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Huge numbers attend pro-life rally in Sydney

Last night (Tuesday 20th Aug.) was the day that abhorrent bill to decriminalise abortion was to be debated and decided. They tried to rush it through, but they didn’t expect the fight and the back lash.

In the previous week – parishes throughout the Sydney and Parramatta dioceses were getting ready. Various Christian organizations and lobby groups conducted petitions and letters to Members of Parliament; also submissions regarding the bill itself. Parishes were booking buses for the rally, which was to coincide on the night that members were debating and hoping to pass the bill- after all, its passage through the Lower House was easy (because we had no warning). See the run up to this post at:

People were told to be at Martin Place at 6pm to begin. Parliament House was literally just around the corner. The site of so many people must have scared the MLC (Upper House)  because at the last minute, the Premier had announced that they would delay the debate for 3 weeks to enable more ”community consultation.”

But the MP’s would not have been able to ignore the noise just outside. Within a half hour there was a Right to Life video with the speaker announcing that there were 10,000 people. Bishop Richard Umbers had a video on his facebook, showing a Melkite bishop speaking, as well as Bishop Anthony Fisher.

A Federal MP (Federal Govt. not State) decided to come and give a helping hand.


See Bishop Richard Umbers (facebook listed below) for videos.

Some articles:

“You must fight every law and every argument, which promotes abortion…” 

(Book of Truth 19 January 2013)

Please pray for us and every country which is fighting this battle.











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