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Black Numbers Figures 1942 On Marble Stock Photo (Edit Now) 1021760836Our 1942

And so I solemnly declare to you this day
that I am not responsible for the blood of any of you,
for I did not shrink from proclaiming to you the entire plan of God…
So be vigilant and remember that for three years, night and day,
I unceasingly admonished each of you with tears.
(First Mass readings this week)

HIS army division was to liberate the last of the three concentration camps in Germany.

Charles J. Palmeri was serving with the United States Rainbow Division when a couple of sergeants, who had already been to Dachau, told him what they saw there. But he replied, “This couldn’t happen. Nobody would do that.” The next day, April 29th, 1945, his division entered the camp.

The first thing we saw were about 30 railroad cars just loaded with dead bodies… Then, we got into the camp, and there were bodies piled, naked bodies—men and women and even some children… What disturbed me more than the dead—and the dead did bother me, obviously—were the people who were still alive, wandering around and traumatized… They could hardly walk, and their legs were thinner than rails. Columbia magazine, May 2020, p. 27

Three years before, a foreign Jew known as Moishe the Beadle, was ordered to leave his town of Sighet. Rounded up by Hungarian police into cattle cars, they were taken across the border into Poland. Suddenly, the train stopped.

The Jews were ordered to get off and onto waiting trucks. The trucks headed toward a forest. There everybody was ordered to get out. They were forced to dig huge trenches. When they had finished their work, the men from the Gestapo began theirs. Without passion or haste, they shot their prisoners, who were forced to approach the trench one by one and offer their necks. Infants were tossed into the air and used as targets for the machine guns.Night by Elie Weisel, p. 6

But a wounded Moishe managed to escape, showing up months later in Sighet. Day and night, he warned the villagers that the Germans were coming for all the Jews, and what the Nazis’ intentions were. But few believed him or the stories.

Annihilate an entire people? Wipe out a population dispersed throughout so many nations? So many millions of people! By what means? In the middle of the twentieth century! —p. 8

The Germans finally did come and occupy their town, but even then, the people said this was for “strategic reasons, for political reasons.” The German soldiers said little, were polite and smiled from time to time. One German officer even brought chocolates. The optimists were jubilant: “Well? What did we tell you? …There they are, your Germans. What do you say now? Where is their famous cruelty?” Yes, the Germans were already in town, the Fascists were already in power, the verdict was already out—and the Jews of Sighet were still smiling.

Then one day, the synagogues closed. “Almost every rabbi’s home became a house of prayer,” recounts Wiesel. “We drank, we ate, we sang.” But then, in the blink of an eye, the arrests began. People could not leave their homes. Moishe the Beadle came running to Weisel’s house:

“I warned you,” he shouted. 

Then came the seizure of personal goods; then the yellow stars; then the ghettos… and then, cattle cars. The journey for the Jews of Sighet ended in Auschwitz.



My dear brothers and sisters, for 15 years I have sat at this desk writing you week after week to prepare you for the hour which has now arrived. And not only I: watchmen around the world, often at the cost of their reputations, careers, and relationships, have been warning of the times through which we are now passing. 

If this were 1942, it would be the time of the “Moishies” who are crying out that a true conspiracy against life is unfolding—men like Pope St. John Paul II:

This culture is actively fostered by powerful cultural, economic and political currents which encourage an idea of society excessively concerned with efficiency. Looking at the situation from this point of view, it is possible to speak in a certain sense of a war of the powerful against the weak: a life which would require greater acceptance, love and care is considered useless, or held to be an intolerable burden, and is therefore rejected in one way or another. A person who, because of illness, handicap or, more simply, just by existing, compromises the well-being or life-style of those who are more favoured tends to be looked upon as an enemy to be resisted or eliminated. In this way a kind of “conspiracy against life” is unleashed. Evangelium Vitae,  n. 12

Ah, but “This couldn’t happen. Nobody would do that!”

But the watchmen continue to shout that, this time, the agents of this conspiracy are not in jackboots armed with machine guns, but are politicians, judges, philanthropists and compromised scientists who are carrying out this “war of the powerful.”

A unique responsibility belongs to health-care personnel: doctors, pharmacists, nurses, chaplains, men and women religious, administrators and volunteers. Their profession calls for them to be guardians and servants of human life. In today’s cultural and social context, in which science and the practice of medicine risk losing sight of their inherent ethical dimension, health-care professionals can be strongly tempted at times to become manipulators of life, or even agents of death.Evangelium Vitae, n. 89

“Our pharmaceuticals and vaccines being used to sicken, sterilize or kill us? This couldn’t happen. Nobody would do that!”[1]

But the watchmen continue to cry out, night and day, that there is a reason so many are getting sick, so many are dying: science has lost its soul and medicine its morality.

On this point, scientific research itself seems to be almost exclusively preoccupied with developing products which are ever more simple and effective in suppressing life…Evangelium Vitae, n. 13

“No, you are a crazy conspiracy theorist!” wail the skeptics and fact-checkers. “This couldn’t happen. Nobody would do that.”

But the watchmen stand their ground, maintain their posts, and shout all the louder:

We think of the great powers of the present day, of the anonymous financial interests which turn men into slaves, which are no longer human things, but are an anonymous power which men serve, by which men are tormented and even slaughtered. They are a destructive power, a power that menaces the world. —POPE BENEDICT XVI, Reflection after the reading of the office for the Third Hour this morning in the Synod Aula, Vatican City, October 11, 2010

“What anonymous interests? Secret Societies? Freemasons? The Deep State? Oh please… This couldn’t happen. Nobody would do that.”

And so, as the churches closed, food lines grew, and they forced many to wear masks… as the walls of good science tumbled and plexiglass dividers rose… as social-distancing rules forced neighbours apart and the sick were left to die alone Many simply said, this is for “strategic reasons, medical reasons.” Alas, many homes became houses of prayer. They drank, they ate, they sang. “Soon, it will be all over,” they chimed as they turned on another Netflix rerun.

But the watchmen (who included the voices of ethical scientists and dedicated medical doctors) cried out that quarantining the healthy was neither strategically smart nor medically sound. That the resulting collapse of the economy, disruption of the food chain, and destabilization of nations would have far more devastating consequences.

I am deeply concerned that the social, economic and public health consequences of this near-total meltdown of normal life—schools and businesses closed, gatherings banned—will be long-lasting and calamitous, possibly graver than the direct toll of the virus itself. The stock market will bounce back in time, but many businesses never will. The unemployment, impoverishment and despair likely to result will be public health scourges of the first order. —Dr. David Katz, an American physician and founding director of the Yale University Prevention Research Centre; europost.eu

There is more than meets the eye, the watchmen warned. This was a Pandemic of Control long planned and in the making. The global “philanthropists”, under the veil of “health care”, are actually population control eugenicists.[2] Their funding of research into synthetic pharmaceuticals, genetic modification of food and agricultural, and “climate change” are more about control of the very cornerstones of human life than preserving it.[3]

“This couldn’t happen,” said the brainwashed. “Nobody would do that,” echoed the status quo.

“Oh, yes they would,” said the watchmen. “And they are—with a smile.”

We see how evil wishes to dominate the world and that it is necessary to enter into battle with evil. We see how it does so in so many ways, bloody, with the different forms of violence, but also masked with goodness, and precisely this way, destroying the moral foundations of society. —POPE BENEDICT XVI, May 22, 2012, Vatican City

And so, as the contact tracers armed with smartphones and documentation that could force quarantine, spread throughout the neighbourhoods;[4] as plans for mandatory vaccination and digital ID’s for every person on earth developed on the Internet;[5] as designer masks began popping up on the web and social-distancing reminders on the radio became the norm; as the move toward a cashless society advanced and a 5G network raced into existence that could track every civilian on earth in real-time… the watchmen warned that the plan is no longer hidden. It no longer needs to be. The entire planet, including the Catholic Church, acquiesced without so much as a whimper. Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Banks… all are combining with break-neck speed to implement a New World Order—and boasting about it at every turn.

At this period… the partisans of evil seems to be combining together, and to be struggling with united vehemence, led on or assisted by that strongly organized and widespread association called the Freemasons. No longer making any secret of their purposes, they are now boldly rising up against God Himself. —POPE LEO XIII, Humanum Genus, Encyclical on Freemasonry, n.10, Apri 20thl, 1884

It is Communism with a different hat and painted-on smile. It has simply been waiting in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to emerge.

A great revolution is waiting for us. The crisis doesn’t only make us free to imagine other models, another future, another world. It obliges us to do so. —Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, September 14th, 2009; unnwo.org; cf. The Guardian


Penny Lea recounts the story of a German Christian who lived near the railroad tracks at the time of World War II. He told her that they knew that when the train whistle blew, it would be followed shortly with the cries of Jews packed into cattle cars.

It was so terribly disturbing! We could do nothing to help these poor miserable people, yet their screams tormented us. We knew exactly at what time that whistle would blow, and we decided the only way to keep from being so disturbed by the cries was to start singing our hymns. By the time that train came rumbling past the church yard, we were singing at the top of our voices. If some of the screams reached our ears, we’d just sing a little louder until we could hear them no more. Years have passed and no one talks about it much anymore, but I still hear that train whistle in my sleep. I can still hear them crying out for help. God forgive all of us who called ourselves Christians, yet did nothing to intervene.repentamerica.com/singalittlelouder.html

The truth is that the vast majority want to simply sing a little louder when they’re told about the “conspiracy against life” that is culminating now in our “culture of death” in real time. They can’t believe that there are powerful men who are investing billions to not only reduce population growth, but the actual population itself. They refuse to believe that we are being corralled like cattle into a global governance that will surveil, track, and permit (or not permit) us to participate in society—a system that looks remarkably similar to the reign of an antichrist as described in the thirteenth chapter of Revelation.

“This couldn’t happen. Nobody would do that!”

But both the popes and Heaven have been warning us for years that this is indeed the case. And yet…

…we don’t hear God because we don’t want to be disturbed, and so we remain indifferent to evil…. ‘the sleepiness’ is ours, of those of us who do not want to see the full force of evil and do not want to enter into His Passion. —POPE BENEDICT XVI, Catholic News Agency, Vatican City, Apr 20, 2011, General Audience

The Passion of the Church.[6]

We are now standing in the face of the greatest historical confrontation humanity has gone through… We are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-Church, of the Gospel versus the anti-Gospel, of Christ versus the anti-Christ… It is a trial… of 2,000 years of culture and Christian civilization, with all of its consequences for human dignity, individual rights, human rights and the rights of nations. —Cardinal Karol Wojtyla (JOHN PAUL II ), at the Eucharistic Congress, Philadelphia, PA; August 13, 1976; cf. Catholic Online (confirmed by Deacon Keith Fournier who was in attendance)

Brothers and sisters, the Lord warned me in the recesses of my heart for many years that the “time is short.” But since the worldwide closure of churches earlier this year, I now hear every day:

You are out of time.

I can’t say for certain what this means. Except that this is not a time of “getting back to normal” but a summer of preparation for the definitive “breaking of the seals” of Revelation (see the Timeline). If you’re wondering when those next “box cars” are coming, well, they’re already piling up. The economic collapse that is coming is already being felt with business closures, bankruptcies and mass layoffs. In New York alone, some 100,000 businesses have permanently closed.[7] Boeing just laid off 12,000.[8] Farmers are going bankrupt[9] as unemployment soars.[10] Food shortages, predicted in March, are already being felt around the globe.[11] Locusts in Africa and Asia are now into the second wave and twenty-times worse, putting several nations at risk of famine.

The world will not get a chance to breathe anymore. The ferocity of crises are increasing, and they’re not going to be spaced out. —Sunita Narain of New Delhi’s Center for Science and Environment; Associated Press

[12] In the West, a third of Americans now show signs of clinical anxiety.[13]Some hospitals are beginning to report that there are more suicides due to COVID-19 quarantining than deaths from the actual virus.[14] Catholic Churches are continuing to be suppressed with fewer privileges than restaurants and casinos.[15] And the war drums between China and America are getting louder.[16]

Where is all of this going? The following message, allegedly from Our Lady to the seer Gisella Cardia in Italy, is consistent with the prophetic consensus of the past century or more, and that of many living seers today as well as my writings here:

My beloved, thank you for being united in prayer and for having listened to my call in your hearts. Soon, very soon, the Illumination [the Warning] will come, which will put you in a state of ecstasy* that will last around 15 minutes; behold, the sky will turn a fiery red—you will then hear a very loud roar, but do not fear, because this will be the announcement that the Son of God is about to arrive.** My beloved children, these are the times when the Antichrist is about to make his entrance. Later on I will give you other instructions. Beloved children, do not pray only in order to ask [for things], but also in order to thank my Son Jesus for your peace and your lives. I love you, children, I will always be next to you. Remember that after the quiet the Storm will come. Pray for the powerful so that God would have mercy on them. Pray for the Church and for priests. Now I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. May 26th, 2020; go to countdowntothekingdom.com to read the footnotes *

How soon? I don’t know. But clearly, events are unfolding at an incredible pace now—the closer we get to the Eye of the Storm. Gisella is not the only seer saying that the Warning is “very soon” (I have heard two others, one privately, and another one ..). That said, this seems to be Our 1942… the moment of denial, beginning of chaos, and state control before the appearance of a false savior.

…if we study but a moment the signs of the present time, the menacing symptoms of our political situation and revolutions, as well as the progress of civilization and the increasing advance of evil, corresponding to the progress of civilization and the discoveries in the material order, we cannot fail to foresee the proximity of the coming of the man of sin, and of the days of desolation foretold by Christ.  — Fr. Charles Arminjon (1824-1885), The End of the Present World and the Mysteries of the Future Life, p. 58; Sophia Institute Press

This trial, though, will be short, according to Scripture.[17] Then will come Our 1945: the moment of liberation when the face of the earth will be renewed and the memories of these days of sorrow, social-distancing, dehumanizing, and destruction will begin to fade.

…it will be men themselves who will provoke the imminent conflict, and it will be I Myself who will destroy the forces of evil to draw good from all this, and it will be the Mother, most holy Mary, who will crush the head of the serpent, thus beginning a new era of peace; IT WILL BE THE ADVENT OF MY KINGDOM UPON EARTH. It will be the return of the Holy Ghost for a new Pentecost. It will be my merciful love that will defeat Satan’s hatred. It will be truth and justice that will prevail over heresy and over injustice; it will be the light that will put to flight the darkness of hell. —Jesus to Fr. Ottavio Michelini, a priest, mystic, and member of the Papal Court of Pope St. Paul VI; December 9, 1976; countdowntothekingdom.com

Dear children! Pray with me for a new life for all of you. In your hearts, little children, you know what needs to be changed. Return to God and His Commandments, so that the Holy Spirit may change your lives and the face of this earth, which is in need of renewal in the spirit. Little children, be prayer for all those who do not pray; be joy for all those who do not see the way out; be carriers of light in the darkness of this peaceless time. Pray and seek the help and protection of the saints so that you also could yearn for Heaven and Heavenly realities. I am with you and am protecting and blessing all of you with my motherly blessing. Thank you for having responded to my call. —Our Lady of Medjugorje to Marija, May 25th, 2020; countdowntothekingdom.com


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