How the Lodge manipulates Christians


This is all about deceit and manipulation. Christians today are experiencing the biggest deceit in History. This applies to worldly, as well as spiritual things.
This year we have seen things we never thought we would see – our economies, our freedoms, the Church being dictated to, paganism in the Vatican. More importantly, during the last 7 years we have heard many, many strange ideas that are contrary to the faith, yet coming from the person who sits on the Chair of Peter! It connects Marxism to the Vatican.This article explains the aims of ‘The Lodge”, and how these are being achieved by directly targeting Christ and His Church. We can’t fall asleep, we must “Stay awake” as Jesus commanded us.

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by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The express purpose of the Masonic Lodge is threefold: first, to destroy Christendom; second to restore the paganism of the ancient world; third, to prepare this word to adore the Antichrist.

To achieve this goal the Lodge has long studied and practiced the arts of deceit and manipulation.

To lie is to manipulate intellectually. Because to lie is to use what appears to be truth to lead someone to do what is not in accord with truth. And manipulation is to use some external means to cause an individual to do that which they would  not otherwise do.

To manipulate those who have compassion for the poor, they invented Marxism. Marx was, if you read your history, financed and supported by Engels, who was an English Freemason.

To manipulate those who see the need for defense against foreign threats, they invented nationalism.

Each concept is something…

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