“….”Continue to pray and make personal sacrifices…without prayer you must fear for their future…”


Help Me Save all young people – the most vulnerable in your society

15 August 2011 @ 12:05am; Message 0166

My dearly beloved daughter, as My Eternal Father, God the Most High, prepares the world for the changes ahead, He is laden with sorrow for the man who is still blind to the Truth of His Existence.

When My Father sets about now to ring in the changes to prepare for My return to Earth, He sees so much sin in the world that He weeps with sorrow for the inevitability of souls who will become lost to Him eventually. Prayer to save those still alive in the world today, who willingly turn away from Him in pure defiance, although they know and accept His Existence, can help save their souls.

Continue to pray and make personal sacrifices for those souls, My daughter, for without prayer you must fear for their future.

I Am relying on My followers to pray for the lost souls. The time left to convince the blind of faith to open their eyes to the Truth of the Existence of God the Father is short now.

Link hands, My Children of the Light, so that your circle of love and devotion to Me is strong enough to draw those souls who do not believe or accept the Existence of Me or My beloved Father. Do not break this chain of faith when you can reach out to save your brothers and sisters who no longer follow the path to the Truth of eternal life. Instead, because they are weakened by the seduction of worldly pursuits, they will need firm guidance to help them.

Do not bully those who don’t believe in God. Coax them gently, tell them about My Crucifixion and how My Eternal Father made the ultimate Sacrifice to save His children, by giving them the Gift of the Grace of Salvation through the forgiveness of sin.

My Father calls now on all those reading these Messages for the first time. You must read each Message carefully.

Then pray to the Holy Spirit for the grace to be able to see that these Messages are of Divine Origin. Open your heart to receive My Word. Feel Me in your soul by asking of Me the following:

“Jesus, if this is really You, please flood my soul with the Sign of Your Love, so that I can recognise You for Who You are. Do not let me be deceived by lies. Show me instead Your Mercy by opening my eyes to the Truth and the path to Your New Paradise on Earth.”

Remember, children, it is only because of My deep, tender Love that I come to the world by communicating with you in this way. It is not to shock you, impress, create controversy or debate. It is to help save all souls,especially a young generation who have no interest in religion, so busy are they with their lives where God holds little place.It is by talking to them in a language they understand that I hope to alert them to events about to unfold. They are one of the most vulnerable in your society, children. It is vital that I reach out to them as quickly as I can.

Gather now, My children, with Me to save all young people in the world today. Help Me to embrace them into My Kingdom so not one single, precious soul is lost to Me.

Your beloved Saviour of all Mankind
Jesus Christ


Prayers which are helpful to pray for the youth. These prayers are from the 170 prayers given to us from Heaven.


(118) For the lost generation of young souls

Message given on  Monday, September 2nd, 2013 @ 18:45

“…This Mission has one goal. That is to save all souls – everyone alive in the world today. Because of the paganism which sweeps the earth and the weakness of faith, which exists amongst believers, don’t you know that a whole generation of young people are removed from Me at this time? Because there are so many, in every nation, I must reach out to them in whatever way is most likely to get their attention.

Remember, those Christians amongst you who have been fed the Word of God since you were young children are blessed. Because of this you have a duty to pray for the lost generation. Please, I ask you to pray for these young souls with this Crusade Prayer. …”

Prayer given to us in this message :

Dear Jesus, I call out to your mercy for the lost generation of young souls. For those who do not know you, cover them with the gift of sight. For those who do know you but who ignore you, draw them back into your mercy. Please give them the proof of your existence soon and guide them towards those who can help them and guide them towards the truth.

Fill their minds and souls with the longing for you. Help them to recognise the emptiness which exists in them because they do not feel your presence. I beg you, dear Lord, not to forsake them and in your mercy grant them eternal life. Amen.

Litany Prayer (6) For the Gift of Graces

O dearest Jesus, my beloved Saviour,
Fill me with your love.
Fill me with your strength.
Fill me with your wisdom.
Fill me with your perseverance.
Fill me with your humility.
Fill me with your courage.
Fill me with your passion.

(167) Protect my family

Message given on Sunday, September 21st, 2014 @ 17:45

“The family, borne out of the love of God, will always be attacked by evil. To protect your family from the evil one please recite this Crusade Prayer.”

O God, my Eternal Father, through the grace of your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, please protect my family at all times from evil.  Give us the strength to rise above evil intent and to remain unified in our love for you and one another.

Sustain us through every trial and suffering we may endure, and keep alive the love we have for each other, so that we are in union with Jesus. Bless our families and give us the gift of love, even in times of strife.  Strengthen our love, so that we may share the joy of our family with others, so that your love may be shared with the whole world. Amen.

(153) The gift of protection for children

Message given on Saturday, May 31st, 2014 @ 16:20

“…You must recite this Prayer once a week, before an image of me, your beloved Mother, and bless yourself with Holy Water before you recite it….”

O Mother of God, Mother of Salvation, I ask that you consecrate the souls of these children (name them) and present them to your beloved Son. Pray that Jesus will, through the power of His Precious Blood, cover and protect these little souls with every kind of protection from evil. I ask you, dear Mother,  to protect my family in times of great difficulties and that your Son will look favourably upon my request to unite my family in one with Christ and grant us eternal salvation.  Amen.

(140) Protection of Hierarchy of Angels

Message given on Thursday, March 13th, 2014 @ 20:45

“…I promise you, dear children, that I will ease your pain, sorrow and fear, by bequeathing you powerful Graces and Blessings. You will be protected by the circle of My Hierarchy of Angels. To ask Me to dissolve your fear and sorrow and to grant you the freedom from persecution, please recite this prayer….”

Dearest Father, God of all creation, God the Most High, grant me grace and protection through your hierarchy of angels.  Enable me to focus on your love for each of your children, no matter how they offend you.

Help me to spread the news of the final covenant to prepare the world for the second coming of Jesus Christ without fear in my heart. Grant me your special graces and blessings to rise above persecution inflicted upon me by satan, his demons and his agents on earth. Never allow me to fear your enemies. Give me the strength to love my enemies and those who persecute me in the name of God.  Amen.

(128) To gather and unite all souls

Message given on Wednesday, November 20th, 2013 @ 14:15

See message at: https://missionofsalvation.com/Message-0973/

Dearest Jesus, help us, your beloved disciples, to gather the world in your arms and present to you the souls who are in most need of your great mercy. Empower us with the gift of the Holy Spirit to ensure that the flame of truth engulfs all those who have become separated from you.

Unite all sinners so that each is given every chance of reconciliation. Give all of us the strength to remain firm to your Holy Word when we are forced to reject the truth, which has been proclaimed to the world through the most Holy gospels. We remain in you, with you, and for you, every single step of this our journey to salvation.  Amen.

(127) To save my soul and those of my loved ones

Message given on Monday, November 18th, 2013 @ 20:10

See message at https://missionofsalvation.com/Message-0971/

O Jesus, prepare me so I can come before you without shame. Help me and my loved ones (name them) to get ready to confess all our wrong doings, to admit our shortcomings, to ask for the forgiveness of all sins, to show love to those we have wronged, to beg for mercy for salvation, to humble ourselves before you, so that on the day of the great illumination, my conscience and those of (name them) will be clear and that you will flood my soul with your divine mercy. Amen.

(122) For the consecration to the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ

Message given on Wednesday, September 18th, 2013 @ 23:30

“My dearly beloved daughter, I ask that you all recite this special Crusade Prayer to consecrate all those close to you, so that I can cover them with My Precious Blood”

Dear Jesus, I ask you to consecrate me, my family, friends and nation to the protection of your Precious Blood. You died for me and your wounds are my wounds as I gracefully accept the suffering which I will endure in the lead up to your second coming. I suffer with you dear Jesus as you try to gather all of God’s children into your heart so that we will have eternal life.  Cover me and all those who need your protection with your Precious Blood. Amen.

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