“The Masonic plan to defile My House, will now become clear to all who know the Truth.”

Jesus to Mankind Crusade Prayer Meeting on Thurs. 30 Dec. 2021

Prayer Theme: Special Graces (Groups A&D)

Bible: Nehemiah 3: 33 – 38; 4: 1-17

Book of Truth: 29th March, 2013

Thoughts: The lesson in the Bible reading spoke of the wall around Jerusalem being burned and breached, reduced to rubble, and the enemy expected that it would be impossible to rebuild. But the dedicated Jews worked day and night and made progress.  So the enemy hatched another plan to attack,  but the Jews, from all around, came to pre-warn them of every attack. Therefore, they set up a watch day and night, in family groups, with a weapon always at their side.

This is a blue print for us today. The walls of our “holy city” have been breached. They have reigned a terrible blow on the Holy Mass in its expression using theTraditional Latin Rite. There are many faithful continually working to regroup and rebuild, so the Faith is protected and passed on. The enemy does not let up but neither should we! See the article I read this afternoon which echoes this call:

The Only Way We Will Lose This War is if We Stop Fighting

We have many faithful pre-warning us and fighting with us – bishops, priests and orthodox Catholic Media. They are our watchmen. In the mean time, we gather in groups – family, prayer, church and worship groups – and we have our weapons always with us, close at hand – our Rosary beads, our Sacramentals, etc.

 Nehemiah tells us “wherever you hear the trumpet sound, join us there; our God will fight with us.”


Bible Reading

Nehemiah 3: 33-38 (Opposition from Judah’s Enemies.)

33 When Sanballat heard that we were rebuilding the wall, he became angry and very much incensed. He ridiculed the Jews,
34 saying in the presence of his associates and the troops of Samaria: “What are these miserable Jews trying to do? Will they complete their restoration in a single day? Will they recover these stones, burnt as they are, from the heaps of dust?”
35 Tobiah the Ammonite was beside him, and he said: “Whatever they are building—if a fox attacks it, it will breach their wall of stones!”
36 Hear, our God, how we were mocked! Turn back their reproach upon their own heads and deliver them up as plunder in a land of captivity!
37 Do not hide their crime and do not let their sin be blotted out in your sight, for they insulted the builders to their faces!
38 We, however, continued to build the wall, and soon it was completed up to half its height. The people worked enthusiastically.
Nehemiah 4: 1-17
When Sanballat, Tobiah, the Arabs, the Ammonites, and the Ashdodites heard that the restoration of the walls of Jerusalem was progressing—for the gaps were beginning to be closed up—they became extremely angry.
They all plotted together to come and fight against Jerusalem and to throw us into confusion.
3 We prayed to our God and posted a watch against them day and night for fear of what they might do.
4 Meanwhile the Judahites were saying:

“Slackened is the bearers’ strength, there is no end to the rubbish; Never will we be able to rebuild the wall.”

5 Our enemies thought,Before they are aware of it or see us, we will come into their midst, kill them, and put an end to the work.” 6 When the Jews who lived near them had come to us from one place after another, and had told us ten times over that they were about to attack us,

7 I stationed guards down below, behind the wall, near the exposed points, assigning them by family groups with their swords, spears, and bows.
8 I made an inspection, then addressed these words to the nobles, the magistrates, and the rest of the people: “Do not fear them! Keep in mind the LORD, who is great and to be feared, and fight for your kindred, your sons and daughters, your wives and your homes.”
9 When our enemies realized that we had been warned and that God had upset their plan, we all went back, each to our own task at the wall.
10 From that time on, however, only half my work force took a hand in the work, while the other half, armed with spears, bucklers, bows, and breastplates, stood guard behind the whole house of Judah
11 as they rebuilt the wall. The load carriers, too, were armed; each worked with one hand and held a weapon with the other.
12 Every builder, while working, had a sword tied at his side.A trumpeter stood beside me,
13 for I had said to the nobles, the magistrates, and the rest of the people: “Our work is scattered and extensive, and we are widely separated from one another along the wall;
14 wherever you hear the trumpet sound, join us there; our God will fight with us.”
15 Thus we went on with the work, half with spears in hand, from daybreak till the stars came out.
16 At the same time I told the people to spend the nights inside Jerusalem, each with an attendant, so that they might serve as a guard by night and a working force by day.
17 Neither I, nor my kindred, nor any of my attendants, nor any of the bodyguard that accompanied me took off our clothes; everyone kept a weapon at hand.

Reading from the Book of Truth

Soon My Beloved Pope Benedict will guide God’s children from his place of exile.

29 March 2013 @ 8:45am; Message 0746

Message # 2 on Good Friday

My dearly beloved daughter, history will be made today. As My Passion is being commemorated it will, in truth, represent the Crucifixion of the Catholic Church.

On the days leading up to My betrayal in My Time on earth, the priests of the day fought every way they could to try and prove that I was guilty of heresy.

They took what I had taughtthe Word of Godand twisted it. The rumours they then spread contained lies and they said that I was trying to pull people away from the True Teachings of the Church.  They preached in the Temples to warn people to keep away from Me, lest they offend the high priests. They were warned that if they continued to spread My Messages they would be cast out, like lepers, from the Holy Temple. In some cases, my disciples were told that they would suffer physical punishment and that they would be arrested.

While they blasphemed against the Holy Spirit – they denied that I spoke the Truth and said that My Word was from Satan – they continued to worship God in the Temples. Dressed in the robes of Kings, they fought for their place upon the altar in the Temple. All lowly servants were made to stand for hours while they sat on the chairs, which were designed for Kings. The altar was so full of the leaders in the Church that the ordinary people were confused. They were obliged to pay homage to God by being forced to honour the highest ranking servants of God.  The high priests, demanded respect from those who attended the Temple.  They displayed all the outward signs of the love and humility, which was expected of them, and yet, they dressed and behaved as masters in My Father’s House, instead of the servants they were meant to be.

People were afraid of offending the Pharisees when they were following Me. Priests were bullied and warned that, unless they stopped spreading My Word, they would be stripped of their titles. Ordinary people knew that if they were caught spreading My Teachings that their own fate would be much worse.

The Crucifixion of My Body on earth completed the first part of the Covenant with My Father to save mankind.

The Crucifixion of My Mystical Body – My Church on Earth – commences today, the beginning of the final persecution, as the Masonic plan to defile My House, will now become clear to all who know the Truth.

History will now repeat itself, but the Truth will not be denied. Those who will deny Me, however, will in time turn to Me. Those who know that the prophecies foretold – that My Church will be the final target in ridding the world of all traces of Me, Jesus Christ –  are now taking place, will follow Me in My Remnant Army. They will remain loyal to My Teachings to the end of time.

No one can stop the True Word of God from spreading. No one. The reign in the House of Peter will be short and soon My Beloved Pope Benedict will guide God’s children from his place of exile. Peter, My Apostle, the founder of My Church on earth, will guide him in the last difficult days, as My Church fights for its Life.

Your Jesus

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