JtM Crusade Prayer Meeting: Thursday 9th November, 2017


Prayer Theme: Faith, Family, Nations.


  1. Bible: 1 Kings 20

2. BoT: 31 Jan. 2014

3. BoT: 27 Nov. 2012

Bible Reading

  1. 1 Kings 20: A synopsis   (by DonnaLiane)

Firstly we noticed how well this story fitted our prayer theme for today of faith, family and nations. All three subjects feature prominently in this story.

King Ben-Hadad boldly and greedily wishes to strip Israel of her gold and silver for no reason other than what appears to be a show of power.  He writes to the Ahab, King of Israel demanding it. The King of Israel, Ahab,  replies that the Israelites are brothers and that all they have is also the king’s (belongs to Ben-Hadad). It appears to be a humble and peaceful reply.

But Ben-Hadad is not satisfied with this answer and asks the King of Israel to now hand over his wives and children as well! He consults the elders and they all agree that “This, they cannot do!” The Israelite king again renews his promise of riches but not this request. This enrages Ben-Hadad, who has been drinking and he orders his servants to take up post against the city.

But God sends a prophet to tell Ahab that God will help their small army and Ben-Hadad’s mighty army will be delivered into their hands through His help. Ahab asks how and God explains through the young soldiers of the district governors and by taking the offensive and attacking first. Maybe God is as insulted as Ahab at the request for the Israelite’s wives and children?!

The first victory, made in the mountains, is attributed by the proud Aramites and Ben-Hadad to ‘mountain gods’.  God is greatly offended at this and through the prophet vows to “put all this mighty host” (army) into King Ahab’s power so that “you shall know that I am the Lord”. God does amazing things next.

100,000 foot soldiers are slaughtered in one day, the rest fled to a town and the walls fall down on the 27,000 who remained killing them all but a handful. Ben-Hadad was one of them and was in shameful hiding. Eventually he comes out in sackcloth, in a show of false humility. Ben Hadad makes a bargain by offering to give towns back that belonged to Israel in the past generation anyway with permission to trade in Damascus as well. Unfortunately, Ahab agrees and lets Ben Hadad go free.

God’s prophet then is sent to Ahab in disguise, acting as a wounded man and putting himself in the King’s path. He is about to demonstrate something to King Ahab. But first, on the way, he demonstrates the importance of obedience. A fellow prophet is told to strike him but he refuses to. As a result, the prophet proclaims that he has “disobeyed  the order of the Lord” Himself (by disobeying the prophet’s command) and says that he will be promptly killed by a lion as soon as leaves his side. This prophecy immediately comes true.

Then the prophet is disguised as a wounded man and encounters king Ahab. He tells him a story of being asked to guard a man (prisoner of war) or else his life would pay if the man went missing, (or one talent of silver). It is a serious important task. He says that man, asked to guard, is himself and this appears to be true. The king does not show any compassion now though, and instead says, “that is your sentence then, you have pronounced it, yourself.” At these words, the prophet reveals himself and pronounces that The Lord says, “Since you have let the man escape who was under my ban, your life will pay for his, your people for his people.” This affected the King who understood and believed that this was now his own sentence, and he isn’t happy about it.

It seems that in this passage is shown the importance to stand firm and that sometimes we must not negotiate; especially when God’s glory is at stake. No trades. Trusting in and receiving from His Power on the battlefield, we must not later capitulate. Also the importance of obedience, especially as the words of the prophet come from The Lord, Himself. We must obey, as asked or directed. It is shown to be vitally important. No compromises. This befits full faith in God.

Readings from the Book of Truth

2. Prepare always, every day, as if The Warning were tomorrow, for it will come upon you suddenly

January 31, 2014 @ 4:13pm

My dearly beloved daughter, hear Me now, as I speak of The Warning to come. Without My Intervention, most of the world would plunge into the abyss of the beast and would never see the Light of God. Without this Miracle, billions of souls would go to Hell.

So then, I must remind you that you must prepare for this Event, for it will cause tremendous pain and suffering for many. It will be as if many have plunged into the lowest level of Purgatory, which purges the soul with a powerful heat and creates a terrible sense of remorse, which causes pain of the flesh.

Many souls will rejoice. However, even those souls who are close to Me will also feel anguish when they have to face their wrongdoings before Me. The shame they will feel though will be quickly forgotten, as the Light of My Mercy will devour them and fill them with Graces. The souls who do not know Me at all will be mesmerised and many will believe that they have died and are being judged by Me, on the last Day. They too will rejoice when the Truth is revealed to them. Then those poor wretched souls, who relish their sinful lives, will suffer greatly. Some will break down and lie at My Feet and protect their eyes from My Light, because the pain of standing before Me, alone and defenseless, will be too much for them to bear. They will not ask for My Mercy, for their hatred of Me runs deep.

Finally, the souls who have completely renounced Me and given themselves over in body and soul to the evil one will suffer a greater torment, as if they have crawled into the depths of Hell. Many will not be able to withstand My Presence and they will fall stone-dead before Me. Others will try to call out to Me, but they will be dragged away from Me by the evil one.

After this powerful Intervention by Me takes place, however, billions will be converted and they too will join with My Remnant Church, to endure penance for those souls who have completely cut themselves off from My Mercy, in order to help Me salvage their souls.

All will be well, for in the end, I Am All-Merciful, All-Goodness, All-Love. Those who love Me will be given the Gift of My Love in abundance. My Love in them will ignite the Image of My Passion and this will encourage them to make great sacrifices in atonement for the sins of the lost souls who need My Mercy the most.

Prepare always, every day, as if The Warning were tomorrow, for it will come upon you suddenly.

Your Jesus

3. My priests, you must not offend Me by declaring Me to be a liar

November 27, 2012 @ 8:08pm

My dearly beloved daughter, I must explain that many of you who work hard to promote and spread My Holy Word will be attacked more than ever by self-appointed experts who will dismiss these Messages as being of no consequence.

Others, who attack you, will say that you have no right to proclaim My Word or to declare it to be the Truth.

Finally, you will be threatened by certain sacred servants from within My Church and told to stop what you are doing as they are offended by your work. They will say that these Messages are not from God.

They suspect that they come from an evil force. They will say that these Messages are in opposition to My Church’s Teachings. I say this to them.

What part of the Messages causes you such heartache? Why do you not speak the Truth when you criticise My Word?

Why do you boast of your knowledge of spiritual matters which you say exceeds Mine?

Do you speak on behalf of My Body on earth, My Church? If so, then I have not, through My Holy Vicar, authorised this.

Is your campaign to reject these Messages so intensely based on your own views and personal opinions?

You find fault and then threaten your flock that if they read My Word they will be misguided.

My Holy Word you say must be rejected and then you tell My followers that it is their duty to do so.

Why are you afraid of the King to Whom you have pledged your life?

I am not to be feared yet, My Word, sits uncomfortably with you.

There are many self-appointed prophets in the world who are not authentic and need the prayers of many. For those who are authentic, however, they are the ones you will always target the most. It is My genuine prophets who incur the wrath of priests, who are still unsure of the objective of this My Holy Mission.

Be careful about whom you challenge, spread venom, untruths and create aspersions, for I have not given you or My Church the authority to do this. My priests, you must not offend Me by declaring Me to be a liar.

When the day of the Truth is revealed to you, you will feel much shame.

You must put down your weapons and eliminate all the hatred and anger which torments you right now. Then look at what has happened to you. Satan has deceived you in a way so that your verbal and written attacks on this Work goes way beyond that which is expected of you as a priest.

Why has this happened? It is to delay this Mission and to take people away from My Prayers, which have been sent from Heaven to save souls. What you are doing is trying to stop Me, your Jesus, in My Plan for the salvation of humanity.

This is a very serious offense against God.

Here is a Crusade Prayer to help you to respond to My Call and to release you from the torment of doubt.

Crusade Prayer (86) Release me from the torment of doubt

I come before you confused, unsure and frustrated, dear Jesus, because I am worried about the Truth You proclaim within Your Messages.
Forgive me if I have wronged You.
Forgive me if I cannot hear You.
Open my eyes so that I can be shown what it is You need me to understand.
I implore You, to give me the Power of the Holy Spirit to show me the Truth.
I love You, dear Jesus, and I beg You to release me from the torment of doubt.
Help me to respond to Your call.
Forgive me if I have offended You and bring me closer to Your Heart.
Guide me to Your New Kingdom and grant me the favour, so that through my own prayers and suffering, that I can help You to salvage souls so precious to Your Sacred Heart. Amen.

Your Jesus

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