Our Lady and her Victories is needed now – more than ever!


Today is the Feast of our Lady of the Rosary, originally our Lady of Victory.

The Pope at the time extended this feast to the universal Church, in response to the Victory at Lepanto, which was to protect Europe from Moslem invasion . Christians were drastically outnumbered and had no chance of survival.

The victory occurred on October 7, 1571. Pope Pius V ordered monasteries and convents and all the people to pray the rosary, and it was prayed on every ship. They were hugely outnumbered. They had only 200 ships, but a huge storm arose and destroyed the other ships.

A detail, which I especially like – I forget where I read this – but at the moment of victory, (remember no tv’s or radios or telegraph…) the Pope turned to the people from his window and announced the Victory!!

The Victory of the Rosary at Lepanto

The TFP –http://www.tfp.org(Tradition, Family, Property) celebrated it by a few articles explaining these events. Even if you already know about these battles, read the articles below – there will be lots of details you may not be familiar with.

Click on the titles below to read the articles:

How Our Lady Granted Victory at Lepanto

Statue of the Blessed Virgin Present at the Battle of Lepanto has Been Found

The Rosary Defeats God’s Enemies

There have, however been many Victories, worldwide,  of the Rosary.

  • 1683 Vienna Austria – armies of Europe prayed the Rosary as they marched
  • 1716 Peterwardsein Hungary – people prayed Rosary and Prince Eugene of Savoy led Christian armies to victory
  • 1945 Hiroshima Japan – priest and 7 others survived nuclear bomb blast at ground zero. Scientists could not explain it. Fr H Schiffer S.J said “In that house we were living the message of Fatima”
  • 1955 Austria –facing threat of communist takeover, everyday for 7 years people prayed the Rosary. Then the communists withdrew without a reason.
  • 1966 Brazil and Portugal 1975:averted communist rule. A woman named
  • Dona Amelia Bastos formed a group (campaign of Women for Democracy).
  • 20,000 women reciting the Rosary in Belo Horizonte broke up leftist meeting.
  • And 600,000 women praying the rosary in Sao Paulo stopped Communist revolution in Brazil.


  • Soldier in Afghanistan

Guardsman Glenn Hockton realized his Rosary beads had fallen off his neck. When he bent down to look for them, he realized he was standing with an exposive device between his feet. The Rosary beads
had saved his life.

He was wearing the beads because his great-grandfather had been saved 65 years earlier when he bent to pick up the Rosary from the ground just as a bomb exploded, resulting in 6 members of his platoon being killed.
For this reason, Guardsman Hockton’s mother bought the Rosary beads for him and had them blessed before he went to Afghanistan.


Today, Christianity, and indeed, all of humanity is under threat again. The enemy is huge. The battle is between darkness and light- between Satan and Christ. Only the Rosary can save us. Indeed, at Fatima, we were told that in the end, Mary’s Immaculate Heart will triumph.

We must join with Mary, who leads us in the battle, to fight for her Son.

See the message below:

The Book of Truth and the RosaryMother of Salvation: I will work closely with my beloved Son, Jesus Christ, in His final act to salvage humanity

6 July 2014 @ 2:25pm

My child, my time as the Mother of Salvation, when I will work closely with my beloved Son, Jesus Christ, in His final act to salvage humanity has been firmly established. 

I will, as and from this day forward, do all that is required of me to respond to Him as He intervenes in the affairs of the world to reveal His Mercy. 

The road to salvation is a very difficult one, as it is never easy to open the eyes of the blind to the Truth. There is nothing more frustrating to witness than those poor souls who cannot see because they refuse to. Man’s stubbornness is a great barrier and because of this great acts of prayer and sacrifice are required by all those who are blessed with the Light of God in their hearts. It will be your generosity of free will, as you bring my Son the gift He desires, which will enable the Holy Spirit to descend upon those souls who are in great need of my Son’s Mercy.

It can be a great challenge to proclaim the Truth, by your faith alone. But while many people are loyal to my Son they do not have the gift of insight. Blind faith in God is a great Gift and is given to those who are tender of heart and devoid of ego. Rise therefore, dear children, and prepare for the great battle for souls. It will be the greatest task even for the strongest amongst you. Allow me, your Mother, to guide you in the times ahead, for I am your Advocate and Jesus Christ has given me great Graces so that I will be able to take you with me along the path to great glory. 

Go in peace to love and serve God. For those who follow Him, as little children, every Protection will be accorded to you.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation


Mother of Salvation: When you say my Rosary you can help save your nation

5 February 2012 @ 1:15pm; Message 0329

My child, I call on all of my children to pray for unity in the world at this time.

Belief in my Son is disappearing and my children are being left with barren souls.

I am your Immaculate Heart and through the love I have for my precious Son, Jesus Christ, will work with Him closely to save humanity.

By praying for me to intercede, I will beg my Father, God the Most High, to keep His Hand of Justice from the severe punishment He will pour down on the Earth, to stop wickedness from spreading.

I will help you, children, to become closer to my Son’s Heart. When we work together, my children, we can avert disasters worldwide.

Never forget the importance of my Most Holy Rosary, because when you say it every day, you can help save your nation. Satan’s power is weakened when you say my Rosary. He runs away in great pain and becomes powerless. It is most important, no matter what Christian faith you belong to, to say this at least once a day.

So many people do not accept me, their Blessed Mother.

Like my Son, I am rejected, scorned, insulted and demeaned. Yet, by asking for my help, I can bring souls right to the Sacred Heart of my Son, Jesus Christ.

My Son, Jesus Christ, is your Saviour, children, and He will never reject sinners no matter how blackened your souls are.

If you feel sorry for having offended Him, just call out to me, your loving Mother and I will take you by the hand to Him.

My Son is preparing to come to bring all His children together so you can all join with Him in the New Paradise on Earth. Only pure and humble souls can enter.

You must start your preparations now. Start by reciting my Holy Rosary.

So important is this Prayer that it must now become a Crusade Prayer, in its own right.

Crusade Prayer (26) Pray the Rosary to save your nation  *

Feel the peace, children, when you meditate on my Rosary.

As the Graces are poured over you, after reciting it, you will then know that the deceiver has moved away from you and in its place will come love. Love comes from my Eternal Father.

When you feel love in your hearts, you will know that you are winning the battle to defeat the evil one.

Your beloved Queen of the Angels

Mother of Salvation




O Virgin MARY, grant that the recitation of thy Rosary may be for me each day, in the midst of my manifold duties, a bond of unity in my actions, a tribute of filial piety, a sweet refreshment, an encouragement to walk
joyfully along the path of duty.

Grant, above all, O Virgin MARY, that the study of thy fifteen mysteries may form in my soul, little by little, a luminous atmosphere, pure, strengthening and fragrant, which may penetrate my understanding, my will, my heart, my memory, my imagination, my whole being. So shall I acquire the habit of praying while I work, without the aid of formal prayers, by interior acts of admiration and of supplication, or by aspirations of love.

I ask this of thee, O Queen of the Holy Rosary, through St. Dominic, thy son of predilection, the renowned preacher of thy mysteries, and the faithful imitator of thy virtues. Amen.

Queen of the most holy Rosary, pray for us!

Our Lady, Help of Christians, pray for us!









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