Fragmented and Fearful: Prophecy Fulfilled (Part 3)


Extract of Prophecy from message 0955 In the Book of Truth (November 1, 2013 @ 11:17pm.)

“…Soon, all those who have led My Church in the past, all those who provide God’s children with the True Word of God, within My Church, and all those who will remain loyal to the Truth, will be shoved to one side

The Catholic Church will make a number of alarming statements, as to why it has to change and amend every part of its structure.

All these changes will come about quickly, in the future, and the spread of these things will astonish many. Amidst it all, there will be confusion, fear, sadness and great distress. 

My Church will become so fragmented that all trust within its walls will be broken. This will create a great fear and then, in a manner which will not seem clear at first, the Catholic Church will become a leading force in the new one world religion. This new abomination will declare a great love for the world’s poor and hungry. But it will not preach My Word, nor will it remain true to My Church. My Church, however, will continue to live.” 


Part 3: Confusion and fear

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Catholic philosopher who questioned Pope sues archdiocese for firing him

  • By Pete Baklinski Wed Sep 27, 2017 – 2:41 pm EST

“GRANADA, Spain, September 27, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — A leading Catholic philosopher is suing an archdiocese after the local archbishop fired him from a Catholic university for publishing a critique of Pope Francis’ teaching on marriage and family. 

Dr. Josef Seifert filed a civil lawsuit last week against the Archdiocese of Granada saying that his removal from the university was unjustified and a violation of two of his fundamental human and constitutional rights.

Seifert, an intimate friend of the late Pope St. John Paul II, was removed in August from his post at the International Academy of Philosophy in Granada by Archbishop Javier Martínez Fernández. 

In an article published online last month, Seifert called the Pope’s 2016 Exhortation Amoris Laetitia (AL) a ticking “theological atomic bomb” that has the capacity to destroy all Catholic moral teaching. 

Patristics scholar Professor Claudio Pierantoni wrote in an article earlier this month that the archbishop’s removal of Seifert signifies that an “official persecution” of faithful Catholics has now begun under the Francis pontificate….”

  • Former Vatican doctrine chief: ‘People working in the Curia are living in great fear’       

    By Claire Chretien                    Fri Sep 29, 2017 – 12:53 pm EST

September 29, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – The former head of the Vatican’s doctrine office is warning in a lengthy new interview that under Pope Francis fear now permeates the Church’s administrative body, the Roman Curia.

“I heard it from some houses here, that people working in the Curia are living in great fear: If they say one small or harmless critical word, some spies will pass the comments directly to the Holy Father, and the falsely accused people don’t have any chance to defend themselves,” Cardinal Gerhard Müller told the National Catholic Register’s Ed Pentin in a wide-ranging interview.

The Pope removed Müller, without explanation, when the Cardinal’s term ended in July.

… Müller’s account is consistent with what high-level Rome sources have told LifeSiteNews – that the “fear” throughout the Vatican is “tangible.”  

Bishop Athanasius Schneider has compared the treatment of the four cardinals who sent the dubia to Pope Francis to life under the Soviet Union.

“We live in a climate of threats and of denial of dialogue towards a specific group,” Schneider said in December 2016.

In an exclusive interview with LifeSiteNews published todayProfessor Claudio Pierantoni, one of the lay scholars behind the recent “filial correction” of Pope Francis, confirmed the uneasiness and fear in which many orthodox theologians live. …”

  • Thomas G. Weinandy explains his critical letter to Pope Francis

“First,” says the noted Capuchin priest and theologian, “I decided to write Pope Francis a letter, which I intended then to publish unless he adequately addressed the issues I raised.”

November 1, 2017 Carl E. Olson

Editor’s note: Fr. Thomas G. Weinandy, O.F.M., Cap., is a highly regarded and accomplished American theologian who is former chief of staff for the U.S. Bishops’ Committee on Doctrine and a current member of the Vatican’s International Theological Commission.

Fr. Weinandy recently made public a three-page letter he had sent to Pope Francis on July 31, 2017. The letter… expresses Fr. Weinandy’s concerns about several aspects of the current pontificate, including the much-debated Chapter 8 of Amoris Laetitia, the Holy Father’s apparent low regard for Church doctrine, and the clear sense that many bishops “fear that if they speak their mind” about their concerns, “they will be marginalized or worse.”

I spoke for a few minutes this morning with Fr. Weinandy, and he told me that since the letter’s publication, he has received many positive and encouraging notes from theologians, priests, and lay people. However, the USCCB asked him to resign from his current position as consultant to the bishops, and he has submitted his resignation. In making such a request, the USCCB, it would appear, reinforces Fr. Weinandy’s very point about fearfulness and lack of transparency.  …”

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