Comment on “We Glory in Tribulations” – Living the Faith When Public Worship is Prohibited


“We were just getting ready to have Mass and the priest comes out and says we’re not having mass after all coz the cardinal won’t let us.

So i went outside and howled like a banshee. (Well, i am a ham actor,aren’t I?)
Dear Cardinal,I’m not trying to be a nark and I don’t want people to go down with the virus and I am quite prepared to go without communion at all for a few weeks;

but are you REAL,are you a follower of Jesus Christ or just a jumped-up bureaucrat?

Jesus is my all.

Couldn’t the priest have just stretched a point for today, Friday, commemoration of the Passion, which we are embodying? –
instead of being terrified of you , his boss, who is supposed to be a servant of THE BOSS of the universe?

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