Pagan Ritual Symbols: Vatican Gardens: Clarifying the Elements


Most of you will have read about the atrocious ritual on 4th October.

It was billed as a Consecration of the Amazon Synod to St Francis of Assisi. See our posts at:  and also:

There has been heaps of info about these events. But today I thought I would just make a list of all the pagan gestures and symbols that were used. This will lead up to another significant part that has not yet been explained very much. It will make lots of sense to a few – especially Crusaders and those who have read the Book of Truth.



Invoking Mother Earth at the beginning.

Shaking Rattle –  spirits speaking

Woman shaman with hands held up – invoking spirits

Pagan idols presented to FP which he blessed

PF with his eyes closed-seemingly meditating on the event

PF accepts black ring from shaman lady – “tucum ring”

Sign of the Cross – mixing Holy and Catholic with paganism –letting devil in

The Vatican press release actually names the pagan goddess ‘Pachamama’ and describes it as a ceremony to dedicate the Amazon Synod to St Francis. If this is so, as a pagan ceremony, we can expect only evil from this synod.

Shaman lady puts necklace around the pope which he kept on throughout

The “circle” (mandala) –  with idols in middle – common to pagan ceremonies including Hinduism, etc

People in a circle around the mandala bowing in adoration of the idols. As one commentator said – these people do not even kneel for Communion, yet they prostrate themselves before 2 pagan goddesses.

A Franciscan friar is part of the group around the mandala,  joining in.

Pope and bishops are seated and watching (joining in??)

It takes place in the Vatican Garden, which is Sacred Space – I imagine that as part of the Vatican, it is  Consecrated ground.

The ceremony presents a danger to souls from the devils that are invoked.

Just to attend, let alone joining in the ritual is a Mortal sin – against the First Commandment.

The pagan idols are carried into a Church.






The CCC states:

The Catechism confirms, saying: “Before Christ’s second coming the Church must pass through a final trial that will shake the faith of many believersin the form of a religious deception which will be one of apostasy.  (CCC 675)

Prophecies from Book of Truth re Paganism:

        • “…Paganism brings a terrible disquiet and, in lands where the heathen cry out to the false gods, they incur the Wrath of My Father. Many such souls do not understand what they are doing, but recognise them by the ways in which they will adorn their bodies, as they consider themselves sacred vessels in the eyes of the false idols they claim to worship. Love, humility or personal sacrifice for the good of others, will be lacking, for they only worship the senses. They do not understand that their souls are a Gift from God and so they give them away in the pursuit of perfection, which can never be theirs.

During The Warning, I will awaken within these souls the Truth as to Who they belong to. Pray that they will accept My Hand of Mercy. Woe to those Christians who have deserted Me in favour of new age paganism. They are the ones who do not want My Mercy and would prefer to dabble in nonsense, because it feeds their egos when they believe that they have the power to control matters of spirituality. While they seek personal perfection in this way, they cut themselves completely from God. By doing so, they open the door to the evil one, who will seduce and hypnotise them through the appeal of superstitious promises, which lead to their souls becoming barren where the Love of God cannot thrive. …”

See full message at:

        • “Pagans, who shun the Truth, will enter My House where they will be welcomed with open arms.  You will be told that you must show love for all God’s children, to keep silent those who might oppose them.  Very few people will defend Me, Jesus Christ, and those who will dare to object to these blasphemous ceremonies, which will be held on the same altars used to house My Most Holy Eucharist, will be silenced.” (15 November 2014 @ 10:22 am)

See full message at:

        • “You must never insult Me by showing allegiance to false gods placed before Me.The day you pay homage to false gods under My Roof will be the day I will storm My Temple and destroy all within it.  How lukewarm is the faith of some of My servants who strive to impress the populace and seek adulation.  How little respect is shown to Me in My Own House, when everything that I gave you is tossed aside with indifference until, eventually, nothing of Me will remain within My Church.You, My beloved followers and sacred servants who remain true to the Word will have a heavy burden. You will have to suffer the pain and indignity when you will witness the sacrileges, the heresies and practices of the occult…” (15 November 2014 @ 10:22 am)

See full message at:


This is not just a pagan ceremony- although that in itself is diabolical.

There is also some very ominous symbolism. See our next post.


Note: Pachamama (according to Wikipedia): Pachamama is a goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andes. She is also known as the earth/time mother. In Inca mythology, Pachamama is a fertility goddess who presides over planting and harvesting, embodies the mountains, and causes earthquakes. She is also an ever-present and independent deity who has her own self-sufficient and creative power to sustain life on this earth…. Priests sacrifice llamas, cuy (guinea pigs), and elaborate, miniature, burned garments to her. a local name for Mother Nature. …Pachamama is the mother of Inti the sun god and Mama Killa the moon goddess. Pachamama is said to also be the wife of Inti, her son.  Mother Earth – another name for Pachamama

Tucum ring” : a liberation theology symbol.
The tucum ring’s “identifying” function for the public, but above all in the eyes of others committed to Liberation Theology, was stressed by the late Italian Combonian missionary Father João Pedro Baresi, to the magazine Brasil de Fato:
“- What does the tucum ring in your hand mean? – It is the option for the poor. … It is the fidelity to this option. And why do I carry with me? To make it public that I am this. The tucum ring is solidarity with the poor. … When I see this ring on someone, I know he has an equal vision, an equal commitment.”<>


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