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We are sad for Ireland;
Our country’s faith heritage (Australia);
The Three Marys’ Lament;
Message from the Book of Truth;
Keep Fighting;
Evidence of a rigged referendum;
Read about the Fight;
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Today we are sad for Ireland – once the land of Saints and scholars.

Today we grieve for this land, and its people.
Today we grieve for ourselves and the rest of the world.
“Father forgive them for they know not what they do”.
We are shocked! How could this happen?
IRELAND voted overwhelmingly to legalize same sex marriage in 2015. 
We were shocked when the same thing happened to our own country (Aust.) last year.
American Catholics too ,are shocked: Quote from American  Catholic Journalist/Author
“IRELAND - a Nation which has such resonance for so many American Catholics with ancestral roots …”

Our country’s Faith (Australia) heritage came from some brave Irish convicts:

It was not until 1800 that the first priests arrived in the colony — as convicts! One of these, James Dixon, was granted conditional emancipation and permission to say Mass … In 1804, Dixon was returned to Ireland.

On 19th November 1817 an “uninvited” priest, Fr. Jeremiah O’Flynn, arrived in Sydney Town. Governor Macquarie was determined to expel him but he hid for nearly six months among the Catholics, celebrating Mass, weddings and baptisms. He was arrested while celebrating Mass, and was deported on 20th May 1818. It is generally believed he left the Blessed Sacrament at the home of William Davis. So began the famous legend of the Eucharist in the priestless colony. People continued to meet at the house of William Davis and say the Rosary in the Presence of the Bl. Sacrament.

Mass was not legally celebrated again in the colony until Fathers John Joseph Therry and Philip Connolly, chaplains appointed by the Government in London, arrived in 1820.  The Bl. Sacrament was found still intact. Our very first Eucharistic miracle! In the place where this house stood, stands now St Patrick’s Church – still a sanctuary of the Eucharist – with Masses and Benediction, and Confession available throughout the day – especially for those who work in the Sydney CBD.

We owe our Faith to the Irish.

Reactions around the world:

(Information from emails)

“…such Grief over Ireland’s Betrayal of ChristAbortion in the Constitution, my God – a Travesty!

People are simply stunned – can’t take it in.  Americans emailing, telling me they actually cried.  I cried myself when I heard a visiting Bishop in the London Oratory announce sad news from Ireland” at the 11am Mass on Saturday.

As Fr L…  placed the Eucharist on my tongue, tears ran down my cheek because I had just been telling JESUS how Sorry I was for what my nation had done to HIM.

My heart was in pain, expressing itself in the tears at Holy Communion!”

“Now there stood by the cross of Jesus, His mother, and His mother’s sister, Mary of Cleophas, and Mary Magdalen ~ John 19:25


The Three Mary’s Lament” –  in Gaelic: “Caoineadh na Trí Muire


This lament is so beautiful, it moves you to tears.

Translation of this Old Irish Lament – so Beautiful

Peter, Apostle - Did you see my fair love? Alas alack and woe is me!
I saw him just now, being crucified by the guard. 
Alas alack and woe is me!
Who is He, that fine Man on the Cross of the Passion?
Don’t you know your son, Mother? - Alas alack and woe is me!
Is that the little son who was fed at Mary’s breast? 
Alas alack and woe is me!
Is that the little son who was born in the stable? 
Alas alack and woe is me!
Is that The little son whom I carried for three seasons? 
Alas alack and woe is me!  
Dear little son your mouth and nose are cut - Alas alack and woe is me!
They put flat nails through his feet and through the hands, 
They put the spear through his lovely breast. Alas alack and woe is me!

The following lament also moves me to tears:

Message from the Book of Truth:

See whole message at:  https://missionofsalvation.com/Message-0342/

Mother of Salvation: Introduce abortion in Ireland and you sever the link to my Heart

17 February 2012 @ 3:30pm

I am your beloved Mother, Queen of the Angels, the Virgin Mary, the Immaculate Conception. O how I weep today, as Ireland, the country most dedicated to me, their beloved Mother, falls prey to the evil one. Great darkness has descended over this nation. So many have lost their faith, just as so many have turned their hearts away from my beloved Son, Jesus Christ.

…  My children, should you introduce abortion in Ireland, you will sever the link that has brought you so close to my Heart.

Children of Ireland, chosen as special souls to impart the Word of my Father, throughout the world, you must listen to me. Pray, pray, pray that these plans to introduce abortion laws do not take place.

Should this happen, Ireland will lose much favour in my Father’s Kingdom. The sin of abortion is the most grievous in the Eyes of my Father. It is the worst kind of genocide.

You must fight this evil, children. You must do it now or the last Divine link, which needs to be strengthened, will, instead, be weakened. You must rise, children, and reclaim your Catholic and Christian Faiths, for they are being stolen from you.

I weep in sorrow as I see my beloved Ireland fall by the wayside.

Yet there is hope, children, but you must now join, in force, to protect your Faith. Soon you will be forced to abandon, not only your Catholic Faith, but your Christian Faith. Reclaim your country from socialism and secular dictatorships. They will plead for the right of citizens, but will deny the very rights they claim to protect, including the right to pray.

They will force you to accept, in law, the right to murder children not yet born. Remember, each soul was lovingly created by God, the Almighty Father.

Any man who chooses abortion or assists in the wicked act of abortion commits mortal sin.

Pray, pray, pray my Crusade Prayer for Ireland (32) …

Go now, my child, and tell my children in Ireland that they must be strong. They must stand up for what is right. They must never be afraid to proclaim the Truth, the Holy Word of God, no matter how difficult this may be.

Your beloved Queen of Heaven

Mother of Salvation”

Along with Our Lady and all of heaven, St Patrick must be weeping endlessly!

Keep fighting:

However, we must not give up. This merely opens the door to more abortion laws. They can, with the help of God and our prayers, still be stopped. This is why we were given CP 32.  So keep praying.

Evidence Mounting of a Rigged and Manipulated Irish Referendum

“Some Irish voters turned away with "D" beside their Names for Deceased - unbelievable, nuns and old people turned away!!!”
From TWITTER - "From Dublin -  Dun Laoghaire, 
"Uproar at Polling Stations here!!! Older people turning up to vote -  
only to find they've been taken off the Register. 
Others turning up to find a "D" has been added against their name 
that doesn't allow them to vote" If you know of anyone turned away, 
please  Telephone:  01-6629-275


(from an email)

“We need a good barrister.  Young people were posted out 2 and 3 voting slips –  a young person rang up the authorities to tell them.  They said use them!!!!

Over 65 ‘s when voting their names weren’t on the register!!!

There were many cases like this around the country –  something urgent  needs to be done to let the world know how corrupted the whole thing was.  Everything was stacked up against the No Camp.  It was very undemocratic!!! Even Google blocked all entries for the No Camp. ”

 “Also we hear that most Nuns who turned up to vote  were turned away because of the “D” beside their Names on the Register . “D” meaning DECEASED”,  need some evidence of this) “

Read about the Fight and  Sign Up

  • Legal Challenge Campaign Public Group to Challenge 8th Amendment Change. Why Should We Pay Our Taxes to Kill Babies
    ANOIS - has set up this campaign group to take legal action if there are any changes made to the 8th Amendment. We will also take legal action if there are no changes made as we cannot have a repeat of this highly criminal behavior that has disregarded our democratic process and threatened our constitution..
  • We are running a Nationwide printed petition and on-line petition demanding this referendum be shelved and we will take a legal case against the government should there be any changes made to the 8th Amendment.


  • A special investigation has revealed that Ireland’s electoral register is massively overstated by almost half a million people.

Some headlines from LifeSite News Mon 28 May, 2018:

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By Jonathon van Maren

Days of sadness for Irish Americans after abortion vote

By Dorothy Cummings McLean


Across the land of St. Patrick, night has fallen  By K.V. Turley



Irish pro-lifers vow to keep fighting: ‘With God’s help … we will rise again’

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Pro-life leader explains how Catholic bishops destroyed the Irish conscience

By John Smeaton

World renowned expert: ‘Homo-tyranny is upon us’ in the Catholic Church

By St Doug Mainwaring

Former president of Rome’s John Paul II Institute corrects today’s errors on conscience

By Diane Montagna











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