The False Prophet and his post virus plans!


In news reports of the last week Pope Francis said he “dreams of a post-virus world without inequality” while also pushing for a ”universal basic income” along with his new world economy promoted by Jeffrey Sachs. While these may appear to be noble aspirations – ideals which the world may applaud –  in reality they are the aims of atheistic communism now in the throes of eclipsing the entire planet (as was always the goal of Communists): essentially, the destruction of western economy in order to eliminate the middle class. This will then result in a race of subservient slaves to the few wealthy elites and ruling class.
This is what Our Blessed Mother foretold at Fatima: the errors of Russia overtaking every nation of the world. She said that this would occur if Russia is not consecrated to her Immaculate Heart.
Those intent on establishing their own global kingdom, the elitists and their ecclesiastic partners    who have staged this historic shutdown to ultimately manoeuvre the New World Order into position, would have you believe that this consecration happened in 1984.
Don’t be fooled by their lies and misinformation! Sister Lucia never ever confirmed this, despite the assurances of Cardinals Sodano and Bertone (since disgraced), and she was subsequently silenced by the Vatican! Remember, too, these two high-ranking cardinals fooled the world into believing that the Third Secret of Fatima related to the past, not to the future, but rather to St John Paul II’s assassination attempt.

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