5th August – Happy Birthday dearest Mother


My birthday is a very special Feast Day

4th August, 2011

Tomorrow, my child, is a very special Feast for me, your Beloved Mother, for it is my birthday.

My Heart is heaving with sorrow because of the abuse, which my Beloved Son is suffering for the sins of man.  I smile to see my devoted children doing all they can to save souls, but my tears still flow because I cannot bear to see the suffering in your world.

My child, do not turn your back for even one moment when spreading the Messages from my Son, Jesus Christ and God the Most High, for time is running out.  Devote as much time as you can to this Work.  Keep going my child.  I will cover you with my Holy Mantle at all times.

Your beloved Mother
Queen of the Heavens

Our Lady’s message (above) mentions saving souls.

She also mentions her sorrow at the abuse Jesus is suffering for the sins of man.

This all ties in very nicely to Saturday the 5th August:

– it is First Saturday

August is Salvation of Souls month 

– most importantly 5th August  is our Blessed Mother’s Birthday!!!!  

What would make our Mother very happy would be:

  • to fast one day each week in August (as requested) for the Salvation of Souls;
  • To attend daily Mass and Holy Communion during August
  • To try and meet more often to pray the Crusade Prayers in our prayer groups – (we were asked to meet at least once a week, but more often when possible and if possible – to meet each day in our prayer groups).
  • To say 3 Rosaries each day. (see below)
  • To do more in spreading the messages
  • Attend Mass and Holy Communion on her birthday together with the First Saturday Devotions (Communion of Reparation and 15 minutes’ meditation on the mysteries of he Rosary.)

Did you know that a “Rosary” is a garland or bouquet of roses. The Rosary prayer is a bouquet of  roses for Our Lady.


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