also connections to Our Lady (whose Feast Day it is). I told him to go and write it all down. His information is based on Maria Valtorta’s ‘Poem of the Man-God’, which he has read at least 8 times. I have read it also. Many priests read it, but many more denounce it. For those who have doubts I have some information which may help. (see the end of this post)

This is what Crusader J wrote:

St Judest-jude

By Crusader J.

St Jude was  a really strong character, like St Paul, and as you can read in the Epistle of St Jude.(above). St Jude Thaddeus would never accept a compromise.

From the time Jesus came back from Egypt He grew up with his 2 cousins – Judas (known as Jude Thaddeus (meaning courageous heart) and James Alphaeus. When it came time for Jesus to go to school Our Lady said that she would not send him to school, that she would teach Him herself. Jude and James were a little older than Jesus and were already going to school, so Our Lady’s sister -in -law (Mary of Alphaeus), asked Our Lady if she could also teach Judas and James. (Mary of Alpheus was Our Lady’s best friend throughout her life.) Our Lady agreed and told the boys to be there for instructions every day from the sixth hour until the evening. So the education they received was the best available and they grew in holiness with Jesus.

Jude Thaddeus was a tall man, just a little shorter than Jesus. He had an olive complexion, dark brown wavy hair and beard. He had blue eyes, somewhat similar to Jesus’ eyes. He had a kingly bearing and able to dominate crowds with his eyes. He always believed that Judas Iscariot was  evil and he could not be persuaded otherwise. His younger brother James was a little shorter with hair more curl, similar to St Joseph and like St Joseph very quiet and kind. (St Joseph was their uncle)

Even though Jesus was younger, Jude and James always looked up to Jesus as their leader. Judas and James had 2 older brothers – the oldest one was Joseph Alpheus, who like his father, was a strong Israelite of the old school who was looking for the messiah to come and make Israel great again and like  his father (who was St Joseph’s older brother), he did not agree with the way Jesus was acting and was only converted just before the Crucifixion. The second son, Simon of Alpheus, who was easily swayed by his father and brother, but eventually after Jesus saved Simon’s son from death, he finally became a disciple in the third year of Jesus’ public life. He would eventually go on to became the second Bishop of Jerusalem.

St Anne and Our Lady and all the Alpheus family were princesses and princes of the royal house of David.

Jesus took James up to Mt Carmel for one night where he considered for a day of something great that Jesus wanted to tell him. Before coming down the mountain, Jesus told James that He wanted him to become the first bishop of Jerusalem. James was upset and he said that he wasn’t suitable for such a position and suggested that it should be Jude or Simon Peter. Jesus replied that Jude was too strong a character and that he will do well among the gentiles where paganism needed to be demolished. James then suggested others, including Simon Peter (Simon of Jonah). Jesus said Simon of Jonah is not James of (house of) David, the descendant of the  royal race, who needs to be In the royal city ‘to raise (His) sceptre and speak of the KIng of Kings of Israel and the world’. Jesus said “You will have to know how to love perfectly in order to lead them wholly and be kind to them in order not to repel them”. The people in Jerusalem will feel they have been forgiven for shedding My Blood, if someone from My Blood is in My place.


The Poem of the Man-God has an Imprimatur from a bishop:poem_of_the_man_god_cover


Other evidence such as Pope Pius XII ‘s statement- as seen in following transcript:

‘1947~48: Pope Pius XII reviewed the writings over the course of a year (or, at least had them in his posession), 4 and in February of 1948, agreed to a special audience with Fr. Berti and two other priests. 5 According to the three eye witnesses—who gave signed testimony to the event [3]—the Holy Father gave the following verbal permission [4]; “Publish this work as is; he who reads will understand. One hears talk of so many visions and revelations. I do not say that all are true; but some of them could be true.” [5] Father Berti then asked if the inscriptions: “Visions” and “Dictations” should be removed from the Poem before publishing it. The pope responded that nothing should be removed.’


Copies of manuscripts and other evidence can be seen at he above site.

To read parts of the Poem online, you may do so at the following address;

Reading from the Book of Truth

Disbelief of those who profess to know Me, which wounds Me the most

31st October, 2011

My dearly beloved daughter, My Holy Word, which is being given to a world, oblivious of My Existence, will ignite souls soon after The Warning takes place.

At last mankind will hear My Word to enable Me to guide them to My New Era of Peace on Earth. I call on all My children everywhere to drop down your gauntlet and hear your Saviour speak.

While I will never reveal to you the date of My coming back to Earth I can tell you that I will return in Spirit now. I come now to save you once again during The Warning so that man will convert.

Please allow Me to guide you and allow My Most Sacred Mission to be spread around the world to bring My children comfort. Do not block Me out. Do not reject My Hand of Mercy. Do not allow your pride to stand in the way.

Wake up and accept that I now speak with you, so I can bring you into the Bosom of My great Mercy. At last your soul will alight with the Fires of My divine graces, which will be poured out all over you.

All doubts will be gone. Satan’s power will dilute rapidly although he will not relinquish his grip until the very end.

While you ponder My pleas, you must ask yourself this. If you believe in Me, why do you reject Me now? Why do you show anger and hatred to those who come in My Name? Why do you exalt yourselves in My Church, at the expense of My children. Remember that you are all equal in My Eyes.

Come to Me now with humble hearts. Because until you do this, you cannot benefit from My Mercy, or receive the graces I long to provide you with.

My Voice is calling out now to all non-believers to accept the Existence of My Eternal Father.

After The Warning, allow Me to help you on the path to eternal life. My Heart aches when I witness lost souls. But know this. It is the disbelief of those who profess to know Me, which wounds Me the most.

Your loving Saviour, Jesus

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