“The Great Renewal” Vs “The Great Reset”


We are all familiar with terms such as the New World Order ( including one World Religion and One World Government),These terms are old and have become too familiar in our mindset. They have lost their edge and have a negative connotation in those who have eyes that see. The powers that be (Klaus Schwab), have a new term – ‘The Great Reset”. They have tried to convince us with their joyful sounding propaganda and it seems to be intertwined with the effects of the Cv on society and its economic structure: “You will own nothing, and you will be happy”. The evil one is cunning – he is the Father of lies. We know the outcome. The Book of Revelation tells us what it is.

The term – “the Great Reset” – is meant to counteract the fear that has been instilled into us, and reassure us of the lack of worry that awaits us – we will be taken care of, and own nothing. It seemed a strange phrase at first, but Satan is just a copy cat.

Jesus, Son of God, had an answer to this before the term was even coined. He called it “The Great Renewal”. Jesus describes it in the message below. He tells us the signs that will signal its coming; the preparation and the eagerness and joy that awaits us when will join with Jesus in union with God the Father  “for the beginning of the new world and the Glorious Era promised to you since the beginning “.
Read the message below from Book of Truth.

+++++++++++++The sky will be darkened for three days, immediately before I return

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014 @ 08:50   Message no. 1124

“My dearly beloved daughter, it is My greatest joy to witness My beloved followers, who have responded to My Call to recite the Crusade Prayers, which through the Power of the Holy Spirit will salvage billions of souls.
I will use the Crusade Prayers to renew and cleanse the souls of humanity, at the same time, as I renew the face of the Earth. The great renewal will be completed, all at the same time, so that the world will be ready and made worthy to receive Me, Jesus Christ, as the returning Saviour.

Just like nations who welcome royalty, much preparation will be needed before the king lays foot on their lands. You would never allow a visiting king to arrive when everything is in disarray, decay or where streets are lined with filth. Representatives of such countries will, therefore, ensure that they are dressed and prepared properly to meet the visiting dignitaries. They will have gone to considerable trouble to prepare a great welcome and they will have chosen representatives, who they deem to be worthy, to welcome the visiting king. Finally, they will prepare a great ceremony to celebrate the arrival of the king and on the great day will line the streets and sing great praise. They will lavish accolades upon the visiting monarch and his entourage. So will it be on the Great Day of the Lord, when I, Jesus Christ, come to judge.
I will arrive suddenly to the sound of trumpets and the sweet sound of the Choir of Angels. The sky will be darkened for three days, immediately before I return. Then it will be alight in a multitude of colours, never seen by man before. I will be visible to every man, woman and child, of every age, and there will be great shock, but also great excitement.

People will not believe their eyes and many will be struck dumb – others will cry tears of relief and joy. Many will be unprepared and will find the event to be so overwhelming that they will spill tears of sadness, for they will know in their hearts how they rejected the True Messiah and how unworthy they are to enter My Kingdom. But I say to these people now. On that Day, you must call out to Me and ask Me to forgive you. Then you too will be gathered into My New Kingdom.

Just as any visiting king, I ask those among you, who love Me, to prepare for this Great Day. Trust in Me, prepare your souls, pray for the salvation of all souls and come dressed, ready, waiting – just as a bride awaits the groom. On that Day, you, God’s children, will join with Me as one in Holy Union with My Father for the beginning of the new world and the Glorious Era promised to you since the beginning.
Be at peace. Prepare with a love and simplicity of heart for this Great Day. Do not fear it. Welcome it.

Even if you are in great darkness, I will take you into My Light. All you need do is to hold out your arms to Me and I will embrace you as Mine.
Your Jesus”


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