The Church and the Pope – Part 4: Other Responses and Advice


Correcting the Pope: Other Responses

  • Bishop Athanasius Schneider was reported by LifeSiteNews on Feb, 23, 2017 as saying that bishops who order their priests to give Holy Communion to divorced and remarried Catholics are “committing a grave abuse of his power.”

“He’s ordering (the priest) to sin and when a bishop even or a Pope commands me to sin I have to refuse,”

Bishop Schneider explained in a recent interview with Rorate Caeli and Adelante la Fe. “I have to obey God and therefore in this case the priest has to say to the bishop, ‘Your Excellency you order me to commit a sin and I cannot do this, I have to obey God and I cannot obey you.’”

“He has to resist even to the extent that he will lose his office, added Bishop Schneider. “Better to lose all but not to commit sin against the commandment of God.” 

  • Dr Kelly Bowring an eminent Catholic theologian and expert on prophecy, who has written many books – one of which has an Imprimatur.

See: for his article on “Correcting Pope Francis: Detraction or Duty”   (Posted 3rd  Feb , 2016)

  • A Catholic diocesan priest: who discusses the pope’s heresies and his invalid election   (14th October, 2016)

  • Fr Weinandy’s letter

Fr Weinandy was asked to resign from his post as consultant to the bishops on the USCCB as a result of his letter.

See:  The letter was dated 31 July, 2017

 Read the details of  the miraculous intervention for writing his letter in the supplement of our booklet.

  • Fr Weinandy spoke at a conference hosted by Notre Dame University in Sydney on Feb. 23, 2018 – developing the themes of his letter to the Pope.

Referring to Pope Francis, he said that his “papacy was marked by “chronic confusion” and that he teaches with “a seemingly intentional lack of clarity.”

“It would appear that Pope Francis identifies himself not as the promoter of unity,” he concludes, “but as the agent of division.”

“… Weinandy warns that, “these four defining ecclesial marks (One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic)  are presently at risk.  This threat comes not only from within the Catholic theological community, but even and regrettably from within Church leadership.”

  • Cardinal Gerhard Müller:
  • “ Formulating pastoral practices based on ”individual cases” is a ‘rhetorical trick” that undermines the unity of the faith”

    “…Christ did not institute the Magisterium in order to initiate processes which lead to confusion.”

    “The task of the pope, together with the Congregation for the Faith, is to preserve the unity of the Church in the revealed truth….”

(Interview published in a German newspaper and translated by LifeSiteNews and published on March 5, 2018)

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