Prophecy fulfilled? A lightbulb moment!


A lightbulb moment!

Last Wednesday, on 3April, 2019,  our prayer group was listening to the reading, (chosen randomly by one of the prayer group members) from the Book of Truth.


“They will be expected to pay homage to and respect the new laws, which will call all of you to respect man’s individuality and your right to be what you desire and do what you choose.(Book of Truth 7 January, 2014)

Read the entire message from Jesus here:

As soon as I heard those words (the ones highlighted in the quote above) I immediately knew what Jesus was referring to. The letters “LGBT” immediately entered my head. Unlike the other times we have read it, this time it was very clear!

Of course, the “new laws” aren’t all there yet but they are definitely on their way. But there are already laws about:

  • transgender education – new programs in schools and even pre-schools enforcing these (transgender)  concepts on children.
  • calling people by their chosen gender rather than ‘misgendering them and getting arrested or sued under ‘discrimination laws against transgender people,
  • ‘the ‘rights’ of children over parents in this regard;
  • the laws where the gender of children is left off birth certificates (I don’t know whether this is really a law yet anywhere, but I have definitely read about it);
  • the homosexual “marriage” laws and rights and adoption laws too
  • the laws where biological men can use women’s bathrooms if they ‘identify’ themselves as female, or vice versa, etc.

Pope Francis even acknowledges this by calling “a she who was a she but is now a he” a reality and acknowledging their marriage as if they were true husband and wife. It seems that this is another prophecy fulfilled or in the process of being fulfilled.  


Some of our bishops and priests have even been slandered, attacked, accused and sued over what some LGTBQ individuals see as the law against discrimination forcing others to repress free speech and support their right to be and do as they please.

A trans gender symbol in purple with cartoon hands holding a blank protest placard

These laws are just the beginning of what the world will demand we acknowledge and assent to (in law), in order to suit their desires.

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