“…I invite you, your family and friends to join in My Kingdom…”


Jesus to Mankind Crusade Prayer meeting on Thurs. 22nd July, 2021

(Due to lock-down, we could only meet through technology. Sadly, this meant some could not join us.)

Prayer Theme: Discipleship (Groups A & E).

Bible: Psalm 39

Book of Truth:  27th March 2013. Volume 3.

Thoughts: The Old testament reading mirrors and reflects how we are feeling in these times – we are weary, aware of our enemies, our unworthiness, and our sinfulness. We are experience the reality that God is our only hope. We ask God to listen to our prayer. They are the feelings of disciples that are trying to be faithful, but aware of their frailty. The Reading from  the Book of Truth is a joyful response for  the disciples who follow faithfully. Jesus tells us what we must do to attain this. He reassures us that the reward will be great!!

Bible Reading


Psalm 39

2 I said, “I will watch my ways,

lest I sin with my tongue; I will keep a muzzle on my mouth.”

3 Mute and silent before the wicked,

I refrain from good things. But my sorrow increases;

4 my heart smolders within me. In my sighing a fire blazes up,

and I break into speech:

5 LORD, let me know my end, the number of my days,

that I may learn how frail I am.

6 To be sure, you establish the expanse of my days;

indeed, my life is as nothing before you. Every man is but a breath.

7 Man goes about as a mere phantom;

they hurry about, although in vain; he heaps up stores without knowing for whom.

8 And now, LORD, for what do I wait? You are my only hope.
9 From all my sins deliver me; let me not be the taunt of fools.
10 I am silent and do not open my mouth

because you are the one who did this.

11 Take your plague away from me; I am ravaged by the touch of your hand.
12 You chastise man with rebukes for sin;

like a moth you consume his treasures. Every man is but a breath.

13 Listen to my prayer, LORD, hear my cry;

do not be deaf to my weeping! For I am with you like a foreigner, a refugee, like my ancestors.

14 Turn your gaze from me, that I may smile before I depart to be no more.

Reading from the Book of Truth

Bookj of TRuth 5 volumesYour transition from this earth into My New Kingdom will be painless, instant and will be so sudden that you will barely be able to take a breath

27 March 2013 @ 11:15pm; Message 0743

My dearly beloved daughter, come all of you and join with Me in remembrance of the day when you were given the great Gift of Redemption.

Good Friday must be remembered as the day when the Gates of Paradise were finally opened to welcome God’s children from their exile from Him. My death secured for you a future you would never have, had My Father not sent Me as the Messiah.

My Body was crucified but My death brought you life. In this, the time for My Second Coming, My Body will endure the same Crucifixion – only this time it will be My Church, My Mystical Body, which will suffer.  You must know that I would never allow the crucifixion of My Church to destroy the faith of God’s children. So now, I call on every person, every creed, every colour and every race to listen to Me.

You will soon experience all the signs on earth, which will prove to you that you are the Creation of God.  You will know soon that you will never die if you call out to God’s Mercy.The future for all of you, who accept that you are a cherished child of God, is bright. I invite you, your family and friends to join in My Kingdom and eat from My Table.

new heavens and a new earth

Your transition from this earth into My New Kingdom will be painless, instant and will be so sudden that you will barely be able to take a breath before its beauty is revealed to you. Please do not fear My Second Coming, if you love God. God loves you. I love you. The Holy Trinity will embrace the earth and all those, who accept My Hand of Mercy and who show remorse for their sinful lives, will be safe.

The strong in faith, amongst you, will be taken swiftly. The time for those who lag behind, lacking in faith and who find it impossible to reach out to Me, will be longer.

imageshack-share-photos-pictures-free-image-hosting-free-video-hosting-image-hosting-video-hosting-photo-image-hosting-site-video-hosting-siteYou, My faithful followers will have to help the weak and those who are lost. My Mercy is so great that I will give all those souls the time needed to take them into the eternal life I have promised all. Never feel downhearted when all seems hopeless, as sin continues to devour the souls of the weak. We must work, in union, to save those who are so far removed from Me that very little will entice them into My Arms.  Through your love for each other, miracles will be used to convert those lost souls. This is My Promise to you. Prayer, and much of it, will be part of your duty to Me to save those souls from the terrible end, which is being planned by Satan against God’s children who he detests. He must not be given these souls.

My Call is for everyone. These Messages do not exclude any religion. Instead they are given to each child of God with great Love, as you are all equal in His Eyes.

Be at peace and trust in the Love of God.

Your Jesus

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