David and Goliath: (A mother and daughter conversation)


  • On 20 August 2017 at 8:57:12 pm AEST, Donna received the latest post by email.

She was away and had not been able to attend the prayer meeting.

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  • In the post Remnant Survivor commented on the Bible Reading:

1 Samuel 17: 1-51 The Challenge of Goliath. (We thought that David, who was the youngest son, and only a shepherd, was a symbol for the small size of the “Remnant” of our time).

  • On 20th August Donna commented:

“I loved the David n Goliath story! 😊 Thank you God!”

  • On 21st Remnant Survivor (mum) wrote to Donna:

 “Yes we loved it too. So many details which we didn’t know. It would be interesting to think of what/who “Goliath” is – I guess modernism, relativism, secularism, heresy, apostasy…”

  • On 22nd – Donna to mum:

I didn’t know all those details either! I must have only read Children’s versions or an excerpt.

You know what I loved the most? How David goes to the front line and starts questioning them.

His older brother tries to shut him up and calls him arrogant and he says All I’m doing is asking questions…” and he keeps asking, not being put off.

We can learn from that!  

The accusation of lack of humility and not knowing our ‘place’ often puts us off. But not David!

David is playing the remnant army role. I think you interpreted correctly. The Philistines are the media I think and the communists/Freemasons whom they serve, trying to destroy the Church. 

Then there are the powerful true leaders of the Church; smaller in number, who are not brave enough to fight them head on and meet the challenge!.

 They are there to fight but will not challenge Goliath, one on one, or head on. 

PF is probably, therefore, Goliath- who is on the Philistine side. The Israelites tremble before his challenge.

Along comes little David with the blessing of King Saul (after convincing him of his faith) and David takes Goliath head on, because he knows he has God on his side and therefore will win.

He is bold and full of certain faith.

Afterwards, the Israelites are emboldened and win the battle.”

  • On 23rd – Mum to Donna:

The reading that was chosen from the Book of Truth, following the Bible Reading (both of which were chosen at random) is interesting too. It seems to follow on: “Virgin Mary: As the mother of Salvation I will help you to be consecrated to my Son.” (Dec. 5th, 2012 @ 8:40pm)

As David was?? But I don’t think he was consecrated until he became king.

  • Donna to mum

I think God helped you to ask that question!! It had not even crossed my mind about how the Bible reading was connected to the B of T message. When you asked the question, I re-read the Bible passage and then it all came to me. It was not Saul’s blessing on David that consecrated him at that time. Because immediately on re-reading this line, I realized two more things.

“Who is this uncircumcized Philistine that he should insult the armies of the living God?”Firstly, we are the army of the Living God. That is why we are called the Remnant Army! We are Jesus to Mankind prayer warriors and we have the Seal of the Living God. Therefore we are the armies of the Living God. 

Secondly, circumcision means consecration. In Romans 2:29, St Paul warns us that to break the Law renders you as good as uncircumcised, not matter what the outward sign or declaration of that person is. Circumcision is only a sign of consecration; it does nothing on its own. He tells us God wants our hearts circumcised!  This means made pure and set apart or consecrated to Him.  In Deuteromy 30:6 also, God tells us that  He desires the circumcision of our hearts.  We are consecrated to God, by our own admission. David reminds us of this fact with great power. It is this, consecration, which ensures us (and the Israelites) of Victory in the battle. 

Indeed, who are these uncircumcised Philistines, particularly Goliath,  that they should insult the armies of the Living God!! As David tells them- you will not win! Because The Lord Our God  is on our side.

And finally, (Donna and mum)

Thank you for reminding us, Lord, of the importance of being totally consecrated to You. This means accepting the Seal of the Living God everyday, and being consecrated to God in every way – in our heart, mind and will and through our thoughts, words and actions.

The following prayers will help us to do this:

Crusade Prayer 33Seal of Living God;

Crusade Prayer 59 – Allegiance to the Divine Will;

Crusade Prayer 121Allegiance to the Army of Jesus Christ


Crusade Prayer 122“Consecration to the Precious Blood”







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