A Church which abandons Apostolic Discipline is not Christ’s


Amoris Laetita was cleverly placed into the Magisterium, through the back door via a letter. To claim that Souls don’t go to hell , that they just cease to be; and numerous blasphemies against Mary … this is not, and can never be Christ’s Church. The Remnant Church -is where the faithful and the clergy stand by all of Christ’s teachings. – where they are not twisted, or bent or taken out of context to suit this “new” society. Pope Benedict is the Guardian of the Remnant Church.


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by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It has to be said, not because it has not been said, but because there are so many faithless heretical catholic talking heads out there who pretend and present themselves as faithful Catholics. Invariably they are laymen and more often than not sporting the beards of men while they promote effeminacy in the Faith.

So I will say it.

A Church which abandons Apostolic Discipline is not Christ’s Church. Christ’s Church keeps that discipline, which Christ gave Her to preserve Her. The others will have the Gates of Hell prevail over them.

And indeed, abandoning Apostolic Discipline is surrender to Satan.

Of what discipline do we need to speak?

The discipline of refusing the Sacraments of the living, to those who are dead: the Sacraments of Marriage, Ordination, Baptism and and Holy Communion. And of shunning those who by their public life and reputation certify that…

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