“Democracy will be replaced with dictatorships”: The Power of the Elite


Democracy or Dictatorships: The power of the elite.

It seems to me that our democratic societies have become dictatorships.

It all started with a virus, it seems.

Actually that’s not true. It started way back.

For years governments everywhere have been enacting laws that we didn’t even know existed. For example, or state of Victoria, is now in Stage 4 of lockdown with military and police going door to door, police stopping you in your cars. You can’t go more than 5kms from home, and that’s only for shopping once a day by one member of the household. The army??? Apparently there was a law (state of disaster/emergency) that enabled this. We all thought that this would just be for natural disasters such as the recent bushfires, or floods, etc.

The laws are extreme! How could this possibly happen? Read about Victoria here: https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/victoria-is-in-a-state-of-disaster-what-does-that-mean-and-what-are-the-rules-now-20200803-p55i12.html

The argument is that they are protecting us from a deadly virus, but Sweden (I read somewhere) has not put in place any of the measures we have – lockdowns etc – and they are no worse off, and their economies have not been affected.

The answers are all in the Book of Truth.

Jesus warned us well in advance. In January of 2013,  before the False Prophet was elected, Jesus warned us.

“…Look in front of you and behind you. Look carefully at seemingly innocent new laws introduced into your countries designed to make you feel as if they are to improve your lives. Many of them are simply to enslave you by getting you to sign away your rights under what appear to be democratic laws.

Democracy will be replaced with dictatorships, yet they will not be presented to nations as such. When millions have signed away all their rights, in the name of new tolerant laws, it will be too late. You will become prisoners.

The main leaders in the world are working together to bring their new plans about. They are part of the elite whose goal is greed, wealth, control and power. They do not accept the Power of God. They do not believe My Death on the Cross was to save them from the fires of Hell.”( https://missionofsalvation.com/message-0608/)

“…The evil acts of war and the abolition of your rights, brought about to control the way in which your countries are run, will soon come about. …” ( 20 Jan 2013) https://missionofsalvation.com/message-0679

In 2013, we would never have dreamed that this could happen – so quietly, so covertly. But God the Father always warns His children when they are threatened. There are lots of Old Testament prophets that prove this. In fact, Jesus began warning us about this – you just have to read Matthew 24 and 25, also Revelation and some of the Epistles. Then we have all of Our Lady’s prophecies and some saints ( sorry, I keep saying this, but some people don’t yet see it) – all of which have been ignored. Well God doesn’t give up on us. He has sent one last prophet. The 5 volumes of the Book of Truth tell us all we need to know, so that we can prepare.

So many of these prophecies have already been fulfilled, and many more are in the process of being fulfilled. Jesus has told us that after the Warning, everything in the Book of Truth will have been fulfilled. Just check out some of these on our website – check the menu on the Home page.

A warning about Vaccines

“…The global vaccination I told you about in 2010 will soon be witnessed….” (3 Oct. 2014) https://missionofsalvation.com/message-1228/

We all know now that this scenario is quite probable. It hasn’t happened yet, but it is quite probable that there will be “trials”, using poorer countries. This has been documented previously in countries such as India and Africa. It shows the control and power that Jesus spoke about in reference to the elite.

I received this email from Crusader Chris, which is an example of this very thing. The content suggests that it is a trial, for the supposed vaccines that have not yet been released .

A Catholic friend in Phoenix, who has friends in Guatemala, has text me asking for prayers for the people of this little nation which is on the southern border of Mexico.

I’ll quote the message sent to me:

‘”Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates and this huge medical company (John Hopkins group) are swarming their country with diseased vaccinations which are mandatory. With those vaccinations people are getting sick – no-one was sick before – and they are with the president this whole week and controlling him and telling him what to do with his country.….They are beginning to starve them because of the forced lockdowns and no trade or deliveries..”

Her Guatemalan friend told her, “They knock on people’s doors, come into their homes and give every single person in the household a forced vaccination, and now there are so many people dying whereas months ago no-one was sick at all.” Furthermore the population has a weekday curfew, they must be home by 6 pm until next morning 5 am or be imprisoned and fined. Weekends they are not allowed to go out of their homes at all!’

Please keep the Guatemalan people in your prayers”

On Aug. 3, Bp. Gracida on his blog published an article by By Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum. entitled:


Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, is the  Founder of Mission Possible World Health Intl

Read her article here:    https://abyssum.org/

This validates what Jesus told us in the Book of Truth about the vaccines killing people.

God loves all His children. We must do our part as faithful followers of Jesus Christ to help spread the word, and to form an army who use the weapons of Prayer and the Holy Rosary to defeat the enemy.



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