JtM Crusade Prayer Meeting (via zoom) 11th June, 2020


Prayer Theme: Core  prayers plus Suffering and Persecution Prayers

Bible Reading: Wisdom of Ben Sirach 16: 24

Book of Truth: 20th Match 2012

Editor: As always, the guidance of the Holy Spirit was evident in the readings. The Bible reading was all about God’s Wisdom. This is reflected in the reading chosen in the Book of Truth. The reading seems so appropriate at this time: many phrases stand out – “being pushed aside and forced to keep silent”; “teachings of a liar”; “false pope”; and ” brave sacred servants, who will recognize the false prophet for what he is”. Most of all, the fact that the schism seems close and Jesus using the words “Do not fear, as I Am bestowing Graces of wisdom...” – words which echo the theme of the Bible Reading. The warning is for us to prepare and be ready.

( All readings are opened by different individuals randomly after a prayer by the whole group to the Holy Spirit)

Bible Reading

Wisdom of Ben Sirach 16:24

Divine Wisdom Seen in Creation

24 Listen to me, my son, and take my advice, and apply your mind to my words,
25 While I pour out my spirit by measure and impart knowledge with care.
26 When at the first God created his works and, as he made them, assigned their tasks,
27 He arranged for all time what they were to do, their domains from generation to generation. They were not to go hungry or grow weary, or ever cease from their tasks.
28 Never does a single one crowd its neighbor,or do any ever disobey his word.
29 Then the Lord looked upon the earth,and filled it with his blessings.
30 Its surface he covered with every kind of living creature which must return into it again.

Reading from the Book of Truth

The time for the schism in the Church is almost here and you must get prepared now

20 March 2012 @ 9:20pm

My dearly beloved daughter, I wish to embrace all of My disciples and followers everywhere in My Arms at this moment.

I need your comfort, children. I need your consolation in My suffering, as I cry tears for My Church on Earth.

So far removed have some of My sacred servants become, that many do not believe in My Second Coming.

Those priests, bishops and cardinals who do believe are being pushed aside and forced to keep silent.

How I weep for these poor, precious disciples of Mine who have pledged their lives to Me and to the spreading of My Teachings to humanity.

Soon they will have to watch what they say about My Holy Word, for they will be forced to proclaim the teachings of a liar, whose soul does not come from the Light.

Unite, My children, My beloved priests and all those who love Me, now and help Me to save souls.To do this you must not waste one moment. You must tell others of the Great Glory that lies ahead for each and every one of you at My Second Coming.

This Great and Glorious Event will be the moment when you will finally unite with Me, your precious Jesus, Who loves you all so much.

You, My beloved followers, must remain on your guard at all times.

You will be tempted to forsake Me, to denounce My True Teachings and be forced to honour and obey the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

So many poor souls will not only fall under the spell of the false pope – the false prophet, foretold so long ago – but he will have you believe that he has divine powers.

Children the time for the schism in the Church is almost here and you must get prepared now.

United as one. The Rosary binding the remnant army together.

Join together as one.

Hold onto each other.

Protect each other and pray for those who will follow the wrong path and pay homage to the false prophet.

Much prayer is needed, but if you do as I tell you, you can save souls.

You, My precious followers, will form the Remnant Church on Earth and will be led by those brave sacred servants, who will recognise the false prophet for what he is.

Do not fear, as I Am bestowing Graces of wisdom, calm and discernment on each of you who ask Me to do so with this prayer:

O Jesus, help me to see the Truth of Your Holy Word, at all times, and remain loyal to Your Teachings, no matter how much I Am forced to reject You.

Stand up now and be brave, all of you, for I will never forsake you.

I will walk with you the thorny road and lead you safely to the Gates of the New Paradise.

All you have to do is trust in Me completely.

Your beloved Saviour

Jesus Christ

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