Saving Souls in the time of Apostasy


Good advice here for all of us. Our mission at this time is to help save souls – our own, those of our priests and bishops and those of our enemies., to do this, we need spiritual help, for we are God’s remnant, God’s foot soldiers. Good advice here for all of us. Many are still in denial, and not accepting what they hear and see. The whole world needs to pray – continuously!

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The Statue of Saint Michael the Archangel, at the top of the Castello San Angelo, Rome (click for image credits).

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Today I want to confront and address the most urgent and crucial problem for the lay Catholic: the problem of apostasy among the clergy of one’s own local area.

This problem is crucial because without the Church we cannot be saved. And thus without Catholic Clergy we cannot have the sacraments and guidance we need to be saved.

I know of this problem first hand, since I am not a priest, nor do I have any particular talent at convincing priests of anything.

What I say here is for those of you who do not know your local priest well, or who are going to attempt to speak to a priest whom you do not know. For those of you who have a close friendship with…

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