Don’t you know who you are?


A priest’s thoughts shared by one of his faithful:

”Don’t you know who you are?”

“The above question, probably is never answered correctly: a person might answer with their name, address, parents’ names, job. We know better: we should answer something like this:

My name is…. and I was designed by God Himself before the world was made, so He is my Father, and I resemble Him because He lovingly decided: ‘Let us make. in Our own image”, and later, when He was on earth, He told me to “make your home in Me as I make Mine in you”; then He said:

I will send you another Advocate who will bring all things to your minds whatever I have taught you.” And that Advocate is the Holy Spirit Himself;  so I am a living Home of the Blessed Trinity.”

The priest continues:

“How man has dragged himself down throughout his history! He thinks he’s just a well-developed animal and that death is the end of him; and he’s even thinking that if he can’t enjoy life, then he should call in the euthanasia team.

He doesn’t even know how useful suffering is, indeed, that it was used to give him an eternal future of unimaginable joy; and that even while he is still on earth, God the Holy Spirit can thrill his mind by filling it with heavenly wonders, and fill his will with His Very Own Power to being true happiness to those around him.

What a contrast! Here is man, made “a little less than the angels” grovelling about in the mud of the earth, and wondering why he is not satisfied.

God’s loving choice of each of us hauls us out of the grime and stands us beside Him, to be, with Him,the Light of the world!”

Indeed, we are, in fact, heirs to the Kingdom!

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Remnant Disciple

Traditional Catholic; member of Jesus' Remnant Army; leader of a Jesus to Mankind Prayer group since 2010. Prayer group leader for about 25 years.