“An Army of Prayer Groups”


No-one can deny that these are perilous times.

A time when our God-given freedoms and free will are taken away from us.

This is a Spiritual Battle between the forces of Good and Evil.

Prayer is a lethal weapon that we can use in this battle. We are Jesus’ Prayer Warriors, his Remnant Army.

Jesus tells us :

  • “…it must be known that I wish to form an army of Prayer Groups around the world. I will provide you, My army, with Prayers that will need to be recited to save souls. These Prayer Groups will expand and within its ranks will rise a veritable army of devoted followers to bring forth the Truth of My Divine Promise of Salvation for all.

These Groups will form the army as dictated by My beloved Father, which will tackle the darkness of evil caused by Satan and his believers and followers…

The hatred they feel is so deep that they will try to form an elite army to destroy millions of lives on Earth. In their pursuit of power and wealth, they will aim to clear the way for their own needs and desire to control mankind.

…This powerful army, led by the deceiver, will attempt to cause terrible destruction.

Meanwhile, children, you must stand up and do not allow your nations to be bullied.

Pray for My protection and keep your lives simple. Pray and receive the Sacraments. Ask for My help in all things and I will respond to your pleas according to My Most Holy Will.

Pray, pray, pray to mitigate the evil plans to control the world, which this wicked group is plotting. …”(Book of Truth: 23 October 2011 @ 7:15pm)

  • My dearly beloved daughter, My Remnant Army has gathered in great numbers and is scattered in every part of the world.( June 17, 2014 @ 10:23pm)
  • All things will now be according to the Holy Will of God and I ask that you use prayer as your greatest armour, as the battle for God’s children will intensify.( 27 April  2014 @ 11:20pm)
  • God’s Army – the Remnant – will grow and spread and the Crusade Prayers will provide great strength to all. My Son will intervene and carry you through the challenges, which lie ahead and you will know that it will be His Power that will give you courage and perseverance. For only the strong amongst you will remain true to the Holy Word of God, but even if the Remnant Army is but a fraction of the size of the army of the beast, God will fill it with the power of a lion. He will strengthen the weak and give them great Graces. He will weaken the power of those who will become devotees of the antichrist. ( 27 April  2014 @ 11:20pm)


Indeed, there are now (since 2011) prayer groups all over the world, and together we form part of the Remnant Army. Our job is to pray and spread the Truth of God’s Word in a world which is being overcome by evil.  Any Christian who is faithful to God’s Word and His Truth, can be part of the Remnant.

Join with us in prayer as we must be as one in fighting the enemy. If God is for us, who can be against?

We can all feel the persecution and the hate around us.

God has always throughout History, given us prophets to guide His people when they are threatened. This is one of those times. In fact it is the time that even Jesus and His Apostles warned us against, as written in the Holy Bible. We do not know what the 5 weeks (see Daily Prayer Campaign below) signify, but it is so important, that He wants us all praying as hard as we can, particularly at 3o’clock – the time of Divine Mercy – when He died on the Cross for our Salvation.(The Hour of Mercy)


Daily Prayer Campaign

We have been asked by Jesus to pray the “Daily Prayer Campaign” in union with other Remnant Army members all around the world.

The specific intentions requested by Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Daily Prayer Campaign are:

  • Mitigate the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic AND “all that will follow it”.
  • Also we are asked to pray for the Salvation of Souls

The time period was specified:

It is to commence on 10th November.

Pray it each day for 5 weeks (i.e. ending on 14th December

  1. We should pray each day, beginning at 3o’clock:

The minimum we should pray –

                • the 3 O’Clock Prayer,
                • the Divine Mercy Chaplet,
                • as well as the Daily Core Prayers.

The daily Core prayers can be prayed via video – (15 minutes) https://jtmglobal.network/2020/11/04/daily-prayer-campaign/

If you are not registered on above site, the daily Core prayers are:

  • Our Father
  • Prayer to Michael the Archangel 
  • Seal of the Living God – Crusade Prayer 33
  • Plenary Indulgence for Absolution – Crusade Prayer 24
  • To Bless and Protect our Crusade Prayer Group – Crusade Prayer 96
  • My Gift to Jesus to Save Souls – Crusade Prayer 1
  • Prayer to Avert War, Famine & Religious Persecution – Crusade Prayer 30
  • A Pledge of Allegiance to the Divine Will – Crusade 59
  • Prayer from God the Father to accept his Divine Will – Crusade Prayer 69
  • For two billion lost souls – Crusade Prayer 79
  • To sustain faith and belief in God’s Message for the world – Crusade Prayer 102
  • Free this soul from slavery to the beast – Crusade Prayer 104
  • To consecrate your children to Jesus Christ – Crusade Prayer 111
  • For the gift of conversion – Crusade Prayer 115
  • For the gift of love – Crusade Prayer 129
  • To protect the mission of salvation – Crusade Prayer 143
  • For protection of Mission of Salvation – Crusade Prayer155
  • Protect me from the one world religion – Crusade Prayer 158
  • Prayer for peace of nations – Crusade Prayer 164
  1. If you can, after the above, pray the Holy Rosary as well as 33 other Crusade Prayers of your choice.

Some of our suggestions for the 33 prayers -(prayers for protection, persecution, the Anti-christ):

 2 ,6, 10, 14, 18, 20,  23, 27, 31, 70, 74,

75, 81, 87, 91, 97, 99, 103, 108, 113, 121,122,

126, 130, 132, 136, 139,  140, 141, 146,  162, 163, 167.

For ease of praying extra prayers, playlists of audio prayers can be found on Soundcloud, ready to listen to and pray along at any time.

Here is one example of a selection of Crusade Prayers, grouped by the theme of “Protection”. As there are only 22   Prayers in this group, you would have to also search for at least 11 more from the Salvation of Souls group:

God greatly blesses and repays 100-fold all efforts made to serve Him as best you can, in this, His Mission of Salvation. +++

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