Happy Birthday, Dearest Mother!


Full of Grace

Ark of the Covenant

Morning Star
Mother of God

Help of Christians
                              Cause of our Joy
Queen of Angels

The Memorare

Remember, O Most Loving Virgin Mary,
That never was it known in any age –
that anyone who implored thy help,
fled to thy protection,
or sought thy intercession, was abandoned.
Inspired with confidence, therefor, I fly to thee
O Virgin of Virgins my Mother.
To thee do I come,
Before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful!
Do not, O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise my prayers
But graciously hear and grant them. Amen.

Prayer written by St John Bosco:

O Mary, powerful Virgin, Thou art the mighty and glorious protector of the Church; Thou art the marvellousHelp of Christians’;
Thou art terrible as an army in battle array; Thou alone hast destroyed every heresy in the whole world. In the midst of our struggles, our anguish, and our distress, defend us from the power of the enemy and at the hour of death, receive our souls into Paradise. Amen.

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Remnant Disciple

Traditional Catholic; member of Jesus' Remnant Army; leader of a Jesus to Mankind Prayer group since 2010. Prayer group leader for about 25 years.