Stations of the Cross – Lord what have they done?


This is how the Stations of the Cross Devotion should be prayed.


But this is not what happened on Good Friday.

At first, I was really mad…now, I am just really sad!

A friend brought to me a version of the Stations of the Cross that was used in a local parish on Good Friday.

I have seen modern versions of the Stations in various churches. Some have added a fifteenth station – the Resurrection. I don’t like it, but I can live with it.

Many have replaced their traditional depictions of the Stations with more modernist type portrayals, but they still have the SAME titles for each station. But this one was like  nothing I have ever seen!

It is like everything is progressing in a downwards spiral very fast. Another Crusader friend has shown me her Church Bulletin and the prayers of the faithful. Another has been horrified at the so-called “prayers” of the faithful (which are now prescribed and printed in a book)! I guess this is so that everyone is clear on what the agenda is supposed to be.

We have seen during this papacy, a few off-the-cuff comments here and there, twisting of the words of the Gospel,  little doubts expressed about Jesus’ intended meaning, a few footnotes sprinkled with words misquoted from a saintly pope and taken out of context, many negative aspersions cast on “traditional’ Catholics – a little drop of poison and before long, the whole lot has been tainted and is deadly!

Now one of our most loved devotions has been poisoned. I can’t believe what they did to the Way of the Cross! I shouldn’t be surprised, I should have seen it coming – they added Stations, they left some out. They mixed them all up. They feel empty! There is no expression of sorrow for sin or plea for mercy or forgiveness.

After the prayer intentions of each Station, instead of “have mercy on us” the response was “We thank you Lord”. The prayer intentions seem at first sight generally okay, but the emphasis is wrong. We should be expressing our sorrow and asking for mercy and forgiveness for what our sins have done. One glaring prayer that stood out – “Jesus, for turning to prayer and not violence in your anguish in the Garden of Gethsemane’ – We thank you Lord’ !!!.Why would Jesus turn to violence – He was the Son of God, not just a criminal or terrorist!!!

                                                  *(Click to download excerpt: Modern Stations of Cross )

There are no beautiful meditations for each Station, as is found in every version of the Stations I have ever read, such as that of St Alphonsus Liguori, or St Padre Pio, or St Faustina’s Way of the Cross, or that of Plinio Correa de Oliveira etc – only a “meditative silence” is inserted in the booklet. We need to be firstly guided by the thoughts of holy people such as of the aforementioned  not just simply thrown into an empty vacuum of our own thoughts that we could still be dwelling on, and tainted by the secular world. 

The stations that were completely ignored:

Jesus is condemned to die

Jesus falls the First Time

Jesus falls the Second Time

Jesus falls the Third Time

Jesus meets His Mother

Veronica wipes the Face of Jesus

Jesus is taken down from the Cross

These are very holy and significant events, To omit them is tantamount to ignoring their importance, or even denying that they ever happened. It is especially significant in contemplating the meaning of them for us in guiding us in our everyday lives.

Stations that are renamed and/or renumbered:

Jesus is buried (versus ‘Jesus is laid in the tomb’).

The new title, seems somehow more disrespectful. He actually wasn’t buried – put in a grave and covered over with dirt, as the term ‘bury’ implies. Laid in the tomb is not only more accurate, it is more gentle and implies a much more respectful picture of what occurred.

Jesus is stripped and nailed to the Cross.

Two Stations have been combined into one. The stripping is not even mentioned in the reading, nor is the nailing. The title seems to be just lip service to what happened.  It simply says “When they reached the place of the skull, they crucified him there and the two thieves…Obviously our modern society can’t contemplate the horrific and cruel nailing to the Cross to which our Saviour subjected Himself because He loved us. So the simplest words are chosen from the Gospel. Combining the two concepts into one, also waters down the whole event and makes it a little more insignificant.

Jesus before Pilate (versus Jesus is condemned to die).

The scriptural text chosen is John 18: 33-37: It is indeed Jesus before Pilate but NO MENTION of Jesus being condemned, just the discourse about Him being a king.

The women of Jerusalem weep for Jesus (versus Jesus consoles the women of Jerusalem or Jesus comforts the weeping women of Jerusalem, or Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem).

This doesn’t at first sight to be so different. But the emphasis is now on the women  instead of on Jesus.

Jesus dies on the Cross

This is now the eleventh Station. I don’t know why, but somehow this is significant. It should be the Twelfth Station. It is the one at which we always kneel. However, Donna Liane offered an explanation and explained why it seems significant:

*“It’s the emphasis upon the parts. There are equal parts or divisions which culminate at the 12th station (an even number.) The two extra stations are additions which reflect on the other two significant moments after He dies. 

They are part of Mary’s suffering or passion, as relates to Jesus’ Passion. And belong also to His followers or disciples. The traditional structure echoes that of a sonnet which has three quatrains which develop the problem or story, and ends with a closing couplet. 

A sonnet is a love poem. All traditional stories spend most of their time in building up to a climax followed by a shorter denouement. That is why being the eleventh Station seems unbalanced and somehow wrong.”

Jesus is helped by Simon of Cyrene Vs. Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to Carry his Cross.

The adapted version omits the essential part “to carry His Cross”. Without this phrase added, it just sounds like a day to day event.- Simon helps Jesus.  This phrase  “to carry His Cross”  underscores the merit of Simon’s action.

New Stations that were added:

Jesus is arrested

Jesus before the Sanhedrin

Jesus is whipped and crowned

The good thief

Mary and John


Traditional Stations of the Cross      Vs.

Let’s make up our own Stations.

First Station:

          Jesus is condemned to Death

                                                                      Jesus is Arrested

Second Station:

          Jesus Bears His Cross

                                                                      Jesus before the Sanhedrin

Third Station

          Jesus Falls the First Time

                                                                      Jesus Before Pilate

Fourth Station:

          Jesus Meets His Afflicted Mother

                                                                      Jesus is Whipped and Crowned

Fifth Station:

          Simon Helps Jesus to Carry the Cross

                                                                      Jesus Carries the Cross

Sixth Station:

          Veronica wipes the Face of Jesus

                                                                      Jesus is helped by Simon of Cyrene

Seventh Station:

          Jesus Falls the Second time

                                                                      The Women of Jerusalem weep for Jesus

Eighth Station:

          Jesus Consoles the Women of Jerusalem

                                                                     Jesus is Stripped and Nailed to the Cross


Ninth Station:

          Jesus Falls for the Third Time

                                                                      The Good Thief

Tenth Station:

          Jesus is Stripped of His Garments

                                                                      Mary and John

Eleventh Station:

          Jesus is nailed to the Cross

                                                                      Jesus Dies on the Cross

Twelfth Station:

          Jesus Dies on the Cross

                                                                     Jesus is Buried

Thirteenth Station:

          Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross

Fourteenth Station:

          Jesus is laid in the Sepulchre


This is another sign of things to come.

Expect many more changes and manipulations.

The changes to the Mass are coming. Have your eyes open! Do not be deceived.

Listen carefully to any new ways of expressing thing. The language can be easily manipulated to change the meaning.

We are getting very close to the fulfilment of more prophecies:

They are slowly but surely removing our Blessed Mother from the scene. They left her at the foot of the Cross, but omitted her meeting Jesus on the Way of the Cross.

Jesus, Son of God, suffering and dying for our salvation has been transformed into the story of a man being crucified.


“We adore thee of Christ and we praise Thee

Because by Thy Holy Cross

Thou hast redeemed the world”.

Have mercy on us, Lord have mercy in us!

Comments of other Crusaders, to whom I sent the draft:

(Crusader L) “ no adoring the Cross.: Because of the Cross You have redeemed the world”. No mention of redemption. 

No asking for mercy either. I was petrified.. CHURCH HAS FALLEN

St. Catherine of Sienna: We have had enough of exhortations to be silent!

Cry out with a hundred thousand tongues. I see the world is rotten because of Silence”

Donna Liane: It made me feel sad just reading about it!  It was like they butchered them! 

If they feel they can change a long held tradition and “improve” then what’s to stop them doing it to the Gospel or doctrine or any other thing? It’s pride that makes them feel they can improve anything! It’s wrong! 

*Yes “Jesus dies” should be 12th (Station) I think I can explain why. (see insert above under Stations that are renamed and/or renumbered – Jesus dies on the Cross’)

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