A simple letter from a priest created a tidal wave of protest!


When it comes to standing up for our Faith, we must take every opportunity to fight. It is amazing what a simple letter can do.

It helps to have a well-known Catholic journalist  working in one of the major newspapers (The Daily Telegraph – Miranda Devine). Recent events regarding the proposed changes to the RE Curriculum in Parramatta diocese (Sydney) were also posted today in an article by Life Site News.

“Australian diocese to teach kids LGBT studies, gender fluidity, atheism in new religion class”
Critics are calling the new curriculum a ‘Trojan horse to smuggle in a leftist political agenda.’

See the article here:


Below is the series of events which led to this.

      1. Events re Fr. Warren
      2.  Catholic Teacher Symposium
      3.  Letter to Daily Telegraph by Fr. Rizzo
      4. Fr Rizzo’s interview  by  “Catholic Lives Matter”
      5. Letter from Fr O’Neill in support of Fr Rizzo
      6. Lay Advocacy Group relating to St Patrick’s Cathedral and Bishop Long.

In the beginning (2019):

The story starts with Fr Warren Edwards who was mentioned by Fr Bossini (former Parish Priest of Parramatta Cathedral parish) in his whistleblower letter to the laity.   Fr Edwards was bullied when he fought for control of the religious education teaching of Santa Sophia Collegewhich should be under the control of the parish priest.  Greg Whitby made Sancta Sophia independent from the parish priest.  You see, Catholic Schools pastoral and religious education should be under the control of the parish priest.
This is the topic Fr O’Niell brought up in defence of Fr Rizzo in his letter to the Daily Telegraph.(see more info below)
It is interesting to note that both Fr Warren Edwards and Fr Bob Bossini have been removed form their parishes unjustly by this bishop.

Catholic Teacher Symposium:

This is outlined below in a letter by Bernadette of a lay advocacy group which formed to fight not only this, but other injustices in this diocese.


In 2019, Greg Whitby and Bishop Long invited all Catholic School teachers to a symposium at Rosehills Racecourse.  However, both did not attend and went overseas. They send two openly gay priests to conduct the symposium.  Attached are the topics.  (Synodus Epsicoporum. 3 pages.)
Attached also is the copy of the Draft of the New Curriculum.  I know it seems only page 55 -56 is worrying but with the indoctrination of the Catholic school teachers makes the whole curriculum tainted from the true Catholic teaching
Fr Rizzo and Fr O’  Neil (Doonside) have responded to this.  Let’s pray more priests and bishops come out to support these two priests who are courageous enough to speak out. Yesterday 27 August, Thursday, Fr Rizzo was called to Bishop Long’s office at 3 pm.  Fr Rizzo said the meeting went well. 
(Editor’s note re last statement: It was reported that Fr. Rizzo had been “silenced”, but it wouldn’t worry him because his work had been done  – i.e. getting parents on the offensive and making them aware of the details.)

Note the new curriculum focusses on the following aspects of the curriculum document:  

“respecting sexual identities”: This is problematic because it implies more than two sexual identities and that we are required to respect whatever identity a person chooses for themself. It is not about teaching objective Catholic teaching on sexuality but allowing students to subjectively determine for themselves their sexual identity and require others to affirm that choice.
Is sexual identity nature or nurture?This allows open-ended discussion to conclude that it is both and hence allow students to nurture their own identity independent of biology.
Is sexuality optional? This allows open-ended discussion to conclude that sexuality is optional and we all have the option to choose our own sexual identity independent of biology.
Is Church teaching relevant? This will allow the discussion to conclude that Church teaching on sexuality is no longer relevant and it needs to change to be in tune with the times. That is, surrender to the tenets of the sexual revolution.
How does social media construct sexual identity? This, again, implies that sexual identity is merely a social construct and all students are hence free to construct or reconstruct their own sexual identity.
How is sexuality a journey of infinite exploration? If sexuality is a journey of exploration, then the implication is that students are free to embark on their own journey of sexual exploration and come to whatever conclusions they wish to independent of their biology.
Flourishing:This word implies that we can only truly flourish if we are allowed to explore our sexuality and form our own personal identity.
With the indoctrination for years by Greg Whitby and the Bishop of the Catholic School teachers, this curriculum is dangerous to our Church and Children.
After Mass yesterday, I went to see Bishop Long.  I introduced myself and reminded him that I have registered to mail my petition for Transparency and Accountability which he received on 7 July.  I asked him why he kept refusing my request for an appointment.   He gave me a spiel that there is a process. I reminded him that he cannot remain silent, more and more things are coming out and I have not been disrespectful to him in my approach or my correspondence.  I mentioned we have a daily zoom The Laity Advocacy Prayer Group and we are praying for him 2x a day. I said God loves Him and he may be surrounded by bad people so he should speak to me us as we are here to strengthen the church and assist in fraternal correction if necessary.
We need prayers.  Greg Whitby, Geoff Officer and sadly Bishop Long (if he refuses to handle or is incapable of handling the powerful vicars and employees) have to go.  This is not a sin if it is to save souls and defend the teaching of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  
Kind regards,


Fr Rizzo’s Letter to the newspaper after the release of the Curriculum:

A letter from Fr John Rizzo, a priest of the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta, to the Daily Telegraph
“Regarding the plans of the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta in instituting “a radical shake-up of the religious curriculum, I respond in the following way: If I were a Catholic parent and a salesman came to my door wanting to sell me material about “gender identity,” I would tell him of the TWO identities, male and female. If he wanted to sell me on “atheism being another faith,” I would tell him that atheism involves a LACK OF FAITH.
Perhaps at this point he would say that I am suffering from “boredom of religion!”
As a Catholic priest in the Diocese of Parramatta, I kindly remind the Catholic Education Office of Parramatta of their crucial responsibility in teaching their students of the importance of the 10 Commandments; likewise the Catholic teachings of morality, especially in regards to the Church’s teachings on proper relationships, marriage between a man and a woman; abstinence before marriage; the evils of pornography; the love of purity; the avoidance of homosexuality. Oops, am I boring you??
If the Catholic Education Office does not want to live up to this God-given responsibility, than I kindly ask Bishop Vincent Long to terminate the Catholic Education Office and replace it with people who are faithful to ALL the teachings of the Catholic Church in Her faith and morals!!
Catholic faithful are sick and tired of politically correct agendas being thrown at the innocence of their children.
Oh Mary conceived without sin , pray for us who have recourse to you.”
Fr. John Rizzo, Diocese of Parramatta”

Fr Rizzo’s interview on “Catholic Lives Matter”


As a result of this letter and his interview, Fr Rizzo was called into  the bishop’s Office on 27th August at 3pm.

The news of this was only released  on the morning of the 27th, but with help of Social Media there was an army of people praying the Rosary and Chaplet at 3pm for him. We found out this morning the result. He has been silenced, but it is not the first time. He was not concerned because he had done what he set out to do : make parents aware of what this Curriculum is all about.

His simple letter began  with a ripple, but it had developed into a tidal swell.

Catholic Journalist’s articles in the Daily Telegraph.

  • “Miranda Devine: Catholic schools sell out scripture for sex ed

Miranda Devine       The Daily Telegraph    


Fr O’Neill’s letter  in defence of Fr Rizzo in his letter to the Daily Telegraph:

Dear Sir
re article on Parramatta Schools
More power to the arm of Fr. Rizzo. What the Catholic Education Office needs to know is that they do not have authority over Parish Schools: that belongs to the Parish Priest. It would be interesting for this matter to be raised before The Sacred Congregation for Clergy in the Vatican. I am Parish Priest of St. John Vianney’s Doonside, Parramatta Diocese, coming here in 1983. My first and happy task was to establish a primary school. It was my decision in obedience to the Church’s universal Code of Canon Law, CN. 776, not to an instruction from the CEO, which did not exist here at that time – the Diocese was not cut off from Sydney until 1986. The bishop of this diocese, so I hear, has required that this very faulty RE programme be used in this diocese. The bishop needs to know that he has not the authority to place a bureau above the authority of the Parish Priest.
I have forbidden the use of this RE programme in this parish school and have so instructed the school authorities. I am very much prepared to make this public before the congregations at Mass. Just in case anyone is surprised, or even shocked at these arguments in our Church, they should bone up on their Church History, starting with reading the Letters of St. Paul. Christ said to His Apostles, his first priests: “Go, teach all nations;” He did not tel them: “Go, found bureaus!”
Fr. John W. O’Neill, PP, STB, MASA

Headline in Parramatta Outlook (Diocesan news site) re New Curriculum:

“Catholic schools across Western Sydney are changing the way students learn about faith.

The Draft New Curriculum is a response to the “signs of the times” as well as the needs of local students and school communities. It has been developed based on the big questions students themselves ask about life, identity and belonging. The final version of the new curriculum will be launched in Term 2, 2021.

Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta Executive Director Greg Whitby has confidence in this up-to-date approach to learning and teaching.

“We’ll meet students and their families where they are, give them a voice and empower them to explore faith through participation and dialogue,” Greg said.

This new approach aims to nurture young people so they might help to build a more compassionate and caring society through being thoughtful, intelligent, reasonable and responsible.

“We’re aiming to educate the whole person and empower our young people to discover a full and meaningful life” Monica said. “It is a call to action to use their learning to make a difference in the lives of others.”

Consultant Theologian Professor Anthony Maher highlights the relevant and inspirational nature of the new curriculum, and said that its “purpose is to bring about the flourishing of our young people.”   …”


Screen shot re comments on FB on new Curriculum :
(being managed by Laity Advocacy Group)

“Your comments and suggestions to the diocese on the Facebook link are being deleted, despite the comments being respectful.
If anyone can take screen shots of all the comments, send them through to me”



Comment from an email parishioner friend:

“From the Curriculum “God loves me for who I am”

That is a very dangerous statement. It implies that each person is his/her own god…the capital sin of pride.

This also runs counter to A’Kempis: “The more humble and obedient to God a man is, the more wisw and at peace he will be in all that he does.”


Synodus Episcoporum

Curriculum v4 (3)

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