Thoughts for the Ninth Day of Christmas: St Joseph


The Saints Teach Us About Christmas: St Joseph

St. Joseph has a pivotal place at Jesus’ birth.

“Christmas is a great reminder of St. Joseph and what he was doing before the birth of Christ,” said Rick Sarkisian, author of Not Your Average Joe and producer of Joseph: The Man Closest to Christ (Ignatius, DVD).He was essentially knocking on doors trying to find a place for the Christ Child. That’s something he’s still doing today — knocking on the doors of our hearts. He’s seeking out a place for his son to dwell within us.”

St. Joseph’s role at Christmas and throughout his life with the Holy Family is certainly one of protection. “He was the protector of Mary, who was about to give birth to the Savior, and he continued to protect them, as a husband and father. He’s a real reminder of our role as a protector of those we know and live with, and those we don’t know very well, protecting [them] not just from physical harm, but the impurities that cascade down on us like heavy rain from the culture, Sarkisian said.

One way to honor St. Joseph is to help someone in need. Since St. Joseph is also a patron saint of housing, Sarkisian suggests offering a nine-day novena to St. Joseph for those in need of shelter, entrusting them to him.


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