“You must remain true to the Gift of the Holy Eucharist even when you are told that It is no longer relevant”


Jesus to Mankind Crusade Prayer Meeting on Thurs. 28th  Oct. 2021

Prayer Theme: Protection (Groups A&C)

Bible: Psalm 94

Book of Truth: 2 August, 2013



I comment quite often on the readings we open up during our prayer group. I have mentioned this before – that all the readings are chosen at random. When it is time for the readings,we pick a person or a volunteer to open up the Bible and also a volume of the Book of Truth. when the person has the book in their hand, we say a prayer to the Holy Spirit, then the person opens up the book and reads where their eyes fall on the page. The theme of the Prayers are chronological.

As a result of all this we are quite often filled with wonder at what we read. This is because we know that Jesus is with us at every prayer group. It is in a real sense, not just an abstract thought or theory. He is there to help us. We were told in a message from the Mother of Salvation on the 5th Feb. 2013:

For each Prayer Group set up, to recite the Crusade Prayers, a special  Grace will be given to you by my precious Son. He is present in every  group and He will make you aware of this. You will feel His Love and  then you will witness the fruits, as they will pour forth and spread His Most Holy Word.”

Well this happened again today. The readings were all about protection. The first reading was very appropriate to the here and now; The second reading seemed to apply to priests and was a warning to them ( and us) about changes to the Eucharist and the new world religion.

In fact we all know that this present synod will make all the changes necessary to bring in the New World Religion.

Bible Reading:

LORD, avenging God,avenging God, shine forth!
2 Rise up, O judge of the earth; give the proud what they deserve!
3 How long, LORD, shall the wicked, how long shall the wicked glory?
4 How long will they mouth haughty speeches, go on boasting, all these evildoers?
5 They crush your people,LORD,torment your very own.
6 They kill the widow and alien;the orphan they murder.
7 They say, “The LORD does not see; the God of Jacob takes no notice.

8 Understand, you stupid people! You fools, when will you be wise?
9 Does the one who shaped the ear not hear? The one who formed the eye not see?
10 Does the one who guides nations not rebuke? The one who teaches man not have knowledge?
11 The LORD knows the plans of man; they are like a fleeting breath.


12 Blessed the one whom you guide, LORD,
whom you teach by your instruction,
13 To give rest from evil days,
while a pit is being dug for the wicked.
14 For the LORD will not forsake his people,
nor abandon his inheritance.

15 Judgment shall again be just,
and all the upright of heart will follow it.

16 Who will rise up for me against the wicked? Who will stand up for me against evildoers?
17 If the LORD were not my help, I would long have been silent in the grave.
18 When I say, “My foot is slipping,” your mercy, LORD, holds me up.
19 When cares increase within me, your comfort gives me joy.

20 Can unjust judges be your allies,
those who create burdens by decree,
21 Those who conspire against the just
and condemn the innocent to death?
22 No, the LORD is my secure height,
my God, my rock of refuge,
23 Who will turn back their evil upon them
and destroy them for their wickedness.
Surely the LORD our God will destroy them!

Reading from the Book of Truth

Mother of Salvation: Soon you will be asked to give out a substitute for the Holy Eucharist, which will not be the Body of my Son.

2 August 2013 @ 3:10pm; Message 0863
My child, I stand before my Son, at this time, and fall on my face at His Feet in great sorrow. Just as I had to witness His Agony at the foot of His Cross, during His terrifying Crucifixion, I now have to endure His Pain once again.

My Son’s Crucifixion is taking place again as His Body, His Mystical Body, which is His Church on Earth, has to endure a scourging by His own. They, the enemies within His Church, will scourge His Body, tear It apart, mock Him cruelly and desecrate It, before they throw It aside. My Son’s Church is now to be scourged, during what will be the first stage of His Crucifixion on Earth in these times. They will take His Body – through the Holy Eucharist – and insult Him as well as degrade Him. Many signs will be seen of this, as every disrespectful and devious gesture will be made, in order to curse Him. When they have vilified His Most Holy Eucharist, they will then throw It away and soon It will be very difficult to receive It. This is just one of the many plans underway to wipe out my Son’s Presence in the Holy Mass.

Many will see these wicked gestures and know that they are insulting to my Son. Many will protest, but their voices will not be heard. To those poor priests, who will suffer because of this desecration, you must ask me, your Mother, to help you endure such pain. You must never ever tamper with the Holy Eucharist, for It is your only Food of Salvation. Without It, you will starve. It must always be made available to every single one of God’s children. You must never accept that any other kind of bread is the Food of Life.

Soon you will be asked to give out a substitute for the Holy Eucharist, which will not be the Body of my Son. You must remain true to the Gift of the Holy Eucharist even when you are told that It is no longer relevant – no longer acceptable in the new world religion.

Your Mother in Christ

Mother of Salvation


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