GOD IS ALWAYS THERE FOR HIS REMNANT ARMY (Part 2)– preparing us, guiding us.


We know that Jesus chooses our readings each week.

We could not help but notice – the topics, the repetitions, and the timing relevant to church/world events.The readings are chosen after the Crusade Prayers. They are chosen randomly with a prayer to the Holy Spirit first to guide us.

On Thursday 13th April at our JtM prayer group one of the readings we opened up on was  about the coming Abomination of the Eucharist, when a new Liturgy will be introduced with the meaning of the Eucharist changed. See:  https://remnantdisciples.wordpress.com/2017/04/18/jtm-crusade-prayer-meeting-on-thursday13th-april-2017/

On Thursday 20th April, the following week, we again opened up on exactly the same reading about the Eucharist. There was no marker in the book, and the book was picked out randomly from the pile of volumes 1 to 5. The Crusader involved asked “should I open it again?”. DonnaLiane responded and urged her to open it again. She re-opened it and lo and behold – it was the SAME reading. See: https://remnantdisciples.wordpress.com/2017/04/20/jtm-crusade-prayer-meeting-on-thursday-20th-april-2017/

God was trying to tell us something2 weeks in a row. Donna explained: “It was because I had learnt from the night before* that God can do the most unlikely thing and give you the same reading twice, that I exhorted and told Mum that He would if He wanted to – and then He did!!

God was laughing at me! Then we were laughing too. 

* It was confirmation of the night before’s reading on the Book of Truth! (answering the problem I had – see previous post “GOD IS ALWAYS THERE FOR HIS REMNANT ARMY (Part 1)”

Then, Donna wrote (on Saturday 22 April):

I woke up this morning)  singing the most unlikely hymn as I was half awake /half asleep. It took me a while to remember all the words (mainly the first line) but I’m sure my angel put it in my head as I DID go to sleep while praying and haven’t heard this hymn in YEARS! Not even a reference to it!

It goes…

” Sons of God

Hear His Holy Word

Gather round the table of the Lord

Eat His Body

Drink His Blood

And we’ll sing a song of Love

Allelu, Allelu, Allelu, Allelulia!”

Email Signed: ‘Joyfully Jesus’ (through Mary)’

Mum replied:

This is a confirmation of the messages we have had in the last 2 weeks about the Eucharist.

Be aware of the Eucharist -and ALL that It is. It is as if the words are for all those who will be faithful to the Truth about Jesus present in the Eucharist.

That Night 

Donna Liane opened on: Hosea 9: 1 – 6 (The Sorrows of Exile).

They have deserted God and the bread and wine won’t nourish them. They won’t offer the sacrifice of the Lord anymore.

And their bread will be like mourners bread. It will make them unclean…

and then their treasures will become overrun with weeds too. They will have nowhere to celebrate on the day of the Lordthe day of solemn festival. They will have gone from the devastation and left into exile by then.

This is a summary, not the actual Passage.

Have a read of the actual words:

1Do not rejoice, Israel,

do not exult like the nations!

For you have prostituted yourself, abandoning your God,

loving a prostitute’s fee

upon every threshing floor.

2Threshing floor and wine press will not nourish them,

the new wine will fail them.

3They will not dwell in the LORD’s land;

Ephraim will return to Egypt,

and in Assyria they will eat unclean food.

4They will not pour libations of wine to the LORD,

and their sacrifices will not please him.

Their bread will be like mourners’ bread

that makes unclean all who eat of it;

Their food will be for their own appetites;

it cannot enter the house of the LORD.

5What will you do on the festival day,

the day of the LORD’s feast?

6* When they flee from the devastation,

Egypt will gather them, Memphis will bury them.

Weeds will overgrow their silver treasures,

and thorns, their tents.

This is also about the loss of the Eucharist .

We think God is trying to tell us that this is close.

It is urgent that we are prepared – that we warn others!

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