JtM Crusade Prayer Meeting on Thursday, 23rd March, 2017


Prayer Theme: Protection

Overview of Readings

  1. Bible: 2 Samuel 10:15-19 (The enemy concentrated their forces and organized other armies/nations as reinforcements. David, hearing of this, mustered up all Israel and crossed the river to face them. The enemy fled and David killed tens of thousands. Peace resulted).
  2.  B of T: 19th 2013. (When evil acts , the H.S. descends to give God’s children the courage to fight back. Abortion is the gravest sin and brings with it a terrible punishment. Every argument will be made life.to justify it. Pray for those souls who cannot accept the importance of life.)
  3. B of T: 21st Nov. 2011 ( Jesus brings us Crusade Prayer 5: God is our King. We should offer Him praise and thanksgiving, and Adoration for his Gift of Mercy. We should lie at His feet in humble servitude .We ask Him to have mercy on us.)

Bible Reading

  1. Bible (Jerusalem) 2 Samuel 10: 15 – 19

The Aramaeans, realising that Israel had got the better of them, concentrated their forces.

16 Hadadezer sent messengers and mobilised the Aramaeans living on the other side of the river; and these arrived at Helam, with Shobach the commander of Hadadezer’s army, at their head.

17 David, being informed of this, mustered all Israel, crossed the Jordan and arrived at Helam. The Aramaeans drew up in line facing David and engaged him.

18 But the Aramaeans fled from Israel, and David killed seven hundred of their chariot teams and forty thousand men; he also cut down Shobach the commander of their army, who died there.

19 When all Hadadezer’s vassal king saw that Israel had got the better of them, they made peace with the Israelites and became their subjects. The Aramaeans were afraid to give any more help to the Ammonites.

Readings from the Book of Truth

2. Virgin Mary: You must fight every law and every argument which promotes abortion

19th January, 2013

My child, when evil acts escalate, as in the way nations attempt to introduce abortion, the Holy Spirit descends upon God’s children, so that they can gain the courage to fight back.

Abortion is the gravest sin in the Eyes of my Father. No reason can be presented to Him, which can justify this vile act against the Creation of God. Abortion is an affront to the Sacred Creation of humanity and brings with it a terrible punishment.

Every argument will be made to justify it amongst your nations, but nothing can make it ever acceptable to God. No one has the right to interfere with the Gift of Life, created by God, the Creator of all that is.

Many poor souls believe that they show compassion when they condone abortion, but all they do is condone murder, which is a grave sin. You must fight every law and every argument, which promotes abortion and safeguard the life of God’s children, inside the wombs of their mothers. You must never feel fear when you proclaim the sacredness of life.

Pray, pray, pray for those souls who cannot accept the importance of life and the Sacred Act of God’s Creation. These souls need your prayers and patience. Show them you will not accept their demands to get you to condone the murder of an unborn child of God.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation


3. Crusade of Prayer (5) Praise to God the Most High

21st Nov., 2011

My daughter the world must offer this special prayer in praise and thanksgiving to God the Father for the mercy He is providing the whole world.

O Eternal Father, we offer You our prayers, in joyful thanksgiving, for Your precious Gift of Mercy to the whole of mankind.

We rejoice and offer You, Most Glorious King, our praise and adoration for Your loving and tender Mercy.

You, God the Most High, are our King and for this Gift You now bring to us we lie at Your Feet in humble servitude. Please, God, have Mercy on all Your children. Amen.

Your Jesus

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