Are the Prophecies True? 28. Division


Prophecies:    Bookj of TRuth 5 volumes

 A message from our blessed Mother :

    • “…This is a time when no division must be allowed to create barriers amongst those who follow the Teachings of my Son. When there is division, there is distraction. This stops the flow of prayer and delays you in helping to save souls.

A Loving God would not generate conflict or cause a rift. To slander another in the Name of God is a sin in my Father’s Eyes. When you do this you offend my Son who has always said that you must love one another as brother and sister…

Many events foretold are now about to be seen in the world. There is no time for division amongst those who honour my Son. Soon, divisions will be forced upon Christians. This is why united you will become a strong army; worthy to proclaim the Word of God.

Divided, you will be sucked into a vacuum where pagan laws will be forced upon your Church. When you cause division, there can be no unity. Only those strong of faith, united within the Heart of my Son, will forge ahead in my Son’s army.  (29 November 2012 @ 3:20pm; Message 0625)

Messages from Jesus

    • “…It is not the collapse of the Catholic Church, which will soon become evident, which will divide the world. It will be their involvement in the creation of a New World Church, a one-world religion, which will introduce paganism and idolatry. …

You must remain united and, if you are Catholic, continue to attend daily Masses and Holy Communion. For all Christians you must know that, you too, will be lured into the New World Religion, plotted by nations who are in league with the traitors of My Catholic Church. They wish to create a secular, humanistic, façade – a façade, which masks the evil it will promote, subtly….” (13 February 2013 @ 11:20am; Message 0704)

    • “…God is love, and when love is present in the world, there is greater harmony and peace. The opposite to love is hatred, which comes from the devil. If you allow hatred to fill your hearts, it will fester inside you and grow like a cancer until it devours you. Hatred destroys lives and creates terrible divisions. It poisons your soul. It creates deep unhappiness in the souls of those who have allowed it to dictate every action they take …” (27 November 2014 @ 7:50pm; Message 1276)
    • “…Satan, and every demon he has sent to destroy humanity, has created much division in the world. They are trying to bring nations and communities into dispute with one another. Terrorist attacks will become more rampant, but the most serious sign will be in the form of the persecution of Christians. Never before will Christians be demeaned – their right to religious freedom curtailed and their right to remain true to the Word be violated – as they will be now….” (21 May 2014 @ 8:40pm; Message 1130)
    • “…When I told you of the great division in My Church, I did not tell you how this would happen. So hear Me now. Just as the priests during My time on earth rejected My Holy Word, so too will the priests just before My Second Coming reject Me. Not only will they reject My Word, given to you, My daughter, but they will accept the changes, which will be forced upon them. Their sacred gifts will be rendered impotent, as soon as, they accept the blasphemies and the new rules presented to them. 

You know the Truth. It has been fed to you, as Christians. So when you see that God’s Commandments and My Teachings are being re-written, and My Holy Sacraments changed, then you must turn your backs Do not allow lies to frighten you, rather be frightened for those who accept these new evil acts and laws, purported to be from Me and who fail to understand the Truth….” (18 February 2013 @ 6:00pm; Message 0709)

Prophecies fulfilled / in process of being fulfilled:

divisionDivision is mentioned in the Book of Truth many times.

In the excerpts (above) we can see how division in the world and division in the Church are inter-related:

  • It is mentioned in relation to the schism, and to the establishment of a new church (N.W.C.) with new teachings which will be accompanied by paganism..
  • Jesus refers to division in the world, and in communities, as well as division in the church.
  • He also explains how hatred causes division;
  •  how division will be forced upon Christians.
  • How division stops the flow of prayer
  • If we are divided, we will be sucked in to a vacuum where pagan laws will be forced upon our Churches
  • Division in the Church is also caused by Priests who will accept the changes forced upon them, instead of fighting them
  • It is the involvement of the Catholic Church in the creation of a New World Church, which will divide the world.


There is still much to happen in the world and in the Church. We have seen much division caused in the world already and the impact of this:

The introduction of an illness, which politicians used as an opportunity to impose tyrannical laws on their nations:

ChurchClosed1-1500x926we are closed

  • Where they isolated and locked down communities, dividing families;  where people are not allowed to leave their homes or to be united with their faith or church communities
  • This caused great hardship through loss of income and employment;
  • Which in the long term has caused “hatred” of our leaders and their laws – which is shown in protest marches and the anger shown therein.
  • It has also caused fear and hatred of people- especially between people whose views are not the same in regard to information and government policies. Some people go so far as to say that those who don’t agree with… can go and ‘rot in their graves’, be ‘denied medical treatment’ or ‘get what they deserve’.
  • Where police use violent and rough tactics to detain, arrest, harass and subdue people
  • Where police and military march the streets
  • Where helicopters are used to fly over communities to ensure obedience
  • Where bishops demand priests obey the mandated rules and have closed churches for extended periods of time
  • Where the use of Holy Water and even ashes (on Ash Wednesday), is prohibited
  • Where no singing is allowed during worship services
  • Where only a limited number of people are allowed into the Church
  • Where people must be seated at 1.5 metre intervals
  • Where police come to check and hand out huge fines to our priests and pastors
  • Compulsory wearing of masks, initially just for adults, now even primary aged school children; this causing divisions too where non-mask wearers or those exempt due to medical conditions, are harrassed and stigmatised- relegated to the back seats in church or not allowed in
  • The division of believers by segregating those who receive communion in the hand from those who receive communion on the tongue, by banning the latter practice at first and later by mandating that they go last in the line. Also by turning away believers who could not or will not register online, who have not a ‘seat’; including at times the elderly who have no recourse to technology to be able to do so.
  • The elimination of social inter-action (children who cannot go to school) and all must work from home – and all the difficulties (physical and psychological) this causes for adults and children
  • The increase in suicides and mental health issues because government policy disregards all other forms of health as less important.

It has come to the point where neighbours “dob” on each other and “snitch”(word used by a previous Prime Minister  – Tony Abbott)  when people are seen  not wearing a mask while going for a walk, coming to a church ( for Confession) or when a family member/s drops by to visit. 

Sadly, there has also been division caused within families, due to the above, or due to vaccination beliefs, choices or status. For example, where friends and family and/or community members have said that they do not want someone visiting, or to even stand next to them in the shop, as long as they have or maintain a particular status. Even church members have said that they don’t want to worship beside certain people, of certain status. Note that this is regardless of whether a person is healthy and well.

The division caused by mandated vaccinations, which has caused people to fear each other. (Both physically and in the social realm).

People who have lost their jobs or cannot attend work, because they choose not to be vaccinated – teachers, nurses, tradespersons (builders, plumbers etc) volunteers. This creates a divide between otherwise healthy, equally accomplished, skilled workers.

Many vaccinated people who have told their (sometimes lifelong) friends, that they are not welcome in their home if they are not vaccinated.

Divided families – Vaccinated Versus the Unvaccinated

Businesses who have been told that all their employees must be vaccinated to remain in their job, with the result that many do not want to accept this mandate.

Only vaccinated people will enjoy many benefits of society – e.g. eating in restaurants, pubs, clubs, concerts, sports events, childrens’ sport and social events/gatherings, child care for pre-school children. It has even been suggested for public train and bus travel!  (Apartheid!!!) My daughter cannot attend her friends’ weddings. Will all the Sacraments actually be denied to those who choose not to?

Impact of secular laws on the Church

Some bishop are telling their priests that they should be vaccinated in order to be able to perform their ministries efficiently.

Bishops with different conclusions as to whether these vaccines are morally acceptable. Therefore division over moral principles.

Governments have mandated that churches will only be open to the vaccinated.

As a result, some priests have told people that only vaccinated people will be welcome in their church (when they eventually reopen), although many have said that they cannot accept this stance. And the law is trying to mandate this too, creating a two-tiered society.

Parish priests, are concerned with the threat of large fines/arrest, if they do not obey the mandate that churches are only for the vaccinated.

No singing at all in Church services (not even a small choir at a distance from the congregation).

Example of Govt. tyranny and its inter-relationship with Church matters:

Kerry ChantWe have these long 1 hour Press conferences each day with the State govt leader, and the Health advisor and sometimes the Health Minister/ and/or the Police Chief. A week ago, Dr Kerry Chant (Health advisor) stated in her speech that they still weren’t sure how the “tracking apps” they were using, would work in the “New World Order”. She said it without any hesitation or forethought. So there we have it -the purpose of it all. Not just division and subjugation but full control.

Prophecy fulfilled (in a nutshell):

Division in the world = Division in Church

Quotes from Book of Truth re ‘division’: (blue indicates the world cause and red indicates its effect on the Church)

  • no division must be allowed to create barriers amongst those who follow the Teachings of my Son.”
  • “divisions will be forced upon Christians”
  • “Divided, you will be sucked into a vacuum where pagan laws will be forced upon your Church”
  • “divide the world creation of a New World Church, a one-world religion…”
  • “Satan, … has created much division in the world. They are trying to bring nations and communities into dispute with one another. Terrorist attacks will become more rampant, but the most serious sign will be in the form of the persecution of Christians”
  • “So when you see that God’s Commandments and My Teachings are being re-written, and My Holy Sacraments changed, then you must turn your backs” (these are being rewritten because of the world – divorced and remarried, LGBT…)
  • “Division… stops the flow of prayer”
  • “When you cause division there can be no unity”



Our God-given free will is being snatched away from us.  Our consciences are being violated. We are being compromised by fear.

Lord, grant us courage and fortitude! Protect us from evil! Open our eyes to the Truth. And open our hearts to love.

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