“…His throne has been stolen. His power has not…” (On “Traditionis Custodes”)


A personal story

“God’s timing is always perfect.” This is something one of my children told me, after she had suffered many years of many trials and tribulations. Our prayers were endless and lasted years. In the end, the love of God always triumphs!

In recent weeks, there has been much to say about the FP’s latest motu proprio. It took everyone unawares. In one quick swoop of the pen, he effectually undid all that Pope Benedict had achieved since his Summorum Pontificum. We knew that there could be trouble, but what eventuated was not expected, and it was not warranted.

2 popesThe traditional Mass seemed to have found a new springtime. There are many, many vocations. The Masses are filled with young people and young families. Many good, sincere Catholics, who love their Faith, do not understand and cannot comprehend it. In the last 12 months, we have seen a huge influx of people who could not find Masses in the constrained (govt. induced) situation. Many churches did not have log-in facilities, some churches sent out emails, but many missed out. They found the Latin Mass mostly by word of mouth…and guess what… they stayed!

I myself am a child of both forms of the Mass. The first 20 years of my life were before  Vatican II and the changes that ensued. That was okay, I adapted easily. We trusted our priests and bishops. The next 30 years were in the N.O rite. By 1998, I began to feel the pressure. – some things just didn’t feel right. You see the new Mass in 1970 just kept changing. One Sunday, (at a Mass for children) when children were asked to come up onto the altar at the Consecration and hold the chalice and ciborium, I was shocked! Granted, this probably did not happen again, but I could not fathom how this could actually happen? I began searching – I attended Maronite and Melkite Masses. I wanted a Mass where there were no errors. I found the Latin Mass by co-incidence (more truly by God-incidence). The first time I attended the Latin Mass again, made me feel right at home. – as if I had never left. So I have been back now for 20 years. My children and grandchildren love it.

Having said all that, there are still many, good faithful priests, who are very devout in saying the N.O. Mass. We even have one parish that still has Communion rails and all people receive on the tongue. People who have been brought up all their lives in the new Mass as it is today, have not experienced the old. In fact, there is still another “new” Mass in the wings. It will be announced soon in the future.

I was alarmed, and I think most Catholics (of either rite) were surprised, to say the least, when Pope Benedict’s Motu Proprio was almost competely dismissed. It was obvious that the “Mass of all ages”  was no longer wanted. It seems to somehow be a threat to this pope of ‘accompaniment’.

Cardinal Zen speaks out

In an article entitled “Traditionis Custodes issued to humiliate Pope Benedict XVI”, Cardinal Zen asks: “why don’t they go to Mass anymore?” He claims that half of the Christian population in Europe no longer believe in the Real Presence or in Eternal Life anymore. He asks, “Hasn’t formation in the faith perhaps been lacking?” and “Hasn’t the great work of the Council perhaps been wasted?” He concludes, wondering why the lords of the Vatican couldn’t simply wait for the death of Ratzinger rather than humiliating him in this way.

 Read the entire article at: https://www.fromrome.info/2021/07/21/cardinal-zen-traditionis-custodes-issued-to-humiliate-pope-benedict-xvi/

Pope Benedict responds to “Traditionis Custodes”.

In an article posted on 27th July, 2021, Pope Benedict is quoted where he speaks very strongly about the errors and where our allegiance should lie. (See extract from article below):

“…The Holy Father criticizes the leaders of the Church and Church institutions in Germany, faulting them for acting without any inner or spiritual cohesion with the Church, the Gospel or Her teaching through the ages. He urges the Faithful to remain faithful to the spirit of the Church and not to the unfaithful leaders of the Church of today. His position is not far from that of the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebrve, which is why this talk is causing a earthquake here in Rome and throughout Europe.

Pope Benedict XVI is putting his finger on the loss of faith in modern times. And giving sound guidance for the faithful to stop obeying faithless leaders and resist them.

But the Holy Father goes much further. In a succinct German phrase, he distinguishes between those who hold “ecclesiastical offices” and those who are in communion with the Church spiritually. And He tells the faithful to remain in communion with the latter NOT the former. …

Read the entire article here:


The Book of Truth tells us:

lightening bolt Vatican


On the very day that Bergoglio took the throne (12 months to the day after Jesus had warned that our dear pope would be ‘ousted’ ) Jesus gave us the following message:                                                 


13 March 2013 @ 9:20pm; Message 0728

“My dearly beloved daughter, I have been condemned to death for the second time. The insult of the ruling in Rome, which you witnessed today, cuts Me in two.

When I stood before My executioners, accused of heresy and of daring to speak the Truth, My apostles ran away and were nowhere to be found. Those who followed Me and accepted My Teachings betrayed Me when My Word was challenged by those in authority. They began to lose trust in Me and they began to doubt Me.

Some of My followers believed the crimes of heresy, of which I was accused, and that they were justified.   So powerful were My accusers – men in high places, dressed in exotic robes and who walked and talked with a sense of real authority that few doubted them.

I was probed, challenged, sneered at, belittled, ridiculed and mocked for speaking the Truth. People fell before these rulers – men with mighty voices and whose authority was never questioned. My Voice became like a whisper in the midst of the roars of My accusers.

“Heretic” – they shouted. They said I spoke with an evil tongue, that I blasphemed against God and that I wanted to destroy their church. And so, they murdered Me in cold blood.

It will be no different when I try to make My Voice known now, when I attempt to warn all God’s children about events, which I spoke to you, My daughter, for the last couple of years. My Word will be treated with contempt. My Word will be questioned. Doubts will creep in and, once again, My apostles will run away and leave Me to the wolves.



Make no mistake, the Truth has been revealed to you. I have told you, My followers, how you will be deceived. This will be very difficult for you because you will question this imposter who sits in My Father’s House.

My beloved Pope Benedict XVI was persecuted and fled, as foretold. I have not appointed this person, who claims to come in My Name.

Pray For Pope Benedict 1He, Pope Benedict, will guide My followers towards the Truth. I have not deserted him and I will hold him close to My Heart and give him the comfort he needs at this terrible time.

His throne has been stolen. His power has not.

Your Jesus”


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