Crusader Will: Comments on Prayer Group of 13th Feb. 2019


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Note: Crusader Will is part of our prayer group from afar – a few hours flight away, but he follows our posts; and has visited us in the past.


Food for thought:

“There is much that is sobering about sin, forgiveness and punishment in today’s message from the Book of Truth.

 And as with same-sex marriage, so with issues like transgenderism.

There is much that is sobering too, about trends in the law.

Let crusaders have no doubt that freedom of speech is under attack worldwide.

It will become a crime to state Christian teaching, let alone promote it.


What the enemies of God think they are going to do about the zillions of Bibles that are in the world I haven’t the faintest clue. Pagan tyranny has its ludicrous aspects.

We will have our tongues cut out for the darnedest things


So let us preach now before they unleash their venom and their vengeance upon us.

And have the hard copy stashed away.

Download videos for solar-powered devices.

The internet may some day no longer be available.

The worst is yet to come.”





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